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  1. Setting up some of our old tanks again after taking all but the 55 gallon down about 2 years ago. I’m real happy I’m getting back to the things I love.
  2. Hello All, I recently acquired a 100 gallon rubbermaid stock tank and want to start up an aquaponics setup on my front porch. I'm searching for fish stocking ideas. I live in the Florida keys so overwintering is not a concern (average temperature at night in January is mid 60s). Thanks!
  3. I am looking for other hobbyists in or around my area. One of my fish is outgrowing my tank (29 gallon). I am hoping to rehome him, he was one of our first fish when we started just over a year and half ago. We fell into the trap of depending too much on a big boxes fish knowledge(never again!). Once we got him home we realized he would easily outgrow our 10 gallon, and its now time for him to be in a 55 gallon or bigger. He is a Monodactylus sebae (African Moony). He was never transitioned to brackish or salt water, and has done great in a fresh water planted tank. Not sure his sex, but we call him Charley. He is approximately 7 inches tall, maybe 5 inches long, and not even an inch wide. We did learn that his breed prefers a community, unfortunately he was the only one we could find in a 50 mile radius. So if you happen to have this species, it would be a match made in heaven! If anyone in the area is interested please let me know! We are sad to let him go, but we know he deserves a bigger tank and bigger friends.
  4. Growing up my family always had fish tanks. Now I can’t live without one. I have a Cobalt 8 gallon tank, with mostly cherry shrimp. And I just setup a pond on our balcony, 35 gallons with goldfish. I also have a jungle bubble fish bowl almost 10 gallons, but nothing in it right now. My favorite nano fish would have to be a tie between Celestial Pearl Danio and the Scarlet Badis. And big fish the Blood Parrot. Tiffany 🙂
  5. I’m in Orlando for a week or so. Any tips on what to see? Happy to drive a bit.
  6. Hello everyone. Decided to join the forum to try to meet some new hobbyists. I am from Central Florida. I have been learning and growing a lot as a fish keeper the past year. Tried some tanks when I was a kid but never realized how much more there was to the hobby until I started researching. It feels like a great STEM project in addition to having fun, relaxing animals. I went all in last July and got a case of MTS, all planted tanks, mostly nano, with some fake hardscape. I hesitate to share my first 20 gallon tall tank, because it is a bit of a jungle with bad plant placement, but the fish have all lived nearly 10 months now in it. So much thanks to Cory and Aquarium Co-Op for all the educational material. It has just been a great experience. By way of introduction, two tanks I am working on now, attempting to be as 100% natural as possible with no fake décor. Both are 20 gallon long and sit next to each other. Pictures were from initial setup, haven't changed much save some leaf melt and new growth / coloring up. They are a couple of weeks old now and still cycling. Almost done with large nitrite spikes; brown diatoms starting to show up everywhere. A couple of pond snails growing fast and flying across the tank. One tank is going to house guppies, which I've had breed like rabbits in smaller tanks, with numbers I care not to admit. Another tank will be a new community setup. At least in my defense of the smaller guppy tanks, they have dense jungle of pogo octopus which grows so fast and keeps things balanced. Will need to rehome some that don't go to the new tank. Boiling that mopani driftwood was an insane week, but the tannins are not bad at all. Anyway, looking forward to adding the fish soon. I really love the profile of the 20 gallon long aquarium.
  7. Hi From Central Florida, My Profile Lists my tanks, Huge Fan of Aquarium Coop videos and products. Looking to expand my knowledge and willing to share my personal experiences if they can help others in the hobby. My 3 biggest areas of interest right now are; -information on successfully breeding crayfish (i've had 2 failed attempts so far) -opinions or experience keeping small schooling fish with breeding shrimp (Neocardinia), was thinking maybe Kubotai Rasbora. -factual first hand experience keeping/ breeding Red Racer Nerite Snails.
  8. Greetings everyone, I was watching the live Q&A from May 30th. Cory was talking about perhaps before going to South American for a fish collection trip, why not try a Florida collecting trip out. I've tried to Google a few different things with no luck. My question is, is their an organization or tour group that takes tourists out?
