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  1. Hi all, I am trying to assess my water balance to determine if I need corrective action. It seems my Ph is on the low side and KH and GH are not quite in sync with each other. I live in Tucson, AZ where the tap water is VERY hard, so I use RO for water exchanges and top offs. Fish (4 Denison's, 1 Congo Tetra, 1 Gold bristle nose Pleco - 60 gal tank) seem to be doing fine, plants look like they could be a bit more vibrant. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Here are my water parameters from the Tank, Tap and RO: Tank: Ph = 6.4 KH = 4 dKH GH = 8 dGH Nitrite = 0 ppm Nitrate = 5 ppm Ammonia = 0-0.25 ppm CO2 = 35-40 ppm Tap: Ph = 8.0 KH = 6 dKH GH = 17-18 dGH RO: Ph = 7.0 KH = 0 dKH GH = 0 dGH C
  2. Hi guys, I had a thought, and this may be crazy. I don't have enough information yet to know if this is viable, but I wanted to collect some thoughts. So, as another hobby I've started roasting my own green beans for fresh coffee. One of the byproducts of the roasting is CO2 generation off the green beans post roasting period. This should be easy to capture (containing and transferring to a sealed container is a little more challenging, but not insurmountable.) What I don't know is how much CO2 is generated off an 800ml batch of beans, and whether or not there is anything else contained in that gas that could be harmful to fish. (i.e. gaseous sulpher.). I know some low tech people will use citric acid and sodium bicarb to generate co2, and there are some challenges in that. Things to learn too. I'm mostly interested in repurposing waste as a byproduct to something useful. Thoughts?
  3. I am setting up a 20 high with dwarf baby tears and I was wondering peoples experiences with co2 tabs. I’m trying to get a good way to set it up under something that will catch the bubbles and let it dissolve into the water
  4. I have the AQUATEK Aquarium CO2 Regulator with Integrated COOL TOUCH Solenoid. It's on a timer to turn on & off at specific times. When the timer switches off, the solenoid sticks in the open position. I have to unplug & plug it back in multiple times before the solenoid closes. I unscrewed the solenoid from the brass regulator and found that the rubber O-Ring has been torn slightly and that's the reason the solenoid wouldn't close properly. I reached out to Aquatek about a replacement O-Ring and they replied by I need to order a new solenoid. Of course they would, they want me to pay $40 for a new solenoid rather than pay less than $1 for a new O-Ring. Horrible!!!Has anyone had this same problem and how was it rectified? I can't seem to find the exact O-ring to replace. I found one at Lowes and it's 5/16" ID x 1/16" CS, but it's too thick. The CS is half the thickness around 1/32" that I need.The picture below is the O-ring that I'm talking about. It's NOT a picture of the torn one that I have, it's just a reference to location of O-Ring.
  5. I've recently purchased a small co2 kit that I've been using for the past 3 days. I'd appreciate some your response regarding the observations I'll describe here: I've noticed that very rapidly does co2 change the pH of water. After about 5 minutes of running the co2 diffuser in my 20 gallon planted farm tank has seen the pH go from ~7.8 to now ~6.8. This leads me to believe that co2 simply ionizes the hydrogen particles to a controllable degree in the water very immediately after it begins running. About an hour after shutting down the co2 system then does the pH begin it's rapid ascent back to 7.8 What level of pH swing due to co2 injection is reasonable to expect more plant growth? At what point is it dangerous to the life inside of the aquarium? Am I on the right track here? cheers!
  6. I have a 20 gallon aquarium with a sponge filter and was looking into CO2 injection, but from what I've read you should have minimal surface agitation when using CO2. None of my plants are particularly demanding, so I am not sure if it will still be possible to mildly increase my CO2 levels by just having a slightly higher rate of CO2 injection (to offset the surface agitation) or is it basically pointless to add CO2 unless I get a different filter?
  7. So I have a bunch of Tonina Belem on its way. I was hoping to put them in my 30 gallon shrimp tank, but all I’ve read about this species of plant is that it needs very high light and needs CO2 injection. I have a Fluval 3.0 so I think I’m ok on high light. Does anyone have experience with this plant and do I need CO2? If so, how would I go about CO2 in a shrimp tank because I’ve heard it’s very difficult?
