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About Me

  1. Hello all, I've been browsing these forums for a few weeks now and binge watching aquarium co-op videos for months, so I figured it's time to introduce myself! My name is Garrett Dare and I've recently become a fish maniac. I got my first fish about a year and a half ago, but only really got serious about fishkeeping this year. My wife and I currently have six tanks (four small and two large). Two small betta tanks, a shrimp and guppy tank, a barb tank, a large goldfish tank, and a tropical community tank. I'm looking forward to joining the community here, learning, and helping others get into the hobby! The picture below is our 75g community tank. It's only a few months old, but is thriving. (and yes, I plan to replace that sponge filter with a large co-op one!)
  2. I liked the idea of having a space to just babble about my tanks. I do have an Instagram, but I always felt like I need to post glamour shots to that, and not more mundane things. So here it is, a place to talk about how duck weed is taking over my house (seriously I find it on our doorknobs). I guess I'll start off by introducing my favorite fish, and therefore my favorite tank. Pooka is a synodontis eupterus who has an incredibly sweet temperament. She's hand tame, and often follows my hand around while I work on the tank. She's currently in a 40 breeder, and I MAY put her in the 75 eventually, but honestly I'm worried to put her in with my bichirs; Dragon (who I will introduce in another post), once took a bite out of a catfish like it was an apple. She seems to have enough room for now, and really isn't that active - her swimming style is doing calm moseys around the tank between long upside down naps. I once drew her as a Pookamon Pokemon.
  3. Would love to get your opinion on size of HOB to use for a 75 gal planted tank. I’m leaning towards angels and some other small schooling fish to fill in. Would you use 2 55’s or a 110? (Or maybe a 75 is enough??) I am planning on adding a sponge filter or 2 as well. Or maybe I don’t need the sponge filter?? But I like the idea of having one in-case I need to set up a hospital tank I will have something ready to go. Also, where do you like to place the filter?? At one end or in the middle of the tank? Thanks so much!
  4. Just daydreaming about my next tank, as one does. I'm so in love with my heavily planted 36g Love Tank full of endlers, platy and snails of all kinds. There's so much activity and funny goings-on, and they all have great appetites for algae and any kind of food I put in there. So I'm going to enjoy that for quite awhile, but of course I'm already thinking about what else I'd like to try that won't fit in this tank (especially since there are babies everywhere). I have pretty soft, neutral water that I've been chucking handfuls of crushed coral into for my livebearer tank, but it looks like a lot of the larger, colorful fish would prefer that softness. But it also seems like a number of the larger, colorful fish (angels, gourami, discus) are kind of slow, shy, or otherwise a little boring. Any exceptions to that rule? How would you stock a well-planted 75g for a lot of action and color so that your zones are all covered, no one's actively predating or bullying each other, and they like the same sorts of water parameters?
  5. I have 1 angelfish in a 75 gallon planted tank. I want to add 6 turquoise rainbows. Would this work out okay? Any insight would be much appreciated.
  6. Hey gang, i am looking for some lighting recommendations here. I am working on a new 75G planted tank. still working on getting everything I need for it such as filter, substrate. hard scape, plants and such. the tank is a 75g marine land set up you can get at PetSmart. got it as a Christmas gift from my wife. it came with a 36in marine land light. (not very bright at all). I know it will not have Co2. looking to go low tech for the time being. what would you guys recommend for a low tech planted tank. looking to get low to medium lighting going in the tank. see a lot of lights out there, and while I have other tanks they are much much smaller and not nearly as deep as a 75g. thanks for any help you all can provide.
