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  1. I purchased 2 Amazon Swords, one after I separated it from its pot and wool became 2 swords, I planted both in my graven with root tabs a few inches around it as per instructions on bottle. The swords have been in the tank for about 3 weeks, two are a nice green and one is a paler green, I haven't seen any new growth, so is this plant still doing ok and I'm just worrying for nothing or is it struggling?
  2. So I have a thriving cherry shrimp colony (only shrimp and snails pond, ramshorn and trumpets that hitched rides in) in a 20 gallon. The tank is about a year old. The sword's have done amazing, so much so I need to move the giant one to a different tank. Setting up a new 75 gallon in next few weeks and intend to move the big sword and it's small offshoot into that tank and move the smaller sword (on far right)to closer to where big sword is now...how would you do it? All at once or move one plant at a time, would you move out as many of shrimp as possible or leave in? Never made such a drastic change and hoping to stress the shrimp out as little as possible. Thank you for your thoughts 🦐❤️🌱
  3. Hey you wonderful nerms. Do you have any alternatives you would recommend that are like amazon swords but are perhaps not nearly as root tab demanding? Looking for plants that get between 1' to 2 1/2' feet preferrably in height. I love my sword, but right now it is going through about 6 to 8 root tabs weekly.
  4. This was the first plant I ever bought. It is about 2 years old. It has thrived until very recently. When I water change I will cut back the lower leaves and any leaf that shows holes etc. They have always grown back fairly quickly. The tank is a 36 bowfront and at times it has reached the top of the water column. I feed it with root tabs every month. I have read they only live 2 to 3 years. In the last 2 months the lower sections have started to turn clear and the leaves float off. The roots themselves look pretty good I think. Is there anything I can do to bring this plant back to it's former glory or do they really just die out after some period of time?
  5. Hey I have three amazing sword plants. I have them in a 55 gallon aquarium with gravel substrate. My plants leaves are yellow and transparent and just look like they're dying. I dose with seachem excel and seachem advance and just started using seachem root tabs. I think possibly it could be my light its an led aqueon that came out of the 55 gallon starter kit. I dont think those lights are good for plants are they. Thank you in advance.
  6. What are your experiences with keeping a bristlenose pleco in a tank with Amazon swords? I heard that they will rasp at the leaves, but I also heard that if fed enough plant material (veggies, Repashy) the damage is minimal. I'm ok with some nibbling, but I'd like to know if my swords are in danger of being destroyed. I feed Soylent Green, but I'm happy to switch to other foods. I can also just keep my bristlenose in a sword-free tank, but I originally got it to go in the 75 that I just recently moved my giant sword to.
  7. I was watching a video recently in which info about Bristlenose Plecos came up and it was mentioned that they are notorious for eating sword plants even if fed well. I was considering adding some to my current planted tank however I have 2 well established compact Amazon swords. What is your experience with the Bristlenose Pleco? Have you ever heard this before?
  8. At one point do you take the new baby off? I don’t know if I should just leave it or take it off and plant it.
  9. Amazon plant been looking pretty rough for acouple months. I added a CO2 kit couple weeks ago to tank. Any suggestions ?
  10. I have a 60 litre aquarium that has some Amazon swords in it, along with some crypts, anubius and limnophila sessiflora. Everything is doing well, apart from my Amazon swords won’t grow tall. They grow lots of new leaves all the time, but never get bigger in height, it’s weird. I have fairly hard water, I use root tabs and dose once a week with seachem flourish comprehensive (no getting easy green in the UK 😢). I’ve noticed that on some of the leaves there are small brown spots, but the majority of leaves are very healthy. I prune the unhealthy ones occasionally and I took a picture that I hope has attached of the brown spots. Has anyone an idea on what it could be? I was thinking perhaps the light needs to be on longer as currently it’s set to like a sunrise, gets brighter, then dims then goes off at night in a gradual way. So I was considering turning it up to full brightness and just having that on for 8 hours a day, however I don’t want to ruin it for the other plants that are doing well. Stocking wise I just have a few neons, a betta and lots of ramshorn snails. Any ideas would be welcome! Thanks.
  11. This is probably a silly question, but I just want to confirm. Will Amazon swords grow next to a heater. If they are touching the heater will it burn the leaves?
  12. Today I did something I have never done before. After talking to my LFS I decided it was time to experiment with harvesting some of my baby swords on the runners. I had previously Ordered rockwool and baskets. I then took my lids off for easy access to the runners. I selected the runner with the largest growths on it. I then snipped the runners and took the plant lings and placed them in the rockwool and then into the baskets. I have now taken the finished product to the LFS and left 10 of them with them. We are gonna see how well they sell before I collect more. I was able to get 20 viable plants off this runner and took the 10 best to the shop. The rest are now in a separate tank waiting to see if they take off. I would be interested in hearing any feedback on this if anyone has a better way to go about this. I spent 20 dollars on 55 rockwool and basket setups. Do you all think this is a nice touch or not worth the money?
  13. Hi all, newbie here. I started my planted tank back in March with some success and many failures, but I'll cut to the chase. I got these amazon swords (in the corner of the tank) from the coop about 2 months ago. Upon arrival there was some initial melting but very minimal, and then they started growing great for about a month. About 3-4 weeks ago they froze in their tracks, and I'd say they may even be retreating in size. I've started my first battle with hair algae as you can see, albeit somewhat minor right now. It's got root tabs under it and I dose with Easy Green and Easy Carbon every week. My big question (aside from how do I get these swords to start growing again) is how do you guys deal with dialing in your lighting schedule? I hear Cory talk all the time about dialing in your light + ferts, but not so much on actually how to do it. I've got about 45 other questions, but for now I'm just happy to join the forum and learn from everyone here. PH 7.3ish, moderately hard water (6 drops each GH and KH), 30% water changes once a week. Recently added a red tiger lotus which is kicking ass, so I've just this week started dosing Easy Iron, but my issues with the sword predate this dosing.
  14. Hello, Got a 3 weeks old aquarium and started to see brown algae aka diatoms all over. The Honey Gourami pair, has already laid eggs. Against my better judgement had to make a water change to get the algae control and its back in a day. Long story short- I want to take care of the fry and do not want to add SAEs, Pleco, etc. for now for their safety( although they are in a breeder net box). Any safe suggestions to control the diatoms meanwhile? They are wreaking my plants.
  15. Well I had no idea an amazon sword could flower but look what I found today. Not particularly impressive but I was surprised!
  16. My sword plant has sent a runner out and I would like to make sure that I plant the baby plants correctly. I am thinking that once the baby plants have four or five roots that I can trim the runner on each side of the baby plant and plant them with a root tab or two. Does this sound about right to those in the know?
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