  8. I am planning to set up a diy co2 system for my 10gal. But I have a few concerns. For example, if I run it at night will i end up gassing my fish? And is there a way to turn it off conveniently? I am planing on using two 1L bottles and the recipe i'll be using for each bottle is 1 cup sugar, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1/4 tsp baking soda. Is this too much or too little for my tank? Any tips for diy co2 in general? What are the "don't"s when setting it up? Thanks:)
  9. I have a 50g with 2 Angels. Heavily planted. I’m only running a sponge filter, and just started injecting co2. I have the sponge go off when the co2 kicks on. I felt like the sponge would gas off the co2 to quick. Fish seem fine with this setup. Just seems like I need some circulation to distribute this co2 throughout the tank better. Any suggestions? Will the co2 get into all the water volume with the way I have it? Thanks in advance
  10. I'm wanting to get Co2 going in my tank. How long will a 20oz bottle last at 1-2 bubbles per second?
  11. Hello! I am a newbie with a 15 gallon well cycled planted tank, a couple of German Blue Rams, 5 cardinals, dwarf pleco and a couple of cory's I am interested in setting up a CO2 diffuser and ordered the Aquario Neo CO2 Diffuser from Co-op. Could not find any info whether I need anything other than tubing and an air pump. So when I hooked it up after soaking for 15 minutes in water, nothing happened. Think I am missing something! Forgive me of my ignorance! I Googled and saw that Amazon offered a kit that had a jelly like substance. Is this what I am missing? Thank you for your kindness and knowledge! -Deborah
  12. Just set up co2 today, running 30ish psi about 1.5 bubbles per second, 2" jraldi diffuser in a 55 gallon, how many hours should I expect it to run before the drop checker turns green with the checker on the opposite end? I have guppies and neocardinia, everything I've read says 30ppm is too much for the shrimp and that's the level my checker is supposed to change and I'd hate to surpass the ideal level before it tells me. does anyone have first hand experience they can share to make sure I dont kill my critters in the pursuit of nicer plants?
  13. Added a GLA Co2 system to my 10 gallon. Trying to make my monte Carlo carpet and plants more fuller. We'll see how this goes. Drop checker is alil on the yellow side so im trying to tune the needle vale just right
  14. I set up co2 on my angelfish tank and prior to setup ph was 7.2 kh was around 120ppm I believe and after a week of co2 ph 6.0 kh 0 and I'm not sure why, drop checker stays green and I'm running 28ppm co2 4 drops per second 55 gallon aquarium
  15. Hey everyone! I have a question regarding the size of a regulator for Co2 injection on my 55 gallon tank. I am looking to get injection going but don't want to drop $300 on a regulator. Would the UNS mini be able to provide enough Co2 into the tank? I definitely want the dual stage aspect and a reputable brand. Any insight is always appreciated!! - Joe
  16. Hi, I was wondering how I can use my CO2 bottle for several tanks. I am currently using a big refillable canister it for my 40 gallon, and have a smaller disposable cartridge system for my 5 gallon. Can I divide the tube coming out of the big one with one of those 2 way valves used for air compressors, or do I need an adaptor that would attach to the regulator itself? Thanks!
  17. Greetings! I purchased the fluval co2 kit (45g) for my planted 20 gallons and the fluval co2 checker. I started with 1 bubble every 3-4 seconds, the liquid was blue (- ). I then did 2 days with 1 bubbles every 2 seconds. Checker liquid still blue. Today I aimes for 1 bubble per second (a bit more. Stupid kit is hard to adjust), liquid still blue. I read in many sites you are supposed to aim for 10 bubbles per minutes per 100 gallons... I don’t get it? I also try to read the chart but what I get makes no sense to me. My kh is 4, my ph is 7.6 I don’t want to over dose so I keep a close eye on the checker but I am afraid something is off somewhere?