  9. Hi! I’m Cherie. I’ve been in the hobby since I was 10. I have a raging case of MTS and can already see I want more. I have a 50g with Rainbows, Red Phantom Tetras, nerites, and Roseline sharks My 20 long has a female betta, lamb chop rasboras, a nerite, and panda corys My 20 tall is a new setup with bamboo and cherry shrimp, nerite and rabbit snails and soon will have P. luminatus My 12g Fluval Edge is where the lumis are getting busy My 6 gallon Fluval Edge has a few blue shrimp and I’m looking to revamp it. Planning to breed the lumis and then my Red Phantom Tetras. Looking to add a BN to the 20 tall. I’m so excited to join the forum. I’ve learned a ton from Cory 😁
  10. When you've got a tank with Hydrophlox Shiners . . . it's hard to imagine needing a "centerpiece" fish. However, we've thoroughly enjoyed a pair of Florida Flagfish (Jordanella Floridae) which coexist peacefully in the tank with our Rainbow Shiners. Took a few photos, and a 1-min video showing some pre-spawning activity (see below). It's hard to capture exactly how beautiful their emerald jeweling is. About the size of mature platys, these are an active fish for a non-heated, small U.S. Native tank. We have them here in a 29 gal with Rainbow Shiners and a pair of Rainbow Darters. They eat flake foods and frozen foods.
  11. I'm located in Davie, FL. Our well water has a ridiculously high KH (14-15 drops to change colors in an API KH test kit). My frustrations on trying to have a planted aquarium are so high that I'm almost giving up on the hobby. Rare plants are able to survive, such as anubias and so far java ferns, but still, struggle with what seems to be potassium deficiency. I have to dump almost a whole bottle of potassium supplements in addition to ferts to have the leaves look somewhat presentable. Anyone have suggestions on plants to grow or what to do with the water (least expensive solution)? should I just give up on plants and get hard water fish? Thanks
  12. Hello All, I would like to set up a patio pond using a Tuff Stuff 40 gal tub. My concern is it gets hot here in the summer, in the upper 90's June, July and August. From y'alls experience would this tub get to hot for plants and fish? Thinking of setting one up with just plants and monitor the temps for one summer. I might even wrap the outside in bamboo or wood to reflect sun/heat. Thanks.
  13. Hi there! I’m Sunny, 28 from the East Coast of South Florida. Been around and on the water my whole life, but after living away from it in the concrete jungle of Miami for the last 7 years, I’ve found myself obsessed with fish all over again! (Just moved back to my hometown with my partner back in August last year). I’m obsessed with the Co-Op YT and watch it daily while I work (I’m an illustrator, I work from home). My question for y’all is what would you recommend to someone buying betta from Aquabid for the first time? (In terms of treating them, feeding them the first time after their trip, etc). Do I ask the seller if they’re treated ahead of time before they arrive to me? Already have the quarantine tank and his future home setup and cycling (5 gal planted) but I just want to make sure I do everything proper as possible to give him the best chance at life. I bought the Quarantine Med Trio to have on deck as well. Thank you so much, and let me know if you need any more info! I hope this isn’t a stupid question, I just would hate for anything to happen to him! 😣
  14. I am Nancy, from Florida and glad to be a part of this forum.
  15. My local fish store and I'll bet most others buy their fish from breeders/wholesalers in Florida. Has anyone been to one of those places and measured the water's temperature? We all seem to be wrapped around the axle about the temperature of the fish's home waters in some far off land when in fact their home water is a fish farm.
  16. I’m a retiree in Southwest Florida and recently got back into the fish hobby after a long break. I kept multiple fresh and saltwater tanks in my parent’s basement in the 1970s and 80s. The hobby has changed a bit since then 🙂 and I’m doing my best to catch up! I asked my husband for an aquarium this past Christmas and now have 2 - a 29-gal freshwater community and a 5-gal betta tank. I also have a dog and an amazing 38-year old cockatoo. I am so happy I found Aquarium Co-Op, the videos and chats have been very helpful.
  17. My app said 39* this morning, but we always run a little colder than the app. Doug checked the thermometer outside the backdoor & it said 36*! The guppies out on the front porch were happy to be fed & huddling around the heater & in the rays of sunlight hitting the tanks. If we get any colder than that this winter, we'll keep a light on over night and cover them with something to hold in the heat. Doug said the thermometer said 60* in the 40 gallon tub today. It should warm up quickly though. Our high is supposed to be around 61*.
  18. I have been lurking and randomly commenting on youtube and the facebook page (under my husbands name, I dont have a social media lol) for a little while. I love all things nature and I especially love native fish and plants. I like to grow the weeds and keep baitfish according to my friends and family. I can't remember a time in the last 15 years that I didn't have at least one betta. 5 years ago I started learning more about keeping fish, but didn't go down the rabbit hole till 2 1/2 years ago.... In our main living area we now have 2-- 75 gallon planted community tanks, a 10 gallon with black mollies, and a 6.5 gallon betta and cherry shrimp tank. On our front porch is a 40 gallon water garden (tub) that houses Florida flagfish and now white cloud minnows. There is also a 20 gallon tall fry and plant grow out tank in the garage... With plans for more tubs in the spring. At any given time there could be a 10 gallon or less quarantine tank anywhere in my house. I think I've developed a bit of a problem....