  7. Hey there! just wanted to share a picture and details of my 75 Gallon 8 months or so after setting it up. I had previously had a 29g for a few years and migrated everything over to this new tank. I’ll include a picture of it for comparison. I set up a 10g tank co2 system for the first time 6 months ago and the plants really took off. I aim for around 20ppm co2 and the lights are two aquasky 2.0 I have done a 40% water change once or twice but it stays around 40ppm nitrates with the easy green I add. Filter is an fx4 that I have serviced once. My goal has been to make everything as automated and hands off as possible and so far so good! Fish include rainbowfish, glowlight tetras, kribensis, bristlenose pleco, platty, 3 spot gourami, peppered corys and a few nerite snails Hope you enjoy! Zack
  8. Hello all! I hope you are enjoying your tanks. I’ve been eyeing this part of the forum because I thought it would be fun to keep a journal of my tank’s progression in a public place. Hopefully, we can discuss some of the successes, failures, and works in progress going on with my 75 gallon aquarium. Here is a little info on my tank. I setup this 75 gallon around the middle of May. 1/3 of the gravel and sand substrate came from my 25 gallon aquarium. I also moved over 30 mixed mollies (mostly fry), 1 neon tetra, three Corydora (2 peppered and 1 Sterbaii), 7 Rasboras, 4 otocinclus, 65 red cherry shrimp, and three mystery snails. I also moved over a lot of plants. My 25 had been my testing site for plants. So I have a variety. here are some images of my tank. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
  9. I am looking at getting a 75 gal glass tank in the next month or so. This would be my 2nd tank - my 1st one a 15 gal just completed its cycle. Is this going to be too big of a jump for a newbie? I don't know if bigger means I need more experience. I was going to go with a glass tank, and regardless of the size I end up with I am wondering if I need to do anything additional to the bare tank before I add water to it. (e.g., reinforce w/ additional silicone) I jumped in blind to my child's 15 gal 😆 and I want to make sure I set this larger tank up correctly from the start. And lastly a question about stands. I realize if I go with a 75 gal the total weight of the tank could be close to 900 lbs. What are your favorite types of stands to use? I want something that is furniture quality as the tank will be in my front room with my piano. Do I have to you use an official aquarium stand? If I want to buy a piece of quality furniture, (not Ikea stye) what should I look for to make sure it will hold all the weight? Thank you fish friends!
  10. My fiancé is obsessed with his fish tank but he has almost everything for it. He has a 75 gallon regular water tank. He loves it he’s always messing with the plants and fishes. I know he’ll love something from here because he’s always looking at what to get next lol I just dont know much about tanks but I want him to really love his gift. He has plants, fishes, a sponge filter, the fertilizer kit for the plants, the food for the fishes idk what to get. PLEASE HELP🥰
  11. I plan on starting a new 75g tank in the coming months and want other people’s opinions to make sure I’m not over stocking because I haven’t done a tank this big before. I plan on using much more filtration than is rated for 75g to keep a good bio filter, and it will be a fairly heavily planted tank. I plan on 6 fancy goldfish, like ryukin or pearlscales, maybe a dozen shrimp, a few bamboo shrimp, and if bioload allows it maybe some mystery snails. Any opinions are welcome and appreciated
  12. About a week away from combining two of my 29g tanks into one 75g tank. Species are friendly and temperature/pH compatible. I’m wondering what tips/tricks you have for this sort of transition. The only equipment I needed to buy for the 75g was a light and I have that. I already have a filter, new substrate, and heater that are rated for the 75 but they are being used so is there a way to move over things without buying stuff I’d only need for the week or two to swap? I’ve heard that putting the old filter in the new tank can speed up the cycle process but I don’t want the old tank without it too long. Basically I’m trying to make the merger happen as smoothly and as quickly as possible without any unnecessary delays, but taking the time to do it right. Is it worth putting a small amount of water that comes out during gravel vac in the new tank to seed it? Input and questions welcome.
