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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Everyone! I'm super new to the hobby and although I research daily, I'm still clueless! I started my tank a couple months ago with Eco-Complete substrate topped with gravel. I just got a few swords -- thank you Co-Op for the beautiful plants! And have a few crypts, water sprite and moneywort on the way. How long will the Eco-Complete fertilize before I need to start using root tabs? Also, I bought Flourish but am thinking I might need to ditch that and get the Easy line instead because it seems more beginner friendly? What do you think? Here is my sweet little 10g tank with my baby swords. Faux plants are there until I can get the crypts and stem plants in.
  2. HELLO! I am setting up my first planted tank, but have had other aquariums for a while. I've done my research and really like what the Aquascaping world is doing, especially some of the guys in Asia and Europe. I know I cant get so crazy right off the bat, but I really want to work up to that. So that being said. I am working on a low tech, low light, easy plant, "first aquascape". I'd like to do some carpeting plant in a section of the design, but realize that probably wont happen with my setup. Aubias, Java Fern, Cryptocoryne, and Red Lotus are on my short list of plants so far. I have decided to use Nerite Snails, Amano Shrimp, maybe small algae eating fish, possibly cherry shrimp, and a mix of tetra or similar size fish. I plan on using RO water, and I know I have to re-mineralize it. Can anyone recommend anything that they use? I am looking at fertilizers and I keep coming back to the Aquarium Co-Op. What is the Carbon Fertilizer for? Will it help with low tech / non CO2 tanks? Is it fish and shrimp safe too? And I guess same thing for the Iron.
  3. Do you dose new plants with easy green and roots tabs as soon as you plant them or wait a week or so? Thanks for any help
  4. Hi all: I use Easy Green heavily on all my tanks, and I'm very happy with it. However, I tend to overstock most of my tanks. So sometimes, rather than do an extra water change mid-week, I'd like to fertilize my plants heavily with everything EXCEPT nitrogen, especially phosphates and potassium. I know that Easy Green is heavy in nitrogen, and I could just do a water change to reset it and dose with Easy Green, but sometimes I'd rather just let the plants use the nitrogen that's in there and supplement with all the other nutrients. I have been using Seachem Flourish as this alternative, but I don't really think it's doing anything. It's too watered down. Do any of you plant experts have a recommendation for a plant nutrient supplement that is heavy in everything BUT nitrogen? For water column feeders, I'm stocking anubias, crypts, java fern, water sprite, red ludwigia, baby tears, nothing too advanced, and no CO2. Thanks!
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