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  1. Hi all, I am trying a hi tech planted tank with a few tetras, cories, and loaches for the first time. I need some advice to figure out what the circulation pattern is in a 45g tank with a Marineland Emperor 400 HOB. My tank setup is shown in the image below: Right now I have the CO2 diffuser to the left of the HOB at the back. My C02 indicator on the other side of the tank and to the front. I am diffusing CO2 with the Aquario Neo Co2 Diffuser (Large) at the rate of 2 bubbles/second. However my NilocG Aquatics Co2 Drop Checker is not turning green. I was wondering what would be the best course of action for me to get better Co2 circulation? 1. Move the Co2 diffuser to another location. Maybe the other end (right of HOB) of the aquarium at the back? 2. Get a nano circulation pump. Where would I place and aim this pump? 3. Switch from HOB to a canister filter and use it's movable intake/outlet to create circulation. 4. Increase the Co2 bubble rate slowly each day till the indicator turns green. Any advice is appreciated!!
  2. So I have 3 other tanks a 10 gallon an 20 gallon plus the one its in the 30 gallon. The drop checker is green. But as this is a DIY no cut off. Sugar yeast. If I move this to the smaller tanks say overnight since one is a black water an the light goes blue at night. Is it going to be safe to switch them between all the tanks. Or is the bubbles getting the 30 gallon going to be to much C02 for the smaller tanks.
  3. I'm sure you guys and gals are sick of me.... BUT we all start somewhere 🙂 I'm wanting to startt dabbling in Co2. I was originally going to buy the Fluval kit, but I read a lot of reviews where people were not happy with it, so I found this https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B083NH7BKQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Anyone have experience with it? It'll be here Sunday for me... any helpful tips? Thank you
  4. So I'm running pressurized CO2 on my Fluval V. This is my first attempt at pressurized Co2 (I've done DIY before). I put a drop checker in on the opposite side of my diffuser, and it's still reading blue (low CO2). I'm currently running almost 3 BPS and thought that might be a little much and was surprised to see the drop checker reading "low" still. I'm on well water and the KH is at 19dKH (340.1ppm) - will having a high KH effect the drop checkers reading ability?
  5. Using this chart I calculated the CO2 in my tapwater. My KH is off the charts (test strips) while my pH is pretty low. The only reason I could think of was high CO2 since CO2 lowers the pH and hightens the capacity of carbonates in the water. My question is wether this CO2 is available for my plants and wether it might harm my fish. I don't have any problems with my fish right now, but they are all pretty hardy. I do get a lot of growth, even on my anubias, though my java moss struggles.
  6. Good morning all. I have a 55gal deep substrate dirted tank with 3" sand capping with a 20gal sump filter. I have CO2 injection. I have a wave maker above diffuser to disperse co2 and on the other side of tank is another wave maker to circulate co2. This circulation does make a shimmering surface agitation. My question is should there be more agitation or no agitation for the o2/co2 balance. I've read so many websites & forums that for my size tank yes I should have more and some say no agitation. At the moment I can't get any pearling on plants. So confused.
  7. Okay, so after swearing I wouldn't get pressurized CO2... I completely reversed course and got a CO2 art system and a 5 pound cylinder. For someone who is just getting started with CO2, how should I adjust my lights and fert schedule to start? I'm not doing EI yet. I was previously dosing ferts 1 x per week (3 pumps easy green into my 29 gallon plus 2 pumps iron, more than that instigated staghorn algae bloom). I have lights on max for 6 hours every day, CO2 starting up 1 hour before max lights (I use the Finnex Planted + 24/7 and am around most days to adjust as needed) and 1 hour before lights out for a total of 6 hours runtime. I adjusted the dose to end up with a flat 1 point PH drop with injections. Should I keep up with once per week fert dosing for now, or should I bump it up to twice? What signs should I look for that more ferts are needed?