  19. Hello. I started keeping goldfish in March. My daughter 10 wanted a goldfish for a long time. After schools closed I told her I would buy her what she needed to get her goldfish if she wrote a proposal on goldfish keeping and pricing on everything we need to buy. It took her a few weeks but she completed the research. I ordered everything we needed and she decided she wanted a butterfly telescope. We ordered online and asked for one that is white as possible and “with a big personality”. Few weeks later a box labeled “live fish” arrived. It contained a plakat betta and four ottos! (Of course I didn’t know what they were and I had frantically work to identify them). I called the online company and they agreed to send us the goldfish. We put the betta in the 10 gallon we had prepared for the goldfish. Now I had to figure out where to put the goldfish that will arrive. After much discussion and advice from a goldfish group I decided that since we already had a betta fish, I will get a divider for the 10 gallon and put the two bettas in there. I worked on getting a new tank off of FB and located a 29 gallon with all accessories. Next day we spent the day setting up the new tank. At the end of the day we noticed a box in front of our back door! Life Fish! Our goldfish arrived! The company had said it would probably be next week before they ship, but never mind! We welcomed our new telescope. A week passed and the new fish settled in nicely and betta fish had their divider. Then another fish arrived! Another telescope! So order for one telescope resulted in three fish plus 4 ottos! Over the next few months my daughter and I loved our goldfish and betta friends and learned about fish keeping. We added a little ranchu to the family in July. Then much to our surprise a new box with “Live Fish” arrived in our mailbox! Inside was a bronze telescope with a delta tail! Apparently the company’s order system has a glitch and reprocessed our order. By this time I was fully engrossed in goldfish keeping. They are so adorable and they have such silly personalities! My daughter and I just ordered four new fish (different company this time) and got a 55 gallon yesterday! Our fishy journey continues!
  20. I'm Sharmon. I live in Port Richey, Fla. I am disabled and want to find an easier way to care for my 29 gallon tall tank. The tank was given to me 2 years ago before I became disabled. With the stand the tank is 43 inched high I am only 5 feet. I am no longer allowed on ladders or step stools. I stopped caring for the tank it was just to hard for me. I haven't cleaned the filter, did any water changes or vacuumed the gravel. All I did was top it off. Some how the fish survived, until I dropped a water pitcher into the tank. Most of them died of swim bladder. I still have my pleco and 1 Glo-Tetra and a plant that's dying. I'm just not sure which is easier to care for: sand or gravel, the hang on back or a sponge filter. The fish I want are male guppies, mollies, tetras and maybe danios.
  21. Hi I'm Sarah nice to meet y'all. I am a fish mama and currently have 3 babys. Snail, Bubbles, and Miku. Snail is a blind telescope goldfish. Bubbles is my oranda And Miku is my betta. I also have 2 puppies and a feral cat. Honey, Casper, and Sylvia.
  22. Hi folks, greetings from central Florida ! I'm just getting back into the hobby after many years away, and I'm stunned and gratified to see how much new information is available to fishkeepers. Back in my day...:) I currently keep a 30g platy tank on my screen porch outside and a 10g betta palace in my bedroom. I'm hoping to upgrade the platys to a 55, move the 30 inside, and possibly start a breeding project sometime in the next year. I'm on a well and my water is SUPER hard, so that limits my fish and plant options. Good thing I love live bearers! I'm looking forward to participating in the community here and learning a lot. My current annoyance is mineral deposits on my tank glass, so if anyone has tips toaybe bind the minerals in the water column I'd be happy to hear them!
  23. Greetings! I’m not new to having aquariums, but I’m still a newb as it’s been an off and on hobby throughout my life. I have started a new 29g tank 4 weeks ago and cycling with plants. I still have not decided what fish I want. There are so many choices. Thanks for creating this great forum. Mary K Note to photo: I’m just waiting for the Jungle Val to grow and full in. No hurry, I am enjoying the process.
  24. I'm a killer. I should just be upfront about this. I kill frogbit, java moss, duck weed, basically, anything normal people have way too much of. I love plants, and have the 3 pack of plant fertilizer. I have just bought some Anubis on driftwood, so please send positive vibes. I got into this during quarantine as something to give my attention to. I have Cory's and guppies and shrimp. Would love to hear from local peeps to help each other out and share info. Shelly
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