  18. Adding co2 this weekend as parts come in and new to that so anything you think I might have missed in my reading would be helpful. Funnily enough I cant grow hornwort but my jungle val and frogbit are prodigious and lead to about a bucket a week being sold and a bucket thrown away. Got some easy green and easy iron on the way so hopefully it will do me better than flourish has been, I am very lightly stocked and have 0 nitrates so could you reccomend a dosage schedule? I tend to run my light at least 12 hours per day because I prefer faster growth and i like the algae at the top of the grass and it's the only algae I ever have much of so I dont mind the side effect. Have a big hob on the right side and adding a sponge in each back corner, where would you put the diffuser? Ordered a 2" jraldi. Have blue dream shrimp, guppies, and mystery snails, how many bubbles per second should I start with and how hard can I push it for max growth with enough food and light without becoming a problem for my shrimp? My water goes in the tank around 7.8ph and 300ppm and comes out 7.2 and very soft currently, test kit on the way to give better info on gh and kh. Sorry my thoughts dont flow into nonrunonn sentences. Need help maxing growth without killing my little buddies.
  19. Hello, After what shouldve been less than thrity minutes (may have taken me 6 hours... was a real kick to the ego) I managed to make my CO2 regulator work and now have CO2 pumping into the tank. I have a few questions. I have one of those glass bulb CO2 checkers. What color should it be and how long should it take to turn that color once CO2 is being pumped into the tank. (if it doesnt get to the right color , which i think is green correct me if im wrong) do i just up the bubble counter? Also i have the neo diffuser that aquarium coop sales. I also have one bought off of amazon that my 20L is using with a DIY kit. THe neo diffuser in my opinion looks better and is easier to hide and also doesnt grow algae on it as bad. If i dont run a canister filter is the normal diffuser the only one i can use or is their more options that may diffuse co2 better? Thank you!
  20. Greetings! I know nothing about CO2 so I figured I should start with an « all included » kit... minus the solenoid (Fluval people said to use less CO2 but let it run all the time). I want to use CO2 mostly to control algea. I don’t want pest snails (even if they do an amazing job!) My nerite are mostly on the glasses. So any advice, tips? I know the fluval kit is more expensive but it allows me to orders the canisters (don’t have a car to go fill it up), etc. plus, the CO2 checker from Fluval is hideous. Can I buy the pretty glass one? Same with its diffuser, can I get a prettier one or will it change how the kit perform? Thank you! 20 gallons high, cycled, planted (for 2 weeks), 2 nerita, 8 cory, 8 hours of light (Nicrew Skyled), ph 7,4, 0/0/15, Gh 9, kh 4, temp 76
  21. Hello, I was wondering what type of aluminum tank I would need to use for my CO2 setup. The store closest to me sales a low pressure and a high pressure 20lb CO2 tank. I was wondering if it matters if its high pressure or low pressure and if I should aim for a smaller CO2 tank? Thank you!
  22. For Christmas, I bought myself a regulator, diffuser, and all the necessary stuff to put CO2 in one of my tanks except I still need to go to a gas supply place and get a bottle and I'm going to get one of the drop checker things that changes colors to indicate if the co2 level is good in the tank. As I was looking on Amazon and other websites last night, I saw a splitter thing that you can get to run several tanks off of one bottle and regulator. Has anybody done this method? I have several tanks I would use co2 in, but having a bottle, and regulator for each tank would not only be expensive, but would take up a lot of room in my small room.
  23. I was gifted a 5lb CO2 tank (with no attachments) recently, and I've never used CO2 in an aquarium before. I want to start by trying the passive CO2 method with an upside-down water bottle filled with CO2 in the aquarium. What do I need to buy for the CO2 tank so that I can just open up the tank briefly to fill up the water bottles then close off the flow immediately after they're filled? I'd like to experiment with the passive CO2 method before buying an expensive regulator first so cheaper options would be best.
  24. I'm converting my tank to a high tech planted. I bought a Fluval 3.0 and CO² system. I didn't want to switch my substrate, so I purchased many Easy Green root tabs for my sand. I also purchased plants that can do well in sand. My question, will the recommended tab replacement time frame still apply, or will I need to replace them sooner? Also, will I need to invest in other fertilizers? I use all Easy Green products and supplement with Seachem Flourish. I don't have Easy Iron though, should I grab it? Thank you.
  25. doing a bit of research and how should I do this with an existing planted setup w/ several breeds of fish and shrimp (1yr old) and NOT kill everyone? Start intro slow ? And how ?
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