  8. Hey! I wonder if anyone has had any experience with the yeast-based system. I'm using MJ's recipe and it's working, and releasing lots of CO2 bubbles - 1-2 per second, and it should be enough for my 10gal tank. The problem starts with the diffusers. I don't know how much pressure needs to be in the system for them to work, but I definitely don't have enough. I I let the pressure build up and now my bottles are holding so much CO2 it's hard for me to even squeeze them. From the water bottle I have an airline tube that goes straight to the diffuser. Bubbles just won't come out.... I've tried 2 different diffusers and the result is the same. The pressure builds up so much that it's hard for the CO2 bubbles to keep coming out of the bottles, and still no luck with getting that CO2 in my tank. For the last few days I've been experimenting with this and it seems to be the diffusers. Both are brand new. Is it just that this system is not meant to be used with diffusers? I know others have success with it, so I wonder what's going on. Right now it's connected to an airstone, and the bubbles are pretty small, but nothing compared to a normal diffuser. Edit: Trying manually to blow air as hard as I can into those diffusers also does nothing (I don't know if it's useful info though.)
  9. Curious if anyone has any experience with the Aquario Neo CO2 kit - I see Aquarium Co-op sells the diffuser, but has anyone given the full kit a go? Looking for a simple CO2 options for my office Fluval Spec V
  10. Ok, seems my tank has a problem clearly with the title of this post. So my question is, is there any way to fix this without use of extra stuff? I really do not want to invest in a co2 kit for my little 10 gallon tank so thought I'd ask here. My plants have developed a powdery white substance on their leaves and that's the only issue I can find that signals this symptom. I'm still new to plant keeping but would like to have them thrive of course. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  11. Am I the only one having issues with these kit? I tried both 45 and 95 and they work for a couple of days then a hose comes loose, a leak appears... or suddenly the co2 can’t reach the diffuser and a connection somewhere just explodes?!
  12. I've been using some cheapo Amazon CO2 diffusers. The stone keeps getting clogged with algae. It doesn't take much... any little bit of algae and the diffuser is just DEAD. I've tried soaking them in vinegar to see if that would loosen it up and make them work again, but to no avail. Does anyone have any tips for cleaning these things up?
  13. So I am debating putting co2 in a 10g planted aquarium I am gonna be building but I have a lot of questions about it I haven’t done much research yet but These where my main questions 1. Is it betta and shrimp safe 2. how does it work( like do I have to have a big tank of co2 or can I just use cartridges) 3. is co2 ok for such a small tank 4. Are all plants co2 safe 5. Is it hard to set up and use 6. will it affect my filters(maybe a stupid question but I don’t know anything) also some good articles would be appreciated if you know of them
  14. So my neo diffuser just blew its top.... literally the disc just rocketed and hit the top of my tank. I have had the diffuser for 6 months and it had worked fine. Did I miss some maintenance on it I wasn’t aware of? It had some algae on the disc but wasn’t covered. does anyone have any recommendations for a new diffuser? Or should I just buy a new neo one.
