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  1. Sword plant melted 😞 so i went and got a different plant from local aquarium store instead of online. Changed my lighting a little bit moved acouple stem plants around. hopefully plants thrive. 🙂
  2. Just purchased an Ozelot Green Sword off of ModernAquarium web site. Planted it and the next day this happens. Could be saved with root tabs maybe?
  3. Hello and good day to everyone. Can you guys see this on my plants leaves? Is it burned from the light? I have a fluval nano.
  4. Amazon plant been looking pretty rough for acouple months. I added a CO2 kit couple weeks ago to tank. Any suggestions ?
  5. Added a GLA Co2 system to my 10 gallon. Trying to make my monte Carlo carpet and plants more fuller. We'll see how this goes. Drop checker is alil on the yellow side so im trying to tune the needle vale just right
  6. Thanks, its been afew months ive never really cleaned them before. In a fresh water planted tank i like the clean look. I took an old tooth brush and cleaned them last night. Ill do it again saturday to make them look alittle more better
  7. Ive been ignoring my last scape rock for months, i finally put an old tooth brush and vacuumed out. Looks alot better
  8. 10 gallon Cube is coming along, myro is growing like crazy. The Fluval nano led light is a really good light still playing with the settings to get it just right(have it on manual with all the lights on 26 except blue light 3). I use easy green once a week. My monte carlo seems to still be alive i had it for 3 months but its not carpeting. Im gonna try CO2. I have an assassin snail to try in get rid of all the pest snails. Does anyone know of another attractive snail i could put in my tank that the assassin snail wont bother? Somthing that will help clean tank?
  9. Good evening. Any ideas for stocking a 10 gallon fresh water planted nano tank?
  10. Thank you so much. Ill leave it see what happens. Im using Easy Green fert every week and Co2 booster every morning before lights come on. Im thinking about getting a Co2 system kit
  11. Good morning to u all. Have a question if anyone isnt to busy. I bought some Myrio for my nano about a month ago (also i just got the new Fluval nano led about aweek anad ahalf ago for this tank, still playing with the settings about 36%). Should i plant the myrio alittle deeper? In my pic are those roots on the sides ?
  12. Beautiful tank. If your using Co-op Easy Green only thing i can think of is maybe your lighting? What Cory said diff makes sense.
  13. Does anyone know of a small Co2 system/kit i could get for my 10 gallon cube aqaurium? Im currently using api Co2 booster and co-op easy green for my aqaurium. Ive been interested and tryin to use a Co2 system. Any suggestions? I seen in the shop theres a diffuser u can by, maybe i can buy that with a small kit??
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