  13. Hello everyone, I am hoping to restock my 75 gallon with discus and possibly Cardinal / Emperor tetras. The layout I am hoping to do is moderately planted with decent cover. I have a ph of 7-7.5, 0 nitrates and nitrites, kh of 80 and gh of 60. Would this work? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello everyone, I am just about to get two 75 gallon tanks up and running and I have a question about how many sponge filters to run in each tank. I was thinking two of Aquarium Coop's large size sponge filters. I decided on this number because the large filters are rated for 40 gallons, so I figured two would cover a 75g. On a related note, do you think the nano airpumps the COOP sells are powerful enough to power the large size sponge filter? Thanks for any advice/help you all can provide on what are probably noob questions.
  15. I have a 75 gallon planted tank with 20 tetras and ~90 red cherry shrimp (RCS). Everyone in the tank gets along well and I started with 10 RCS and they keep having babies, which is great. The tetras aren't aggressive and only occasionally will nip at the shrimp if they are swimming during feeding time, but only briefly and they don't chase the shrimp once they realize they aren't food. I want to add 20 or 30 more tetras to the tank but I haven't added anything new to the tank in over a year. Should I have any concerns that the new tetras may behave differently and could be aggressive towards the shrimp? Or can I assume that since there is already a school of tetra in the tank that the new tetras wouldn't adversely affect the behavior of existing tetras and, more likely, will follow their lead and leave the shrimp alone? I've also considered getting the new tetras and setting up a quarantine tank and then every few days take 3-5 from the quarantine tank and place them into the main tank. The idea behind this is the smaller number of new tetras would join the current school of tetras and fall in line instead of adding such a large number all at once and possibly having some chaos. I may be over thinking this as I selected tetras for my RCS tank because they are not usually aggressive. Any advice is appreciated.
  16. Hello all. I'd appreciate some insight: I started this hobby with livebearers early this year (5 Balloon Mollies and 3 Platies...1 Male in each group), in a 20 gallon. As you can probably guess, these 8 "rabbits" forced a tank upgrade twice. I went to a 40 Long, and am now at at 75 gallon. Now the 8 adults are alongside approximately 60+ children. None of them are yet full grown, but a batch is getting close. I feel like the tank walls are closing in. Ultimately I plan to get a 125, but don't have room for anything larger than that. As it is, I let nature take its course. With so many babies around, constant food, and cover...the babies are thriving. (Deep down, I am actually glad for that.) I do have a local fish store that said they'd take any I didn't want, but to be honest, their livebearer tanks don't look so great, and I just don't feel good about bringing the fish to a sub-par environment. - At what point would you say a 75 is too small? How bout at 125? I have been on top of maintenance/water changes, have good filtration, and plan to stay on top of that. My ultimate goal is to just let a tank "be", and not have to worry about if each batch of fry is going to put it over the edge, stocking level-wise. And to be honest, I really like keeping the babies, seeing them grow, and am not too keen on giving them away. Any suggestions, advice, or empathy appreciated. 🙂 Thanks.
  17. Rehoming a lot of plants, dragon stones, driftwoods, and fish. Need advice on set-up. One tank will be planted community with eco complete. The other tank unsure, but may be for cichlids. This guy had all these fish together in one tank, and they all get along ok, but it's too many and shouldn't all be compatible. Which guys and gals should go in each tank? 1 electric blue ram cichlid 1 tiny (1") cichlid (he said it was a baby electric blue jack dempsey) possibly or maybe its just apisto 2 boesemani rainbow fish 1 denison barb roseline shark 1 pearl gourami 2 cherry barbs 2 black skirt tetra 1 leopard danio 3 black neon tetra 1 rainbow shark 3 tiny spotted corydoras (2" maturity) 1 siamese algae eater but with light yellow fins and tail 1 red-tailed loach 1 cinnamon kuhli loach 1 leopard frog pleco possibly (super duper stunning bright gold against black) 5 amano shrimp 1 harlequin rasbora 1 2" long barb of some kind 2 red-tail rasbora 6 red wag platy 2 tetra of some kind (beautiful with green body red tail and belly like green fire tetra, but with bright white ticks on fins) 1 super long vail silver angelfish possibly (looks like a show winner quality) 4"body, 9" overall 1 raggidy black with silver angelfish 3" He had 7 24 carat gold white cloud minnows that I added in with my three comet goldfish (stock tank in basement) So... two 75 gallon oceanic tanks with stands to be set up, and one existing tank for cold-water fish. Thank you so much for help. I want to give these fish and plants the best life possible under the circumstances.
