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Found 10 results

  1. Can anyone help me ID the plants in my tank? I'm terribly bad at buying and trading plants without much attention to their names. Now that I'm thinking of seriously aquascaping this tank, I feel that it would really benefit me to know this stuff! I will put pictures of what I have here!
  2. Hey all, My name is Dakota, and ive been in the hobby for approximately 5 years. I have tried different things and failed at different things, and have had great success with different things. Im a stay at home dad and absolutely love it. I love the aquarium hobby and love everything about it. But my true passion in the hobby is aquascapes and having it complement beautiful fish. My favourite fish has always been the German Blue Rams and absolutely fell in love with the behavior and the amazing colorations they have. This journal is gonna be my diary (lol) i guess you could say. I really appreciate input and can handle criticism. Im no expert, But i am trying and i am learning as much as i can and have learned that the best way for me to learn is to do. So here it goes.... This is my tank from a week ago... I have monty carlo growing on the bottom with Scarlett temple in the back right and an anubias behind the drift wood. There is my wife's Pothos plant on the top right. The tank is running an FX4 with a reduced flow rate. DIY CO2 Inector and a fluval heater. Will post additional Pic's. and then ive hung a blanched zucchini wedge for my oto's to the left. Second picture is my tank today.Went to my LFS and ordered my GBR's aswell as traded the Black neons, assassin snails and a couple of sterbai cory's. All i have left is the 25-30 neons, 3 cory's and some otocinclus cats. I have added some Anachris to the left and some Java fern on the wood. Everything is starting to come together. When i went to the fish store he sells the anachris in clumps, so i got a couple. But i got a hitch hiker and don't know what it is. Looks to big to be duckweed. Any Answers? Top View of Mystery Plant. My DIY setup which has served me well so far! Now Schedule! Please Excuse the handwriting. This is my maintenance schedule. It still needs some tweaking but i will work it out. EG= Easy Green EC=Easy Carbon WC= Water Change. Then of cource my Aquarium Coop sticker on the front right! Love you guys! So, This is just gonna be me keeping track of myself aswell as showing my tank off. I don't get a lot of guests at my house so, this is me being a good host as i welcome you guys into my home and passion.
  3. Hello! My name is Nanci Byers and I currently live in Ogden, Utah. I started in the hobby in 2012 and had a wonderful 55 gallon community tank with smaller peaceful fish so I could enjoy their behaviors. Lots of plants and growth and I really enjoyed it 2 years later I had a lot of different types of algae and one morning woke to one of my beloved dwarf chain loaches dead and being eaten by an Amano shrimp. I was devastated and broke down the tank. I got back into the hobby in 2018 with a 40 breeder and loved the aqua scape I started but was too impatient to add fish to the tank and lost most of my fish. I felt so bad that I broke down the tank and sold off the remaining fish and equipment. As a regular outdoor gardener I live for the growing months, but have issues during the winter. So earlier this year decided once again to venture into the hobby starting smaller. I started a 20 long in mid February and even though I have had some success in the hobby, still asked for a lot of advice from my local club’s FB group. Everyone is very nice and great about answering questions. I discovered Rachael O’Leary’s YouTube channel years ago, but just discovered Cory’s Aquarium Co-Op channel and love his content. He doesn’t talk down to people, but still explains scientific principles in an easy to understand format. So here I am. Started using sponge filters for the first time. In my 55 I liked allowing the back and sides to develop algae for the biofilm. I am a lasessie-faire type of gardener and take the same approach to aquascaping. So Cory’s approach works very well with my goals. My goal has been to keep nano fish species in larger groups. I have lots of questions and look forward to getting to know everyone. I don’t post very often and still feel like a rank beginner. So I probably have lots more questions than answers. But I will share what knowledge I can in the community. Cheers, Nanci ” Seek Beauty Every Day”
  4. Today, I had to titrate my tap water with RO water to get to recommended harnesses... and then I went down the rabbit hole. Now I'm confused. I'm looking at my easy green and am confused how mathematically I convert the bottle contents into an ending ppm when added to a barren aquarium. Assume I am adding 1ml into 10 gallons of water for simple math. Using Nitrogen as example, easy green has 2.66% water soluble nitrogen. So for the fertilizer itself, converting from percent to ppm we would have 2.66*1000000/100=26600ppm Then putting 1ml of this into 10 gallons (37854ml). 26600*1/37854=0.7ppm (edit for 10 gallon) So even if this all went to nitrates it would only raise it by 0.7 ppm. I feel like when starting my tank (8 gallons-->0.88ppm) two pumps of easy green got me from like 5ppm to 20ppm when I was testing. What am I conceptually missing? Thank you, Brad
  5. I have read some articles that @Jungle Fan had recommended... Thank you again. Very helpfully!! I still have a lot to learn. But my Black Moor 🖤Charlie🖤 She seems to be doing better. Don't get me wrong, It has only been a couple days. She has not been sitting at the bottom of the tank or acting lethargic. I am not certain it is swim bladder. Honestly I don't know. That scares me A LOT... But I have to do the best I can and Keep educating myself. Thank you guys
  6. so earlier i was thinking about gh and kh so gh is the level of minerals in the water this is what's bad for soft water fish right? and kh helps the ph not crash right and it doesn't really effect soft water fish? I haven't ever really looked into chemistry accept for really basic stuff(ph ammonia nitrites nitrates)
  7. I am inquiring for my son. We are beginners as far as fish go so I hope we’ve come to the right place for advice 😊 He has a fancy goldfish that we kept in a 10 gallon tank. (Learned the hard way about how much water a goldfish needs to live...started with 3 goldfish, you get the picture 🥴) We had 2 panda corys with our 1 goldfish for about 3 months and that’s the most fish we were able to keep alive at once in the 10 gallon. He recently got a 28 gallon tank with the intention of putting the 1 goldfish in there as well as more fish friends. Here’s our question: What kind of and how many fish would be recommended? There seems to be so much knowledge here and we don’t want to just add more fish without knowing what we’re doing. We want to be educated on our choices and mostly we want to keep them alive 😂 Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much.
  8. Hi everyone, i wanted to share this website as i though it could help hobbyists in diagnosing fish disease. (Just disclaimer - i don't have anything with this company but i am thinking that most of the people out of Europe didn't hear for web site.) Online Hospital WWW.JBL.DE More than 500 photos of fish diseases give everyone the opportunity to find a diagnosis and a remedy. This is JBL online hospital web page where based on symptoms you will get answers what disease your fish have, what medication to use and more about disease. JBL si German company that is well known in aquarists world in Europe they make meds, filters, tanks, lights... In my experience it's better to use TEXT version of guide but you can use picture one too. They will tell you medication based on them and what they manufacture but you can use any medication that you like just research meds for same disease. Good thing is that this site will offer possibility of secondary infections too. Use this web page as guide but make research off your own too. Good luck everyone.
  9. Hello! So I have been in the hobby for about a year and the largest tank that I have ever had was a 15 gallon, I always kept trying new fish with that limited space and now feels like a good time to move on to a bigger sized tank but I am so confused! Should i get the next size up? Like a 20-29 gallon, or directly go for a 55-75 gallon . The reason that i am considering such big sizes is because i feel like i can definitely handle the maintenance and cost that goes behind it but I don't want to make the wrong decision. Feel free to leave any suggestions, It would really help me a lot! Thanks in Anticipation!
  10. Hi all! So I have a 20 gal long tank that I will be setting up very soon. I would like a planted tank with some Corydoras, shrimp, snails and hopefully a betta (pending temperament of course). What are some good beginner plants that won’t grow too tall (height is only 12 inches). Thanks!
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