  15. Hey everyone! I have a question regarding the size of a regulator for Co2 injection on my 55 gallon tank. I am looking to get injection going but don't want to drop $300 on a regulator. Would the UNS mini be able to provide enough Co2 into the tank? I definitely want the dual stage aspect and a reputable brand. Any insight is always appreciated!! - Joe
  16. I wanted to share my personal experience with my first DIY project using PVC pipes. I searched online quite a bit and decided to give it a shot myself. It turned out to be quite simple, so I wanted to share it here in case anyone else would like to give it a try. Parts: 1-1/2" PVC pipe, cut to about 12 inches long (1) 1-1/2" to 3/4" PVC bushing. Get the one that has threads on the inside (3) 1-1/2" PVC DWV pipe (it's a U-shaped pipe) (1) 1-1/2" Sani Tee Pipe (1) 5/8" hose barb x 3/4" MIP nylon adapter (2) I got the hose barb with 5/8" barb for my 16/22 mm hose 1/4" x 1/2" MIP push-to-connect adapter for the CO2 tubing (1) 3/4" to 1/2" PVC bushing. Get the one that has threads on the inside. The CO2 connector goes to that How I got it free-standing: I ended up needing to build a stand as well, because the reactor itself won't stand upright. I found a little part of my old computer desk, that had a metal plate and a connected short metal tube (it was meant to hold a small table top that swivels out). I was able to fit another PVC pipe right onto it and got it to fit snugly by putting a rubber band on the metal tube before putting the pvc pipe on. Then I cut open a few more 1-1/2" PVC pipes and screwed them into the stand, which clamps perfectly onto the reactor! I used bolts and tightened it with nuts on the inside, so that it would be more stable and not have a risk of pulling out eventually. I was really happy to see that I could re-use the PVC pipes to act as a clamp, it made my job so much easier. Reasons for creating this PVC CO2 reactor: I am currently using an FZone CO2 inline diffuser, which ends up sending lots of micro-bubbles into the tank. When I had lights that did not have as high intensity, I didn't notice it much. However, when I switched to using a higher intensity light, it became very noticeable, and I don't really want to have that 7-up effect I thought it would be really cool to try and building something using PVC! It's super fun 🙂 How it works: The idea of the design is that water will be flowing from the top of the reactor, downwards and then out from the bottom The CO2 line injects the CO2 from the top as well, and as the CO2 gets pushed down, it will try to rise up and keep getting flushed down, until it dissolves into the water The idea then is that any water that is able to flow out, should only contain dissolved CO2 I decided not to have any bio balls in there, because I won't be able to get in there and clean the media when it eventually gets dirty As of writing this thread, I have not yet connected it to my filter. I am waiting on my new filter that will be more powerful (Oase Biomaster 300), so the flow won't be restricted too much. Once I have it connected, I will update this thread with more information!
  17. I am having issues in my 29g with staghorn algae I have the brown algae under control and have been spot treating the staghorn with excel and it's kind of working I also got 2 nerite snails my next step is taking my co2 setup from my other tank and setting it up in my 29g will this help with the staghorn and do I have to "ween" my tank off of co2 to make the switch? The tank with co2 right now only has a snail in it I plan on stocking both tanks with fish this weekend.
  18. I know this sounds ridiculous but am I the only one who is scared to attempt Co2. I know it's very easy for some people but knowing how easy it can be to kill fish i am extremely cautious. I have watched a crap ton of videos and read articles but I still feel like I'm missing something cuz I have no confidence in my ability to try it. Any advice for someone who is on the fence about it?
  19. Internet says pretty much every number. I've heard everything from 2-6ppm and one video a guy claimed to have 15ppm in his low tech no-co2-injection planted tank. From the Henry's law constant for CO2 is 29 ATM/(mol/L) and there's ~400ppm CO2 in the atmosphere so .0004 ATM /(29(L ATM/mol)) *44g/mol = 0.6mg/L = 0.6ppm Do fish really breathe that much to have the co2 so far out of equilibrium? I feel like I must be doing the math wrong here. Can anyone clue me in here?
  20. Hi everyone Does anyone ever tried keeping cryptocoryne flamingo without CO2? I have very intense lighting in my aquarium, but don't have CO2 running in it, will I still get the nice pink colour (with the right fertilizing) or just greenish cryptocoryne?
  21. I'm looking to venture into CO2 injection for my 10g betta community tank, and am having trouble finding a good quality system for this size aquarium. Any suggestions for where to look or the system to buy?
  22. Howdy Fish Folks, I'm setting up a 75 gallon dirted tank and was toying with the idea of using CO2 since I plan to heavily plant this one. What do you CO2 users out there recommend for gear? Not looking for the DIY route. I don't want/need top of the line, but something decent that is dependable. Thanks in advance!
  23. What dosing should I do with easy green while using co2. I've been dosing twice a week but I didn't know if I should do more.
  24. I'm thinking about adding a DIY Co2 setup on my new planted tank. If I run it to boost my plant growth will it hurt them when I stop useing it when they get fully established?
  25. Hunting for an overall good CO2 regulator, which brand would you guys recommend?
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