  18. I want to scape my 75 so that the back corners are 3-5 inches higher than the front of the tank. Does anyone see a possible problem with me putting flat 3-4” thick rocks under the eco complete, rather than using all substrate?
  19. Hey! I have a question about my fish not growing. So basically I have a 75 gallon with multiple fish . The 2 plecos have grown a lot but my angelfish and parrot fish haven’t really grown and I’ve had them for 6+ months does anyone have an idea to why this is?
  20. Don’t mind the sponge or red brick. It’s holding the wood down. I thought I soak it long enough until I started to fill the tank
  21. It all started September of 2019 when some sixth graders at the school I work for decided to get me a betta for my birthday. Fast forward a year and I have two tanks in my office (20 long and 40 breeder) and 4 at home (two 20's, 36 bowfront and a 75). Here are the current contents: 20 long - It's currently cycling. It was broken down a month ago. It will house my 9 pseudomugil gertrudae and 3 peacock gudgeons which are currently in a 10 gallon. It is dirted and I am still adding plants here and there. The "floating" plants are what I will be carpeting with. 10 gallon who will be getting upgraded soon to the 20 long. It's a tad bare now because I moved some plants over to the 20 long. 40 breeder - This is also dirted and has DIY CO2. It currently has 6 albino corydoras, a Siamese algae eater, an albino bristlenose pleco and a pair of Bolivian rams with a lot of various plants, rocks and driftwood. I have 7 celebes rainbowfish currently in quarantine that will be going in there. 20 #1 - This is another dirted tank that has 5 (soon to be a dozen) pseudomugil luminatus and a female apistogramma cacatuoides (the male died about a month ago). Also has various plants and a DIY CO2. 20 #2 - This one will be rescaped. It currently has 6 white clouds and an apistogramma agasizzii. It sits next to 20 #1 and will share the DIY CO2. No picture because it's ugly! lol 36 bowfront - This one is not dirted but has root tabs for the plants and a DIY CO2. Fish-wise it has 10 black harlequin rasboras, a dozen habrosus corydoras, 5 kuhli loaches, a Siamese algae eater, a bristlenose pleco, a female apistogramma borellii and a female apistogramma breitbinden (they are besties) and some cherry shrimp who love to hang out on the sponge filter. Some of the background plants died, but there are some "saplings" that you can't see behind the spiderwood. 75 - It's currently empty while I finish scaping it. Currently it has four pieces of driftwood and three swords and it also dirted. It will be room temperature because I want to put native fish in there. Mountain redbelly daces and some sort of darter are what I'm thinking at the moment. I also have a 2.5 gallon that has a few golden wonder killifish fry in it. Both parents died recently.
  22. Hello, everyone! I have a group of three angelfish that get along great together. They live in a 75 gallon tank with some platy fish and tetras. Can I add a few more angelfish to this established group? Thank you so much!
  23. Hello everyone. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement glass top for an Oceanic 75 gallon aquarium? My son broke one side of the glass canopy on his tank and we can't find a replacement anywhere. We purchased a Versa-top from a lfs and it was the wrong size. I even did a Google search for Oceanic 75 gallon glass top and didn't find anything. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  24. Hello all, I’m Tanked. I guess it is about time I introduce myself. 3 things brought me here: Candi from Aquarium Coop, My inability to successfully grow easy aquatic plants, my friend’s eyes glazing over as soon as I say aquarium. I bought my first 29 gallon adult aquarium about 30 years ago. I am still using the same setup. 7 years ago, Santa apparently thought a slightly larger tank meant 75 gallons. 2 years ago, I began adopting abandoned setups. I have since pared my functional collection down to a nano, 29, 60, and 75 gallons. I’m 2 years into my current project which is simply a low tech, low light 29 gallon planted tank. Watching countless hours of aquatic plant videos have left me with more questions than answers. When I stop killing the aquatic plants the aquascapeing will begin. Its not the destination, it’s the journey.
