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  1. Thank all of you! Cutting back on lighting because my nitrate level is lest than one hounded on all the tanks.
  2. Three of my 10 gallon tanks always have cloudy water. I do water changers about once a week, dip test are good, may have a nitrates around 100 but. I do have plants so I do use east green. Suggestions?
  3. I had them myself I thought they might be rotting food that mold spores started growing. I removed them and they just seemed to fall apart.
  4. In the last few days son's cat has decided to peeing and pooping on my fish tank shelves (only on one shelf). I have cleaned it multiple time with peroxide based product. Thinking about using 1/10 bleach. Worried about the fumes because the tanks are all 5 gallon portat tanks. Please I need ideas. I cannot rehome the cat son has MS. Trust me I would love to.
  5. I had them 6 month ant the are still only 3 in at most. My puffer tank is just an brown algae mess
  6. I have 4 golden simonies algae eater. I know they get big but should I put one in with with my pea puffers if the take is adequate for the algae eater? Do not scold me the algae eaters were a gift.
  7. This is my big baby Brodie he is Great Dane/Chalihula cross, he has great oral hygiene. The black one is my dragon in a puppy suit (he hordes shiny things) named Buddy Ray he is a Pug and Chinese Shar Pei mix.
  8. Thank you I will, I am a plant junkie so I will have it replaced with my next order
  9. I just opened my latest order from the co-op with a Staurogyne Repens for the first time. It came in melted roots look good so, I put a root tab in the wool and put in the tank, good light should it come back?
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