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  1. Starting this thread/ journal to track my algae battle with the Aquario Neo CO2 kit. My 29 gallon tank just cranks out hair algae, whereas it’s never been a problem in my 10 gallon in the hallway. I’ve got two limiting factors that made me decide to try a co2 kit for this tank: 1. This tank gets direct sunlight in winter, spring, and fall. Usually not more than 30 mins, but that’s still a lot (at least I’ve balanced it to where the green water hasn’t come back…) 2. My husband likes to stay up late and watch the fish with the lights on, which I’ve complained about before, but I also want him to keep enjoying the tank! I’ve been able to reduce the hair algae production to a steady, sort of manageable amount, but my plants are starting to suffer and they need a boost to compete. I’m using the Aquario CO2 kit, with the large diffuser from the coop instead of the small one in the kit. I put the diffuser in last night, so let’s see how this goes! ETA: this tank was de-algaed one week ago, but the really small hairs don’t come of the plant leaves easily, even with a toothbrush.
  2. A local hobbyist here in Minnesota has been working with a new method of planted tank. He is growing some of the best looking plants I've seen and he's doing it without co2 injection. Here is a link to his forum thread if you are interested https://www.plantedtank.net/threads/sudiorcas-non-co2-supplemented-softwater-tank.1324061/ Without getting into the science of it, because that all goes over my head, his method is: cool water 0-1kh 6 gh low ph low water column nutrients soil based substrate high light 100~ PAR strong filtration leaving plants to be established So far in my hobby I've done well doing a slightly lazier version of what successful people are doing so I'm going to attempt the same here. I set up a 22 gallon tank with a mix of soil based substrate and started loading it up with plants March 12, 2022. I filled it with RO water, added GH via Salty Shrimp +GH. I have been dosing tiny amounts of dry fertilizers after water changes. I've be changing quite a bit of water to avoid algae outbreaks during cycling. I have been doing no testing because like I said I'm doing this the lazy way. 😁 My biggest issue will be water temp. The tank is in my fishroom so temps will be higher than suggested so we'll see what happens there. List of Plants so far (I'll be editing this as I go) some aren't known for their co2 requirements but they are in there anyway rotala rotundifolia, rotala bonsai, ludwigia inclinata meta, ludwigia palustris, ludwigia repens, ludwigia sp. tornado, bacopa caroliniana, blyxa japonica, eleocharis sp. mini, barclaya longifolia, staurogyne repens, alternanthera reineckii mini, crypt flamingo, anubias marble, mix of bucephalandra species, hygrophila pinnatifida, eriocaulon vietnam, anubias verigated, samolus parviflorus 'red' Anyway on to the photos.
  3. I recently set up a CO2 system to my 55 gallon tank, and so far so good. I currently have a low/medium light set up, and will not be upgrading that for awhile. The CO2 has been running for three weeks now, and my current plants, all low tech ones, are growing faster. Even the Anbuias have been sending out new leaves quicker, and my Crypts had no melting either from the change, they are still happily spreading like they did before. It also obliterated the the Black Beard Algae I had in my tank, so very good thing there. I was wondering, does anyone have good plant suggestions for a tank with CO2 injection, but not the high powered lights? My current plants are the usual types for a low tech tank, and most were purchased from Aquarium Co-Op, but I am trying to find some more good candidates that that can take advantage of the new CO2 system that is in place, but don't need powerful lighting.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm going to start injecting co2 into my 10- gallon planted betta tank. After spending the last few days pricing things out, I decided to DIY my own co2 regulator. Maybe in the end it won't save me money, but it will be fun to learn something new. I'm going to post updates, the build, questions, links to information, and how well it works here. There's actually some really informative threads on planted tank and saltwater forums. I need to read through them and get a parts list. Plus, at the end of the day, I'm sure I'll need input and some advice from someone who's actually done this. Yesterday, I spent part of the day scouring eBay for regulators. I looked at listings for Mathesen, Smith, and Victor regulators. There's a lot of listings for older models right now. @Mmiller2001 recommended finding a 2 stage regular. For $50 I found a Uniweld 2 stage RHT 8013 co2 regulator. The listing said open box, never used. The box looks like it was mauled by a bear but the regulator looked new. I ordered that. Next on my list is a soleniod, needle valve, and bubble counter. Back to eBay. Here's the manufacturer link in case anyone is curious. https://uniweld.com/product/rht80-series/
  5. I see they make a few different sizes of the neo diffuser. Does the size matter or is large always best? Since coop only sells the one size I'm wondering if it's the "best" size and and so Cory only stocks the one size. Edit: OMG I'm a dummy: from the store: "We've found the large size diffuser to work in any aquarium and as such, we only carry the one size...."
