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  1. I have been using a CO2 bubble diffuser (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0779Q7WHY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) for over a week, but it still fills my aquarium with lots of small bubbles, making the water hazy looking. Is this a common result? What is the best way to get my CO2 into the tank without clouding the water?
  2. I notice this site suggests Glutaral is an algaecide. When I use API C02 Booster at the recommended dose of 1ml per 10 gal it seems to me it is causing a growth of hair algae. Should I be using a different dose or perhaps not using CO2 booster as an algaecide? Thanks for the help!
  3. Does anyone know of a small Co2 system/kit i could get for my 10 gallon cube aqaurium? Im currently using api Co2 booster and co-op easy green for my aqaurium. Ive been interested and tryin to use a Co2 system. Any suggestions? I seen in the shop theres a diffuser u can by, maybe i can buy that with a small kit??
  4. Something I have wondered for a long time is with passive CO2, should one be concerned about CO2 gas off? For example, instead of filling my CO2 bells first thing in the morning, would it be ok to add CO2 in the evening after the lights go off? Or would the CO2 gas off before morning? This is a question i have been wondering about for a long time. Doing the CO2 in the evening when the lights are off would make my life a lot easier.
  5. Has anyone else used this type of product before? I just got mine yesterday and setup the device for my 16 gallon water box. It’s pretty simple to do and builds pressure quick. The regulator holds the working pressure at 50 psi which should work for most diffusers. The dial for flow control is about as good as any other entry level regulator. Fzone is just rebranding this product, but they did use better parts then most of the companies. The fitting for the solenoid on the FZone version is easy and doesn’t leak like others. The parts that come with this $70-$80 kit will allow you to start co2 injection. One thing is missing and that’s the $15-$20 solenoid. You have to buy that separate. With that in mind, you still save a lot compared to buying a decent reg and tank. Banking soda and citric acid are cheap to refill if you use this for 5-40 gallon tanks. This might be a good product for some compared to running to maybe the only place in town to get a refill on co2. You can just dip into each of your bags of baking soda and citric acid, then start a new batch. Easy as that. The most surprising thing is how well made this product is. On a side note I bought a FZone high end Dual stage regulator. From what it looks like. It’s a co2art copy.
  6. I have a 20gal high tank that I am wanting to turn into a planted shrimp tank. Is CO2 essential in a planted tank?
  7. I have a 55 gallon and I am thinking of setting up a CO2 system and was wondering what are good setups for a newbie who knows very little about solenoids and all that.
  8. I have a couple boxes of 12 gram CO2 cartridges from a paintball pistol that I no longer use frequently. I would like to use them to dose CO2 in a nano planted tank. I am planning to just do the inverted bottle/tube method to add the CO2. Is there an adapter/valve available that would work for this? I have the paintball adapter for piercing the cartridge already and need a controlled way to add the CO2.
  9. Does anyone know if an inline CO2 diffuser needs to be positioned vertically?
  10. In hydroponics, I know they do flood and drain systems. I was curious if anyone has tried this with an aquarium. It would likely be a drain and flood system, since you would want it flooded more often than drained. You would also have to make sure your livestock (if any) and plants would be able to handle the time out of water. I would imagine no more than thirty minutes out in the air at a time. This is probably something most feasible with smaller tanks, pumping the water level down, and then having it drip back into the tank over 20 minutes or so, I'm curious how this would affect algae and general plant growth as it would be exposed to more CO2 in the air than underwater. Thoughts?
  11. I have a heavily planted high pressure CO2 tank I'd like to change the filtration to sponge filters from a canister. Anyone have experience with the CO2 loss by adding air to the tank? Wondering if the loss is enough to be concerned about. Thanks for your reply.
