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  1. It has four walls now I can call it a fishroom right? What started earlier this year as a single rack of tanks, my nerm-side got the best of me. My desire to expand and add more tanks came from two things. That 40B is now a thriving Guppy colony and I'd like to try line breeding some of the color strains. The second thing was wanting to heat the room not, relying completely on individual heaters. Being in northern PA and the tanks being in the basement it can easily dip into the low the 60's (F) down there. I started in late September with the Dollar Per Gallon sale getting the tanks I wanted. Six 10s, two 20Hs, and two 5.5s. I like painting the bottoms black for a cleaner look. I prefer having bare bottom tanks for easier maintenance. I have also noticed less algae growth on the bottoms of the tanks that are painted black. I use Gloss Black Rust-oleum Enamel Paint. Next step was to enclose the area where the tanks are. They sit in a corner of my basement so I only have to make two walls. I like building simply and effectively to reach my goals. To enclose the tanks I made a framework using 1x2 furring strips and 1/2" styrofoam panels as insulation. After that I needed to move the 40B and the shelf it was on. I did that by draining it to about 3 inches of water. Lifting the shelf enough to get furniture sliders under each leg and sliding it out of the way. I used a Nano USB pump and airstone to keep the water moving for the day while I prepared the new rack. I also added some insulating panels to the wall to keep the heat in the room. Once I had the 3/4" plywood cut and painted for the bottom shelf I leveled the rack. I was then able to move the 40B to its new location. To move it, I drained another inch or so water from it and had someone help slide if off the old shelf onto the new one. It wasn't as sketchy as I was fearing, not as heavy either with a bag of eco-complete and little water. I refilled it immediately and didn't lose any fish in the process. Next since the major construction was done I added heavy vinyl curtains to act as doors. Then I placed the new tanks on the rack and got the heater running to get in dialed in. I will still run the individual heaters in the tanks until I'm confident the room will stay warm enough. I added the warning label for any visitors. I added thermometers around the room to monitor the temperature. I picked up a full 4x8 foot sheet of 1/8" thick glass from a local shop to begin making lids. I have the shop cut the sheet in half to fit it in the back of my truck. Once home I set up a work table in the garage on sawhorses, carefully slid the glass out and begin making the cuts I need. I like making the lid opening 5" wide and clipping the corners for the airline heater cord to enter. Lighting next, for that I use all 36" Finnex Stingray lights. Had a small issue mounting them under the shelf as there is metal supports in the way. I made some quick spacers out of scrap wood and used Kreg jig to make pocket screw holes for mounting them. It worked great and I could finally see easier having the lights installed. All the lights on both racks are controlled by a single Kasa wifi timer. Really the last thing left to do is layout and install the air system, connecting it to my first rack. The air system on the first rack is run off a Linear Piston Pump the same one sold by ACO. I use 3/4" pvc and #10-32 tapped plastic airline valves. I like those because they can be used for both air and water. I mocked up the loop on the front of the rack to get the measurements required. I'm using 3/4" barbs and vinyl tubing to connect this loop to the original one. Once laid out, I took everything apart to drill and tap the holes. Dean's tip of using a piece of tape to make a straight line is excellent for lining up your marks along the pipe. I like to use an automatic center punch as well to mark the holes and prevent the drill bit from wandering when starting the hole. Nice and in line. Both air loops now tied together. With the air in I was able to trim and install the mattenfilters in the new tanks. I found its really nice to cut the foam using hot foam cutting pen. While rearranging everything I did lose a lot of storage space. I was however to clean out some old junk and boxes and fit all the my supplies into bins under each rack. I did fit a small plastic shelf in between the racks for some additional storage. This morning I finally filled all the tanks and got them running. I already have some new fish in the rack, some Red & Blue Colombian Tetras. They came into my LFS and I set up one tank this week to house them. Without the mattenfilter cycled yet I added cycled sponge filter into the tank. I realize this a quick breakdown of how I expanded into a fishroom so please feel free to ask any questions you may have. I look forward to adding to this thread all future breeding projects and builds.
  2. After months trying to get the fish I want, importing some, quarantine and rescaping so many times, I am pretty happy with the current results. 15 gallons fluval flex (careful if you pick small fish/jumping fish. I keep finding some in the filter compartment despite using their little plastic clips and fill them with sponge. One of my Clown killifish got stuck and died in it.) Current population : 1m, 2f Clown killifish (will add 5 more soon) Around 10-12 Chili Rasboras 14 Green neon tetra (they are not shy, it’s just awesome to watch them) 3 cherry shrimps, 1 yellow shrimps 3 nerite snails.
  3. Hey everyone, I am redoing my betta's 10 gallon. I wanted to scape a tank and the betta tank has just been a dumping ground for random plants. Just finished the hardscape! Will try to update you all as it progresses. PS, it looks better than what the pic shows.