  6. Hi! ive decided to take the leap and set up one of my heavily planted tanks with a CO2 system. For no reason other than just wanting to try it out. I’ve gone 10 years without CO2 and just want a change. I’ve done some research but still have questions. I hope someone on this forum can help answer them. The general “internet” is making me fearful of CO2! 1. will CO2 have an affect on any major water parameters- such as PH? KH? GH? I have very hard water, my PH is usually between 7.2-7.6 and I have like low to moderate KH. 2. are there any legit dangers to the inhabitants? The internet has lots of fear mongers saying it can kill all of your fish if you inject too much, but how much is too much? 3. what happens if the power goes out? I purchased a regulator that will be plugged into a timer/wall outlet, but I don’t have any back up power units and don’t intend on buying any** Is it okay for it to just not run if the power goes off for a couple days at a time? Will there be major plant or fish deaths if so? And is there anything I have to do to the regulator or the tank in a power outage? ***it’s just too expensive to have elaborate back up power. I do run battery operated air supplies and have a few USB run air stones that I use smaller battery packs and solar chargers for, but I don’t intend on getting like a big generator or anything too elaborate. thank you in advance 🙂
  7. How can a plant need more CO2 than is normally available in water in a natural setting? 🤔
  8. I want a beautiful plant aquascape & am tired of losing plants to the algae battle so I’ve ordered a CO2 tank with regulator. Any advice on successfully getting started?
  9. Hi folks! Ok so I got bored and I made a DIY co2 doohickey. Basically just a milk jug and yeast. The reaction is unregulated and well it seems to be making a ton of bubbles. Umm is this too much and will it be safe to put fish in this tank?
  10. hi! i recently got a new co2 set for my 1000 litre (240 gallon) aquarium. i addend a external solenoid to it to automate it, however, whenever i switch to solenoid off, the tubing behind it starts to expand a lot, kind of like a balloon about to burst( this happens within 1.5 minutes), is this normal, as i am scared to turn the valve off for more than a few minutes( which is kind of a waste). if it is not normal, is it possible to use the co2 without the solenoid ( maybe by running at a very low bubble rate for the whole day)
  11. Hey all, My name is Dakota, and ive been in the hobby for approximately 5 years. I have tried different things and failed at different things, and have had great success with different things. Im a stay at home dad and absolutely love it. I love the aquarium hobby and love everything about it. But my true passion in the hobby is aquascapes and having it complement beautiful fish. My favourite fish has always been the German Blue Rams and absolutely fell in love with the behavior and the amazing colorations they have. This journal is gonna be my diary (lol) i guess you could say. I really appreciate input and can handle criticism. Im no expert, But i am trying and i am learning as much as i can and have learned that the best way for me to learn is to do. So here it goes.... This is my tank from a week ago... I have monty carlo growing on the bottom with Scarlett temple in the back right and an anubias behind the drift wood. There is my wife's Pothos plant on the top right. The tank is running an FX4 with a reduced flow rate. DIY CO2 Inector and a fluval heater. Will post additional Pic's. and then ive hung a blanched zucchini wedge for my oto's to the left. Second picture is my tank today.Went to my LFS and ordered my GBR's aswell as traded the Black neons, assassin snails and a couple of sterbai cory's. All i have left is the 25-30 neons, 3 cory's and some otocinclus cats. I have added some Anachris to the left and some Java fern on the wood. Everything is starting to come together. When i went to the fish store he sells the anachris in clumps, so i got a couple. But i got a hitch hiker and don't know what it is. Looks to big to be duckweed. Any Answers? Top View of Mystery Plant. My DIY setup which has served me well so far! Now Schedule! Please Excuse the handwriting. This is my maintenance schedule. It still needs some tweaking but i will work it out. EG= Easy Green EC=Easy Carbon WC= Water Change. Then of cource my Aquarium Coop sticker on the front right! Love you guys! So, This is just gonna be me keeping track of myself aswell as showing my tank off. I don't get a lot of guests at my house so, this is me being a good host as i welcome you guys into my home and passion.
