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Found 12 results

  1. I have some struggling Monte Carlo plants can you help? They have melted back or seemed to dying with little or very little new growth. They are a month old from the coop and I have just placed a second root tab in the rock wool. The tank had CO2 and is allowing for some pearling of other plants. I placed the plant in the plastic in eco complete substrate in 80 degree water that has some hardness and no ammonia. Ph is neutral as well. The tank is a 32.5 gallon Fluval with and aquasky light set to 10 hours of varying light intensity. Your thought are appreciated. Tedrock.
  2. To anyone who can help. My monte carlo was doing good til afew weeks ago, it started turning brown. Someone told me to add root tabs. I bought the co op root tabs but as u can see i ruined my carpet trying to stick them it the gravel. I finally got afew in the gravel and i fixed my carpet best i can. Do i need root tabs for my carpet?? Im running C02 and co op fertilizer once a week.
  3. Question on the Monte Carlo. My new African Drawf frogs has decided to burrow into the MC BUT I just got it less than 2 weeks ago, so it hasn’t fully spread its root to be secure. Do you think it will survive? Another Fore Ground plant that can work as an alternative for my Frogs burrowing! They love this stuff! I just hope it will spread and take root!
  4. Not sure why but i have monte carlo that i purchased a couple of weeks ago and have noticed minimal plant growth. It honestly looks like its dying and im not sure why. I dose Easy Green once a week at about half the dose. Im gonna Post the tank specs. 65g Fluval Stratum substrate about 2 inches in depth Fluval 3.0 Plant x2 (will show my schedule) DIY Co2 injection system Tank temp 74-76F at all times 10 Buenos Aires tetras ~25 Neons 5 Corydoras Bamboo Shrimp 5-10 Assassin Snails 3 Amano Shrimp PH ~6.4 NH3 0ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate ~5ppm Maybe, its the corys disturbing them? Not sure because they haven't been uprooted. Please help! would love for them to start growing more!
  5. I have two Monte Carlo’s that don’t look so hot. I am using root tabs and ez green. I was using an old fluorescent light but recently upgraded because I don’t think I was getting enough light. Do you think that’s what it is or something else. I also have a red scarlet that basically melted away. That’s normal right and the roots should be fine?
  6. Hello to everyone. Just wanted to share my present 10gallon setup, ive changed and bought plants that died. I have the fluval nano and these are my settings. Also have a Co2 system i want my monte carlo to carpet. And also i use easy green once every week. Any Tips please im all ears.
  7. So in my 3 week old 15g tank I planted half with monte carlo that I'm hoping will grow out into a carpet. Last week I started getting the typical-new-tank-diatom-bloom but my new otos took care of it right after introduction, all of it but my monte carlo which as of today is brown from diatoms. Its not as easy as I had hoped to "just wipe off" and I'm afraid if I just leave it be the monte carlo will just die. Also, frankly I hate how brown it looks and I can't properly vacuum that area either. Does anyone have advice on how to clean it off? My shrimp pick at it but don't make a dent, the otos also pick at it a bit but i'm not sure they're actually eating it. Alternative I could cut my losses, pull up the monte carlo and put down a broader leaf carpeter. Does anyone have a suggestion on a replacement. I don't want it to grow much taller than 1".
  8. I am new to live aquarium plants and bought a handful of hardy ones to try. I’m a bit hesitant to plant the Monte Carlo as I am understanding it will take over the floor . I would prefer to have small areas of it and attach it to a piece of wood. Is this possible to do? Would it stay in a pot or still end up all over the place?
  9. I ordered some new plants and suction cups from Aquarium Co-op. I really wanted to try monte carlo but was afraid my low light tank wouldn't be kind to it. So, I used the suction cups to stick it to the side of the tank near the light. When I start seeing some growth I'll remove it from this pot and replace the rock wool with some eco complete and maybe some root tabs. If anyone else has tried something similar I'd love to know how you did it and your results.
  10. Got the initial surge of plants I wanted, a few as pots and tissue culture so wanted to ask some advice of you better then me. Still waiting on a few select plants and weeping moss to finish but here it goes. Cyptocoryne Retrospiralis, out of all 21 plants these ones seemed worse for wear. They (all plants) have only been in their new home for about 36 hours. They have a bit more green now instead of brown and sadness. But my question is what's best way to perk this guy back up ? Monte Carlo, I've read a lot on this plant cause I absolute love the way it looks. But my question is, will it work? Right now they aren't really pushed into the substrate, just resting on top with a rock, bit of glue here and there. Should I try thinning and pushing further in? Or let it do its thing? And pray it takes hold? Alternanthera Reineckii Mini, tissue culture. Everything I've read is hit or miss of them acclimating to the environment, this one I really wanted. So an insight? One is kinda losing some red and turn green a bit so idk if that's a melting trait or what. Haven't added the Java moss, or weeping moss (waiting) might add some more anubias petites. But that's what I'm working with so far.
  11. Hello! I recently purchased an Easy Planter. I was wondering if Monte Carlo would over flow and spread from the easy planter? Would it be best to add root tabs? Thanks for the help! All the Best, Erik W.
  12. I'm trying to carpet a newly purchased tank with MC, but everytime I try and add it to my cart on aquarium Co-op it won't let me add more than 3 :/ any ideas?
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