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The Comeback Kid | Fish Photo Comps NERM Week 2021


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Hello Fellow Nerms! Today marks the first day of NERM Week 2021!!! Meaning that submissions for our photo contests are live! For more information on how to post your submission as well as vote for other submissions visit here.


You must submit your submission for each contest by Wednesday at Noon participants local time. If you post your submission after this your submission is invalid and you will be private messaged. You can only have one submission per contest, if you have multiple the submission with the most reactions will be invalid. 

Wednesday at Noon participants local time is when voting will start. To vote simply react to the submission you want to win. You can react to as many submissions that you want!

Saturday at Noon participants local time is when voting ends and the results will be announced.

The Comeback Kid | 2021  NERM Week Fish Photo Comps!

The comeback kid will be judged upon the fish who made the biggest comeback. A Fish that was at certain death but you were able to save and is now thriving. Please submit a photo of when the fish was at it lowest point, till what the fish is like currently.

The Comeback Kid Rules and Guidelines:

  •          The fish you post must be your own fish
  • ·         The fish that made the comeback could either be a “rescue fish” or a fish that went sick under your care (remember a sick fish doesn’t mean you’re a bad fish keeper)

Invalid Posts:

If your post does not comply with our rules/ guidelines you will be private messaged for the post to be fixed. If the post has not been fixed by Wednesday at noon, your post becomes invalid. Any members post thats does not comply with our rules/guidelines will receive a private message.


Good Luck!!! 

If you have any questions please private message either @James Black or @FlyingFishKeeper. If you do not know how to private message someone click here

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Thanks for creating all these fun categories! Please let me know if I did this wrong since I did not have anyones post to copy @James Black @FlyingFishKeeper

Please enjoy my "Comeback Kid" photo of my girl ChiChi female ryukin and mother of many 😄 (She has had tons of babies this summer, 3 summer tubs full of her fry)

Day One photos still at the pet store 2/27/2020



Some photos of the transformation along the way:





Current Photos placed in a 1.8 gallon cube for photos only, she lives in a 270 gallon tank now and is mother of MANY. 




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I have posted elsewhere about my 'special' betta. He came home shortly after my son passed mislabeled as a crown tail, with such a severe fin and tail rot the LFS employee asked if I could take him and possibly save his life... or at least make his passing humane.

I don't have pictures of when he first came home, [edit: spouse just found picture and I added]



I do have pictures of earlier this year when he (once again) ripped up his fins to go to the hospital tank... and promptly knocked himself unconscious by swimming into the substrate (he apparently does this for entertainment?)

I have a second picture of him this morning, back in his regular tank, flaring for his picture.


He's a pretty boi! 

Knocked out cold, I honestly thought he'd committed hari kari until he swam up into my hand.20210709_213051.jpg.d7402d6350ca516683fa74ad4af2a71e.jpg



Screenshot_20210712-131540_Photos-01.jpeg.586003dfcd82768a484cc1f64070dcbf.jpegHere he is today, back in his tank. Bubble wrap on the back and sides of the tank provides insulation and helps maintain more stable temps (in case the 2° temp fluctuations at night contribute to his odd behaviors).


Obviously, he grew out finnage that is *not* a CT, lol.


Edited by Torrey
My spouse found a picture of Krishna when he first came home.
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This is Genghis, he was rescued from the local Petco adoption bin but we’ve had him several years now. This February he had a health scare. D185DA97-E005-47A1-86C0-25C496E02CDB.jpeg.8bcd12a60d9cfbbbbdab0e957fc26328.jpeg
healthy Genghis

I noticed he hadn’t been coming out for dinner for a few days in a row so I became concerned and began poking around the rock pile that the dojos like to nap in. He reluctantly popped out and I noticed that he’s lost quite a bit of weight and his skin is all red and inflamed. I did some googling and noticed that it’s likely a bacterial infection.  So I set up a hospital tank and add some maracyn (thanks aquarium coop - I had it on hand). He was just a listless, limp noodle at this point and didn’t fight me when I picked him up to move him. 

Genghis in quarantine- don’t know why it’s upside down sorry

Eventually after marinating a few days, the inflamed skin healed up and I noticed him finally searching for food. That was encouraging because he had been ignoring food for so long. We worked up to an entire cube of blood worms and a small chunk of repashy daily. I kept him in the tank solo for about a month so he didn’t have to compete for food. He started to look restless and cramped in a 20 gallon tank so I considered him healed and reunited him with his buddies. 

present day Genghis enjoying some repashy 

He still has some scarring (the super inflamed areas are now pale) and a little more weight to put on but he’s been pretty much recovered for 3-4 months now and does all his normal activities - sleeping, eating, moving plants around, rolling rocks, draping himself on objects, shredding all the watersprite in the tank, splattering duckweed all over the wall when I open the lid, etc. 

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