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  1. So sorry about your betta, H.K. I'm glad that it wasn't a total shock to you...hopefully that eases the pain a bit. One of the reasons that I hesitate to get bigger fish is that I know it will be harder to lose them...especially if that have any sort of personality. I know that sounds a little...Idk...weird? Sad? Pessimistic? Whatever. That's just how my brain works. 🙄😏 Welcome back home. Hoping you have a restful day today. 🙂
  2. Ah...I see! Wow, that's a lot of "to do" things on your To Do List!!! I hope everything goes well and according to plan. 🙂 The market down here in FL is insane too. There are huge orange groves that have been here since before I was born, that are being ripped out, roads being paved and houses going up, faster than I can even believe it. It's sad to me, because I prefer a rural community, and it is making our roads crazy busy! Traffic is baking up all the way to our road that we live on, from a major highway, at rush hour. And what used to take 7-8 minutes to get across town, now takes 20-25. I hate to see it. 😔 I wish you the best with your move...and hope it's hugely profitable for you! I'm sure there's another fish out there that NEEDS to come live with you. 😉
  3. Hey Maggie, I just got caught up on Cosmo. He's a real beauty!!! Such an amazing transformation in him from the beginning until now. Thanks for taking us along on his journey...and yours! Congrats on the new place. So glad your move with Cosmo went well. Alesha
  4. You guys, this presentation was SO awesome! I learned so many new things. Even though I don't have a Betta, the info on breeding labyrinth fish was good for this gourami owner too! I was so sad to miss the live. My 79-year-old mom needed help activating & learning her new cell phone. 🤣 And her timing did not gel with mine today, but I really don't mind. 😉 So I was extremely grateful that the playback was an option. @Zenzo, kudos on your first successful meeting! I can't wait for the next one! Alesha
  5. just realized...we need a "groan" emoji. 😉😁😆🤣😂
  6. If you don't mind the drive, check in to a visit at Imperial Tropicals in Lakeland. They are local fish breeders & sellers & are in the process of building a fish store on their premises. They are located just off I-4, in a bit of classic Old Florida, down dirt roads into the woods. But the folks are super nice. And the fish are AMAZING. Alesha
  7. That's excellent! I think I'm a little over $35 in total. And that's over 150 surveys. Good thing I have strong opinions, huh? LoL!
  8. I do the same thing, James! I'm so glad you thought to post about it here. (And when I don't have enough in my Google account, I have a back-up payment source listed on my membership account. So it works out really well.)
  9. I didn't mention anyone specifically in the video (my bad!), but I'll tag a few here who have been especially helpful to me. And I apologize for the wobbling of the video...I'm quite the amateur and um...I talk with my hands. You'll see my right hand flapping about quite a bit. Sorry. 🙄😂😆 @Daniel, @Bill Smith, @Brandy, @Streetwise, @H.K.Luterman, @MickS77, @TheDukeAnumber1, @Hobbit and of course @Cory, @Irene and @Lizzie Block for their expertise throughout the year. Alesha
  10. Awesome! Congrats, guys! You will SO enjoy the surprise box. 😍
  11. I'm pretty sure it's a "if it fits in the crayfish's mouth, it'll eat it" kind of thing. He's just feeling hungry and found a snack that couldn't run away fast enough. 😔 I think in a tank that small, it would be hard for most things to get away from a crayfish. They really will eat most things. I think the snails are safe, since they have their own hide-out, and the fish should be ok, if they swim fast enough. But anything else is fair game. At least in the crayfish's mind. I'm sorry for your loss. Maybe you could try him in a larger tank, so that everybody else has plenty of places to hide? Alesha
  12. I've never owned a Betta. And I've never really wanted to, but I think I'm ready to try something new. What would be a great first Betta? And no offense to my sweet guppies, but I'd really like something with a little bit of personality! I have very hard water here in central Florida. I don't use heaters, so my tanks stay 72-76* year-round, with the a/c running. Thank you, Alesha
  13. Back in the spring, I posted about a fishkeeping/gardening collision 😆 :
  14. I'm so sorry. It *is* amazing how attached we can get. 😢
  15. That's interesting about the low humidity. You'd think it's in the water, how can it be low humidity? But with a closed top and a light burning for several hours a day, there is probably very low humidity in that space above the water. And we're in FL so the a/c runs at 76* and further removes humidity. I'll bet that's why the bubbles aren't lasting. So smart!!! And, btw, I have 4 males and 2 females. All 4 males are making nests today. 3 in the available corners (the 4th corner has a sponge filter) and one along the front middle. 🙄😏😆 Thanks again for all your help! I am much obliged. Alesha
  16. That's definitely Top Level Nermness, right there! 👍👍
  17. When you mention reducing water flow, does that mean you have a powerhead? I only have two sponge filters, so there isn't much "flow" at all, although there is a bit, of course, and yes, any debris seems to migrate to the front 2 corners. The bubble nest only stays put as long as nothing swims very vigorously around/through it. But sometimes, the male is the one doing the chasing away of all fish, snails, shrimp, etc. I've seen him go after shrimp who dare to land on the debris. It's the funniest thing ever to see them jumping backwards to avoid him! LoL!!! By and large the bubbles disappear pretty easily, though. He rebuilds it multiple times a day. And he wasn't really attacking the floaters as much as he was constantly rearranging them, as though they didn't quite suit his idea of the perfect nest. You're right - who knows what's going on his head! Thanks so much for sharing your expertise! And being an expert in one area is so much more helpful than knowing just a smidge of 10 or 100 subjects, I think! So, I'm grateful that you share what you've learned. Thank you! Alesha
  18. Does your sunset thicklip get along with the honeys?
  19. I looked into water lettuce, but it's against the law to have here in Florida! 😳 And duckweed quickly blocks my tank. I'll look into the Catappa leaf. Thank you for the info. Alesha
  20. Hi all! @Hobbit, I've got a male honey gourami in nesting mode. So we picked up a small clump of red root floaters just for him. I don't have anything else floating in my tank. He has pretty much destored the floaters - I think! I hate to "accuse" him when I don't know for sure. 😬😉 He has moved, poked, prodded, chased and darted through the little clump until they are shredded. The red roots have turned dark, the leaves are separating & dropping to the bottom of the tank where the shrimp & snails have created on them. What floaters do you recommend for him & does this behavior sound normal? Alesha
  21. SAEs do get massive. Especially next to my guppies & sparkling gouramis. They look like Godzilla, even in my 55 gallon, I think. 😉 I believe it's the Chinese Algae Eaters that will suck on other fish. My LFS accidently gave me 1 Chinese with 2 Siamese. It was even "cleaning" my ramshorn snails to the point of removing the brown color! My LFS was kind enough to take back the ChineseAE. I did 3 things to help remove hair algae: 1. I limited my light hours for a few weeks. 2. When I did a water change, I used Easy Carbon to douse the worst patches of it, then let it sit for a few minutes before refilling. 3. I moved my sponge filters as far away from the worst of the hair algae as I could. It always seemed to grow the worst where the bubbles moved passed the leaves of my sword plants. I hope this helps a little, Alesha
  22. Our garden is doing well. First time gardeners here. I'm just so surprised by how much work is involved, even after everything is planted. Here's some pics from yesterday:
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