  4. I would like some feed back on my plans for the 40g tank I'm getting ready to setup, I'm in no hurry and taking my time so I make as few mistakes as possible. getting feed back on my ideas has always been helpful and appreciated and I'm hoping the same happens here. I included a rough floor plan above for my project. the fish I'm interested in keeping: 1. 3x Banjo river loach 2. 4x Kuhli loaches 3. 12 neon tetra/ longfin neon tetra if I can find them 4. few shrimp if I feel my water parameters can support them my equipment: Fluval 307, a little concerned it my have to much flow Aqueon pro 150 titanium heater looking for the Hygger 60w HG-957 led but may have to settle for the 36w HG-978 do to lack of stock. I have a 20lb bag of CaribSea Eco-Complete but concerned it could hurt the loaches I was planning on just using it as a base and coving it up with Fluval plant substrate and have not settled on what type of sand to use but leaning on Topfin or CaribSea Super Natural. the border in the floor plan I'm planning to use crafting mesh and cut it to 2"-3" and silicone it in place and then silicone Dragonstone chips to it. I do have a piece of wood and several dragon stone pieces to add for decorations and have not decided on particular plants but I would like some with red coloring and some carpeting plants as well. well that's it, all ideas and opinions on my choices and concepts are welcome - Thank You
  5. I too like others got tired of using the Ziss hatcher on the stand it comes with. I wanted something to hold them higher, be easy to use, and easy to get them in/out of. I also needed somewhere to mount the inkbird controllers, for the heaters, I want to use. I layed out all the equipment to get an idea of what to make. Someone on the forum mentioned 3/4" pvc tees fit perfectly over the hatchery handle. I can confirm that. I used 3/4" plywood and a kreg pocket screw jig to make a simple three sided frame to mount everything on. I drilled a hole in each side to run the power cords out of using some desk grommets for a clean look. To hold the light bulb in the center I drilled a 1-1/2" hole and mounted it also with pocket screws. I also used a router to smooth the sharp edges. To mount the pvc tees I drilled an 1/8" hole through. Then drilled out the outside hole to 1/4" to allow a screwdriver clearance to tighten the screws. I spray painted the pvc tees with Krylon Fusion. I painted the stand with semi gloss black latex paint. I mounted a power strip on the outside for everything to plug into. I added a switch to each heater to allow easy shut off for cleaning without having to unplug anything. The air pump hangs above on a hook out of the way. I run the air up through outlet as others have done. I use a piece of black corrugated plastic to block the light bulb so I'm not blinded. Underneath them I have dish drying mat to catch any water. What I like about this station is that I only have to unplug the power strip to be able to move the whole unit wherever I want.
  6. After stopping by a few local pet stores today, I found some wild-type feeder Neocardinias for sale at a reasonable price, and decided to get my red cherry shrimp breeding project started! Ideally, this thread will be proof that these shrimp were not imported and were not bred here, where it is illegal to import aquarium shrimp, if I try to sell/trade these to a LFS. Regardless of the outcome of the breeding project, they can just be pets and chill in the tanks. Either way, I think it's a fun (and low cost!) breeding project, especially compared to my ricefish 😭 A bit of background: where I live, neocardinia davidi are an invasive species, released by aquarists into local waters and are out-competing the native shrimp. Accordingly, neocardinia davidi are sold as feeders. (further reading here and here) I picked up a bag of shrimp from two local stores; if you're a local to Oahu you'll know which ones I'm talking about. For brevity's sake, store one is KPS and store 2 is ELP. KPS: 2x 10 shrimp @ ~$2.50 per 10. ELP: 2x 8 shrimp @ $1.00 per 8 Noticed at least 2 shrimp were berried. The current cost of this project is about $8, which includes some Hikari shrimp food I bought at ELP. As the KPS shrimp came from...kind of a nasty store, they went into the orange ricefish tank, as there's more detritus, algae, etc. for them to snack on. ELP shrimp went into the Daisy's ricefish/bronze cory tank. I'm going to be setting up a breeding for profit rack soon, with a 30g tank and some 10g growout tanks. A group of the shrimp will live in the 30, and some will be going into the growout tanks to take care of any fungus-y eggs. I understand the basic principles of breeding and culling, but I'm interested in literature about breeding RCS from wild type neocardinia, as well as any tips you folks can offer! Should I be looking to selectively breed the darker/patterned ones? Or can the red develop another way?
  7. I want to breed ramshorns as a project, how would I do it? And every one I sell is profit since I am a kid so lucky me
  8. I bought white cloud minnows for my first aquarium- a 20 gallons. I had done my research and was happy that they were compatible with the other fishes that I wanted - honey gourami & julii corydoras. What I did not know was that while they fit technically within the temperature range, it’s not the ideal settings long terme to keep them in the extreme low or high of these range. So byebye cory and honey gourami. I didn’t mind too much. My White Cloud Minnows are cute. I did have issue with an overly agressive one but after removing it, the tank somewhat settled. But another fish became dominant (not to the extreme of the previous one) but he still chases the other around. I don’t really enjoy the agression and I feel bad. Maybe my tank is not ideal for them? Or it’s their normal behavior? But it stresses me out. I was looking for peaceful fish, everywhere they are said to be... apparently mine are psychopaths? In this case, is it ok to bring back the fishes to the fish store? I feel bad as it seems I am abandoning them... How commun is it in the hobby to do this? I kinda feel as if I failed them/my commitment. What are your toughts on the subject? Thanks!
  9. So what breeding project are you juiced to start? I am really looking forward to breeding the orange rice fish I just got. They were pricey but if I am successful I will be able to recoup the price. Come on share your story.
  10. I’m finally making time to get this project started. The second box of plants arrived today. Fish in this tank include, Amazon puffers, a colony of emperor tetras that breed often, dwarf neon rainbows, a few green neons, brilliant rasboras, and apisto double reds.
  11. Well my next project i am slowly working on is slowly making some progress. Ill be updating things here from now on. Im vuilding a 29 gal setup and tonight I got the stand done. (Design courtesy of KGTropicals). Im not sure what kind of scape this one will have yet but I am determined to have some endlers in it (undecided which variant).
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