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  1. @Andy's Fish Den I am from Cleveland area , looking for fish clubs
  2. @Andy's Fish Den Thank you so much friends. i got an idea now after all your suggestions.
  3. Thanks @Mr_Manifesto picture is not visible, can you attach it
  4. i am seriously looking into converting this to fish room, can you post some pictures or examples.
  5. Thank you so much friends. i have got the idea now, my main worry was draining the water and i have a solution and i have a garden hose to take the water down stairs.
  6. Thanks a lot yah i found it.. i didnt even know there was a drain i can stick an another pipe in it. any idea to fill the water?
  7. all i have is few guppy tanks. and they drain it into outside of the home.
  8. i have sump pump and also washer / dryer so there is a pipe line, probably i can split the water and use?
  9. Yes i do have sump in the basement so can i drain the water into it?
  10. my basement is unfinished yet. yah. how do i do water changes?
  11. due to multiple tank syndrome i started with 1 and now i have 8. due to space issues from my spare bedroom need to move the tanks to basement. i am wondering what are the options for water changes from basement to ground floor. does any one run into this kind of situation of keeping tank in basement ? any one has experiences with it. any recommendations.
  12. is it good to keep amazon frogbit in the aquarium? its a guppy tank. any recommendations & tips
  13. Hi My earlier reading for general hardness was 8 and kh was 6. I put crushed coral in hang on back filter and the GH went to 10 in 3 days but KH stayed at 6. Added API Aquarium salt as well. how to naturally increase KH to 8. any recommendations please.
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