  12. Hello Everyone, Im thinking about adding a CO2 kit to my planted aquarium and was wondering what y'alls thought was with this kit, what do y'all use and what would y'all recommend. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi I am curious if the Aquarium Co Op black airline tubing is ok to use with CO2?
  14. I am running a medium planted 210 gallon tank with a 40gallon breeder sump with 2 48" Fluval 3.0's. What would you recommend for CO2 bubble rate? The CO2 gets pumped into the Sump.
  15. hi! i recently got a 240 gallon tank( 1000 litres). im planning to add some plants ( only around 5 pots of java fern and moss ) to the wood, just to make everything look a bit better. i use 3 20W floodlights and fertilize with tropica premium nutrition twice a week. i have a 0.5 litre from my old planted tank which i broke down. any idea how long it will last on this tank, and how many bubles per second i have to use. thanks!
  16. What's people thoughts on these type beginner CO2 set ups? There are a few different brands making them and I know you can DIY the same thing but they are cheap and easy and don't take up much space, but do they actually do anything? I actually want to avoid a 'proper' co2 set up due to the expense and chance of messing things up - I don't like the idea that if I let it slide or it runs out while I'm away for a few days or something that all my plants might start to die back or I suddenly get an algae bloom or something. I also don't have room for one. I want to keep things easy and low tech but wondered if I could use one of these set ups for the occasional 'boost' to get things established. Is that possible or is it better to stick with no added co2 for stability? Pics so you know what I'm talking about:
  17. Hello, I planned on making my 5.5g tank a planted one, so I wanted to experiment with DIY CO2 as a way to save money. I followed the instructions of this article here: https://www.buildyouraquarium.com/diy-co2-reactor/ .... Despite following these directions, there are no bubbles whatsoever appearing from the diffuser, and after 12 hours the CO2 indicator shows no change and sits at blue. Since my tank is smaller, I went with a single bottle with a size of 15.2 fl oz and so halved the ingredients (sugar, yeast, baking soda) when preparing the mixture. I think this part might be okay-- I can see that the bottle has been reacting for about 12 hours now, bubbles are fizzing up towards the top of the bottle. I think something might be wrong with the physical mechanics of how the bottle was set up. Initially I had been fiddling around with the tubing and inadvertently pushed several inches of it into the bottle without realizing it, straight into the liquid mixture, so I think that might've made it to where the gas wasn't entering the line properly. Liquid also entered the tubing, and is scattered around different parts of it as well as a bit in the check valve and diffuser. I poured about 1/5 of the liquid in the bottle out and pulled the tubing further back out (the silicone for the lid was still wet, and I re-applied more afterwards) so that gas could rise to the top of the bottle and go cleanly into the tubing. I also wonder if the placement of my check valve is incorrect. In the article, it states to insert the check valve to where the arrow is pointed in the direction of CO2 flow (from bottle to tank) but the check valves I have do not show an arrow. The picture supplied in the article makes it look like at the tip of the arrow is also the tip of the the piece inside the check valve, so that's what I used to base the check valve insertion off of, but now I wonder if this might be wrong, too... Does anyone know what might've possibly gone wrong with how I did my CO2 system? Please let me know, I'm eager to get plants in my tank! 😭
  18. Ok, so, i have a DIY CO2 setup with 2 3L bottles for my 65 gallon tank. So far, the mix will last me anywhere from 4 days to a week. I told my wife that i should probably get pressurized CO2 with a regulator, and she asked will it be worth it in the long run? (for instance will a 5ib CO2 bottle last and entire month or two and refill it for a couple of bucks or will it be the same issue? I.e. Filling it once a week) Im running about 3-4 bubbles per second after i get the pressure to where i want it. Diffuser placement. I have moved My diffuser 3 or 4 times in my tank to get the best water column diffusion. So far its done really well under the filter out put, but it creates larger bubbles in the water column which i personally find unattractive. So ive decided to put it directly under the filter intake and gonna experiment with that. (my hypothesis is that the CO2 will further diffuse in the filter and possibly serve as a large reactor) Opinions and input are much encouraged and maybe share some experience?
