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  1. Well not much new to report on the 55 gallon. It's moving along nicely. The panda corys hide a lot more these days though. They pretty much stay in the little cave system and just come out to eat. Maybe they are spawning? Everything else in the tank is doing well and I've seen a lot of breeding behavior from the CPDs, so I've been thinking about moving a pair to another tank for a week or so and see if I get some fry. My 29 gallon is doing well too. It currently houses my cull guppies, but I am going to be getting some pea puffers for that tank instead. The two 20 gallons both have guppies and they are doing awesome, as are my cherry shrimp. I started with 9 of the shrimp, but I have around 30 of them now. I'm moving them to other tanks now. My 45 gallon has guppies too and they have exploded, breeding like guppies do. I haven't see the blue dream cherry shrimp hatch any eggs yet, but they have molted quite a few times and one is berried now. The mystery snails in that tank have laid 8 clutches so far, but none of them have hatched yet. The clutches all look good still and a couple of them are starting to look like they will hatch soon too. This Saturday the stuff for my new stand gets delivered. Just doing concrete blocks and 2x6s. The stand itself will be right about 5 foot, so I am thinking I'll get a 75 for the bottom and do a row of 10s for the top for breeding and QT purposes. I would go with a bigger 4 foot tank, but they seem to be hard to find around here and I'd have no way to get it home. A 90 *might* just fit in my son's SUV, so that might be an option... I'll have to wait and see. I'm not planning on getting a new tank till around the end of February or the first week in March, so plenty of time to decide.
  2. I have 8 set up now with a little 5 gallon on it's way right now. 1x55 2x45 1x29 2x20 1x10 2x5 * including the one on the way I had plans to get a couple more larger tanks, but my wife said to hold off because it was so close to Christmas. I have room for a 5 foot tank or a 5 foot stand with a couple of levels of 4 foot tanks, so if I don't get anything for Christmas, I'll be getting some new tanks after the first of the year.
  3. Not to far at all for me. Philip is quite a bit further away. We actually go up that way to do shopping once in awhile and visit the comic book shop. College towns are always fun to visit.
  4. I used to have go down toward Kingston quite often too. I worked for a liquor distributor that had a distribution center in Coxsackie. Nice area down there too! Oh and one of my favorite bands; Coheed and Cambria is from Kingston. 🙂
  5. Hiya and welcome to the forum! Where about in upstate NY? I'm right on the lake Ontario shore, just east of Sodus Bay.
  6. LOl I see what you did there. In all seriousness though, I don't know how people can rate their favorite movies, music, etc. I can never even give a top 5 in any category. There is so much good stuff out there these days.
  7. I currently live on lake Ontario and while I haven't see the plankton issue, I have seen the water drastically change over the last 20 years from the mussels. Interesting read, thanks for sharing!
  8. Ver Very cool! I have a ton of the Peterson bird guides, but I've never read this one. There is a series of books entitled "American Seasons" from roughly the same time period written by Edwin Way Teale that you might like too and is not to hard to find. North with the Spring Journey into Summer Autumn Across America Wandering Through Winter. Those are the four books in the series. They really just encompass one long book and are still a joy to read, even 60 or 70 years later. Mr. Teale also wrote a few other books in the same vein. I have a copy of Adventures in Nature from 1959 that I've read a dozen times at least and his book called A Walk Through The Year is sorta like comfort food for me. It talks about nature and just life in general at his farm in New England. Thanks for sharing!
  9. I think yours is more hi-tech then mine. I poked small holes in bottom of the foam, so I just turn them upside down to dry.
  10. I have soooo many hobbies, a lot of which I can no longer enjoy. My kayak still sits by the water, but she is pretty lonely these days. I read a lot. I give myself a goal of a hundred books per year, some years I kill it, some years I don't even come close. I read a lot of comics too, but I don't count those toward my goal. I an an amateur meteorologist and love setting up and sharing data from my weather station and just learning about our atmosphere. I also collect weather books and other field guide type books. Love birdwatching. Geek culture in general is also a hobby. Movies, Tv, video games, etc. My first console was Pong from Sears Roebuck and I've had the latest consoles ever since. I think that covers the major ones.
  11. I'm in NY state, but also live on a bay. 😛
  12. So my awesome daughter handed me a large tote full of random aquarium supplies when she got home from work tonight. Not very many useful things , but there was a couple of small heaters and an air pump and this... https://www.amazon.com/Aqueon-Betta-Falls-Kit-Black/dp/B00INCRSFC Obviously I'm not going to put a betta in it, let alone three as Aqueon suggests, but I do think it might be cool with some plants in it. Any suggestions on what I could use it for?
  13. Thanks, Daniel, appreciate the sentiments!
  14. I had a little issue with ammonia in the tank, pretty sure it was caused by putting to many fish in to close together. The rainbows actually got a little ammonia burn on their gills from it, but I kept on top of it and changed water every day until it was handled. There hasn't been any ammonia or nitrites for a week now with only one water change in that time period. Luckily I didn't lose any fish and there doesn't seem to be any long term effects. The tank has 9 boesemani rainbows, 6 panda corys, and 9 CPDs. I was going to put some shrimp in there too, but a few people mentioned the rainbows might go after any shrimp babies, so instead I'll put some mystery snails in the tank. I'm just waiting on my first clutch from the snails in my 45 tall guppy tank. As soon as I get a clutch, it hatches, and the snails get to be about dime sized, I'll move some over. The guppy tank has been doing awesome. I started out with 7 unsexed juveniles I got from @Wel-Don Tanks, about a 4-6 weeks ago, but there are about 30 in there now. I even culled some already and moved them to a 20 gallon. Some of the guppies have these awesome lined markings on the body, while the ones I culled just had a solid dark color body I'm up to 7 tanks total, but the 29 doesn't have any fish yet, it's doing a fishless cycle and I'm soaking some wood in there at the same time. The other 45 tall doesn't have any fish either, but I think it needs to be resealed , so I'm thinking I'll give it to somebody for a terrarium and get a 40 breeder instead.
  15. As somebody who has lived with RA for the last 15 years, I'd hug you, if I could. I have a lot of days when the pain is so extreme I just want it all to end.
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