  25. The 29 gallon was my way of dealing with the ongoing covid-19 working from home isolation made worse when our outdoor stomping grounds went up in flames the first week of September. So, I thought if I can't escape into nature, I'd bring some inside. Its haphazardly put together I suppose. I wanted plants so it has aquarium soil under the beach gravel we'd hung onto for 20 years since we last had an aquarium. The large piece of bored-out scoria in which I've planted three cryptos was from that same aquarium. A large piece of obsidian creates a retaining wall for the deaper soil section in which I planted what I thought was a nice tall green sword. Its a red melon sword, and its new leaves are red and lovely but still short. The plants in this tank are mostly from LFS because I hadn't found Aquarium Co-op yet when setting it up. Once the tank cycled I added 11 pygmy corydoras and 6 glowlight tetras. Later I took out gravel on one side to give the Cory's sand and added 6 cherry shrimp. Had so much fun watching the pygmies the first month or so. Then I got my fluval light and added 8 black neon tetras and the pygmies went into hiding. I've since relocated the black neons, in case they were just too much for the cory's and reset the new light to less intensity and hours, but the pygmies continue to hide as soon as they detect our feet on the floorboards. The snails come in with the plants, and hopefully they'll find their balance soon and level off. Scooter the butterfly loach is settling in nicely, and the shrimp have molted and doubled in size. The 75 gallon is about a month behind, originally it was supposed to house fancy goldfish but somehow it didn't work out that way. It has three stories, again with plant soil under gravel which is layered over small scoria in bags behind the retaining walls. The gravel is larger because we planned on goldfish, but it's nicely rounded and we also have sand on the lowest level, which we feed over. The majority of the plants in the big tank are from Aquarium Coop. Water Sprite, windelov java fern, drawf sag, various cyptos, a annubias and some Val that still needs to settle in. I've added floating lettuce and anacharis locally. My husband made the lid with tubes for pathos roots and we have three Co-op sponge filters, one in each corner. Its home now to 4 golden white cloud minnows. They were purchased as a group of 7 and were very small, 3 did not make it past the first 48 hours, but the remaining four have grown and colored up and we'll add a few more when we have the opportunity. The 8 relocated black neon are here, and I've added 8 more today for a nice size school in this larger tank. We are now up to 6 false jullii. They've been gathered up in pairs and with various states of abused barbels which we hope will regrow with plenty of water changes and a nice variety of food. For flair we have 2 pair honey gourami and two unpaired drawf gourami. One of the honey gourami already tried to raise himself a family in one of the pathos tubes. We hope to add some as yet undetermined algae eaters and shrimp to this tank, but its starting to feel about right, the plants are a bit bigger now than in the picture. I'm having a harder time with the 29 tall nano tank. The top of the tank needs something, pencil fish maybe, that will stay at top better than the black neons did. But we haven't found any top swimmers yet. And I've increased the driftwood cover for the pygmies, but they responded by moving in and staying in rather than gaining confidence and coming out. Since I already have eleven, I'm not sure if adding additional pygmy corydoras would coax them out again, or just result in a well stocked while apparently empty tank. 😞 Water in both runs 72-76 degrees, 7.4 Ph, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, nitrates unfortunately never seem to test out below 20 (we have 8 already from the tap) but we do at least 10% weekly water changes and I test the water twice a week and do a second partial change if nitrates look closer to 40 on either test. Which is a more likely occurrence in the smaller tank. Still trying to find that just right amount of food. I recently spoted a very small assassin snail in the 29. Bit of a shock actually, so I don't know if that means we have just that one snuck in on a plant with the pond snails, or more. I guess we'll find out in a while.
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