  19. Hi I have a planted tank with c02 in it and I wanted to rescape it. I was wondering if I remove all the plants from it and move them to a non c02 planted tank will they just get covered in algae ? @Cory Thanks
  20. Hey yall Ive got a Flex 32 and it has the built in filter system and it uses a pump like you'd use in a sump. The pump sits in the water and has a hose connected to the spray bar. My ques3is has anyone found an inline diffuser/ atomizer to fit that particular hose? Im afraid to pull it off due to my current stock load in this tank. Its got probably 50 Taiwan bees 30 amano all from flip aquatics. and im afraid to leave it dismantled too long. I wish i could fig out what size hose it is without removing it. Any ideas?
  21. Greetings! 20 gallons, planted, cycled community tank. Currently using an aqueon quietflow 20 as a filter but I just bought the Seachem tidal 55 and I also have a sponge filter. Light is a Nicrew Slim Led Aquarium full spectrum light (6500K white LEDs with 460nm blue, and 660nm red LEDs) that is on for 8 hours. As per aquarium coop testing strips, 0/0/10. No kh, 300 gh, no chlorine. As per API testing drops, ph about 6.6-6.8, kh 4, gh 9 Population : 2 honey gourami, 10 chili rasbora, 10 false julii cory (they breed like rabbits!!!), 5 otocinclus, 4 nerita snails and 87 pest snails 🤪 I use Aquarium coop easy green, seachem iron, seachem potassium, seachem excel and seachem fertilizer tab. My soil is flourish black sand. I have been battling hair algae and black beard algae on that tank for a while and I am just fed up. I know the solution is to balance my tank but I seem unable to do so. Meanwhile the 15 gallons right by its side has almost no problem. I tried the trick to remove the plants and soak them in double seachem excel dose but it’s just a temporary solution, the algae come back, and it upset my plants. The bottom leaves on the plants also fall off, gets holes... I admit I am not a plant person. Never had a green thumb - I killed my cactus 😳... So while I know I could buy all the tests kits like @Irene did in one of her videos, they end up quite expensive and I am wondering if I should just go with CO2. I did try it with the fluval base kit but I had so much problems with it (it was leaking, they replace it, the new one the water would fill up the hose when turned off so opening it back would created too much pressure and explode in the tank - Fluval solution was to remove the diffuser from the tank each night... 😳)... So I would prefer a real fool proof kit. I know there is the Ista professional kit with a solenoid but is it good quality (https://www.bigalspets.com/ca/ista-co2-aluminum-cylinder-set.html) Or should I go with co2art? I am clumsy and accident prone so it really has to be easy, safe and secure as well. Or do you have any other tips, comments, suggestions to help me with my problem? Thank you! Here is my aquarium few months ago. It has changed a bit but you can still get the idea
  22. Hey guys, I have been looking at CO2 to get that nice professional “carpet” look and be able to grow things like Monte Carlo better and I’ve seen many threads on many forums where the regulator fails and dumps everything in the tank gassing the fish. This would obviously be very bad and I would feel terrible over killing a living creature in such a gruesome way as I try to treat my fish in the most humane way possible. I’m looking for an emergency shut off type valve that can automatically shut off the line if a certain amount of CO2 starts to go through it over a certain set threshold. Does anyone know of anything like this? Or perhaps there’s an alternative method someone knows of that I’m not aware of to safeguard against this?
  23. Hello! I’ve been reading the positive affects of using a CO2 Injection system in my 55gallon planted tank. Any recommendations as far as a system to get? Also, is it difficult to operate and keep the proper levels of CO2? I’ve been fighting Staghorn Algae and not getting anywhere. I read that injecting CO2 will eliminate it and also improve the health of the tank. Thank you for your help as this is new to me.
  24. So, I've read all about removing carbon from the filter, increasing temperature, adding additional aeration, adding salt, etc during medicine treatment for ich. Nowhere have I been able to find advice on whether or not I should continue or temporarily discontinue my CO2 while treating my tank for ich 😂. Anyone have any suggestion on this? Thanks in advance! Collette
  25. I am sure everyone remembers or has watched videos where Cory and the gang visit Ocean Aquarium in the Bay area. In the first video, they looked at the way the owner of the shop was using a little CO2 gun or something to fill bottles that floated and let the CO2 slowly absorb into the water. I want to try something like that, but can't even think of where to start trying to replicate that. Any ideas are welcome, and I am almost hoping someone else is already doing something similar.
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