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  1. Is this a spot of silicon on the glass? It feels slightly rough but it doesn't peel off. I don't think it's a scratch.
  2. Well there's always the next tank! 😉 I use the hikari betta bio gold. It floats really well. One of my bettas isn't so good with those. They also get vibra bites and frozen brine shrimp. I like to feed a mix of foods. Bloodworms are usually a big hit with bettas. But I'm not sure how nutritionally complete the freeze dried stuff is. It might be good to add in a good quality pellet or flake.
  3. This is what made me want to get some. Hopefully will be able to soon. @Streetwise https://youtu.be/BWDsDkUMRMc
  4. Those are the ones! Is their care pretty similar to other cories? @Andy's Fish Den
  5. This might be a dumb question, but does it come in mesh bags or do you buy them separately? @IanB
  6. Genius! @Aubrey I'll remember that for my next apartment.
  7. So I was wandering around my local Petco (needed some food) when I see some Corydoras labeled as Red S/F Venezuelan Corydoras. I've never seen them before in a store. It looks like they're Corydoras Aeneus? Does anyone have experience with these? Do they actually have a sailfin? They were pretty small. There were 3 left and I was so tempted to buy them. 😅
  8. I have a 15gal Flex as well. If you end up a little overstocked there's lots of room for extra filter media in the back. I'm not experienced enough with gouramis but I think if there's enough plants for the shrimp to hide you could give it a try. I would go for just one gourami though.
  9. I would definitely pick up a tank from petco right now. You could get a glass versa top and then order a Finnex Stingray 20in light from Co-op. I have the 24in and it's nice. With that light she could even add some stem plants. I wouldn't want the hoods that use bulbs personally. I'd rather have the LEDs. I see that others mentioned Eheim heaters and I've also had good experiences with them! If she doesn't have a timer already, you could pick up the Kasa smart plug from Co-op too. I'm forgetful so having a timer is super helpful for me. 😅
  10. Oh if you're going for a well planted tank I'd be tempted to try some sparkling gourami (they croak! It's so cool!) or scarlet badis. Not sure on group sizes for the gourami, maybe 1 male and 2 females? 🤔 I've had multiple bettas with shrimp but each one is unique so ymmv. The Amanos seem to be big enough to not tempt my king betta.
  11. If you have old media you transferred over it's probably ok. I'd do frequent small water changes and keep an eye on it though. I hope the babies make it! So exciting!
  12. Oh I've seen that Aquavitro around and I wondered if it was good. It looks like your plants are growing in nicely!
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