  12. I was given a Milwaukee regulator with a tank. Had it about a year in the box finally ready to use it today and I see why it was given to me lol. Time for a new one. This is going on my 125 first time using co2 I have a 5lb tank. Can anyone recommend a co2 regulator that is good and wont break the bank. I was looking at these but I really dont want to spend this much. https://greenleafaquariums.com/categories/co2-equipment/gla-co2-regulators.html Thank you
  13. so i received a regulator from another planted aquarium youtuber as a gift and the rod that connects the regulator to the solenoid is broken. i measured and its about 3/8” but i cannot find a hollow threaded rod anywhere. unfortunately their customer service isn’t really the best and i haven’t received any help or a response from them. ive reached out to every local welding and beer supply company within an hour drive and none carry it. ive searched online and wasted money on having ones shipped to me that dont fit. you would think this was a readily available part with how popular regulators are for aquariums and beer making but no luck. hoping someone here knows where i can buy a replacement, id really hate having to buy another regulator for one little part. here are photos, i need the hollow rod that would connect these two together. it actually broke inside so i had to have it stripped out and rethreaded. ive found many that fit but werent hollow and all the hollow ones are too large even when labeled as 3/8”. i appreciate any help, thanks!
  14. Hi all, I have just converted my 125g from artificial to real plants, and begun CO2 fertilization for the first time. I just tested my water, and am unsure what to do (if anything) with these parameters:Nitrate 20Nitrite 0dGH 16Chlorine 0dKH 2.25Ph 7.2 and stableAmmonia 0My tap water does NOT have this issue naturally, testing my tap water gives the following:Nitrate 20Nitrite 0dGH 4.2Chlorine 0dKH 4.48Ph 7.2So why is my tank GH so high, and KH so low? I have no calciferous rocks or decorations, use regular old aquarium gravel with CaribSea Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate mixed in. I just added the CO2 yesterday, it’s the ZRDR CO2 Generator system that uses the baking soda and citric acid. My CO2 indicator still shows “low CO2, and no fish are looking distressed or gasping, everybody looking happy and healthy, and I just moved conservatively from 1 to 2 bubbles per second on my bubble counter.Is the GH/KH something I need to worry about, and what do I do about it? Everything I read regarding high GH talks about using RO water, but since my tap water isn’t the issue it doesn’t seem to make much sense to go that route.The tank is well established, it’s been running for 6 years, the only change is adding the live plants and CO2 over this past week. I do weekly water changes, treat all water with Prime, change out filter materials regularly, and use liquid Easy Green fertilizer, occasional Easy Iron liquid fertilizer, and Excel Flourish. Non-plant decorations are mostly resin, with a few natural driftwood pieces with Java ferns attached. Filtration is a PenPlax Cascade 1500 external canister, a Marineland BioWheel 150 and a Marineland BioWheel 350. Do I need to with the GH/KH?
  15. Im considering getting into c02 for a 20 gallon tank of mine. Any tips or tricks for C02 for begginers. Im already good and familiar with plants. Just qant to try something new.
  16. I was hoping someone may have had a similar problem and hopefully came to a resolution that did not involve buying a new CO2 tank. Recently I purchased a CO2 kit that came with a refillable tank. Now that the tank has run dry I am having a problem finding a place that can refill it. The thread on the tank is CGA320 and I can only assume the painball places use 5/8-18 standard. The problem is when i search for an adapter so they can refill my tank all I can find is the inverse of what I need since most people need to convert their 5/8-18 standard painball tank to a CGA320 solenoid valve. What I need is a female CGA320 to male 5/8-18 adapter. Anyone have experience with this or can point me to the right product?
  17. Does anyone know a good CO2 Splitter or if a standard airline splitter would work? I have a single co2 tank and was hoping to add a second diffuser to more evenly distribute the co2 throughout the tank. Thanks in advance!
  18. I want to try out CO2 in my tank. Plants have been in maybe a month, showing some new growth. Got a cheap kit on the way, and also bought some of those CO2 tests. Question is how do I know how much CO2 I should put in or what the rate should be? Do I use the tests and try to find a sweet spot at some number to shoot for? If I start using CO2 and stop will I get a lot of melt back? Hoping the co2 will give me stronger healthier plants and boost growth and get things really established - or am I looking at things wrong?
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