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Found 5 results

  1. hi! i recently got a new co2 set for my 1000 litre (240 gallon) aquarium. i addend a external solenoid to it to automate it, however, whenever i switch to solenoid off, the tubing behind it starts to expand a lot, kind of like a balloon about to burst( this happens within 1.5 minutes), is this normal, as i am scared to turn the valve off for more than a few minutes( which is kind of a waste). if it is not normal, is it possible to use the co2 without the solenoid ( maybe by running at a very low bubble rate for the whole day)
  2. My tank was finally doing well, algae under control, fish and snails happily living together, perfect water chemistry....so I decided to try adding co2 to get some better plant growth. I also added some plants that grow better with Co2. I watched several videos and read articles about Co2, pros/cons and set up. I bought the Ista professional system, with solenoid and timer. Set it up on Monday, it worked fine, turned off overnight, Tuesday and Wednesday, Co2 levels were good, it turned off overnight. Thursday morning I left for work and it was at about 1 bubble every 3-4 seconds and microbubbles had started to come in. I left for work, all was well. I got home that evening, went to greet my fish and they were all dead, and my snails were not doing so hot. Co2 tank was empty and the indicators were yellow. I feel horrible that I upset my tank balance and killed my finned friends!! What did I do wrong?!? My snails recovered and are back in that tank. I really want to learn from this mistake so any insight on what may have happened would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hunting for an overall good CO2 regulator, which brand would you guys recommend?
  4. Hello to everyone. Just wanted to share my present 10gallon setup, ive changed and bought plants that died. I have the fluval nano and these are my settings. Also have a Co2 system i want my monte carlo to carpet. And also i use easy green once every week. Any Tips please im all ears.
  5. Hello all! I’ve been toying with the idea of adding some CO2 source into one of my 29 gallon tanks. I’ve watched numerous video (aquarium co-op and others) about setting up CO2 systems that have tanks, diffusers, regulators and all that. BUT... I don’t really have the space for a CO2 tank and I’m not much of a DIY person. Are there any smaller systems out there that are good and reliable? I’ve seen so many mixed reviews on the Fluval and Tropica kits they sell in the big box stores and online.
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