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  1. Hello! I am planning to start doing more high tech aquarium setups. Learning about Co2 I came accross a video that did a DIY version. They did this by mixing 3.5 g of dried yeast, 200 mg of sugar, and water in a empty plastic water bottle. They then took airline and supergued it to a hole on the cap along with a diffuser. Would this work? If so, are there certain plants that this wouldn't work for? I attached a link to the video. The particular section I'm asking about starts at 4:56. Thanks!
  2. Thank you! So far I'm thinking to do the 3.0s on all high tech and the Finnex Stingrays on the low tech. I also plan on having a few tanks to not have a heavy plant load if any (an african cichlid or frontosa tank for example).
  3. If you have multiple Finnex lights, can you use one of the remotes as a universal remote or if you had two dozen lights, would I have 2 dozen remotes to use as well?
  4. Thank you very much! It's odd how Amazon is labeling it as a "A series" rather than just adjustable. Since it is aimed for low tech tanks is probably why is was so much cheaper.
  5. Does anyone have any experience with the Twinstar A-series? I've heard great things about the brand but they seem to be a bit more difficult to get in America and are a bit spendy. But I did find the A series for $38 for a 12-18 inch light which is comparable to the Finnex Stingray II.
  6. So this would be an aquarium room design and the tank sizes I would be going with are a 7 gallons (11.8x11.8x11.8in), 11 gallons (18.9x11.8x11.8in), 25 gallons (18x18x18in), 78 gallon (47.24"x19.69"x19.69"), and lastly 115 gallons (47.24" x 23.62" x 23.62").
  7. Thank you! I would want to go medium to high tech for most of the aquariums. This would be for a fish room so being able to have one or two kind of lights would be preferable. For pricing a 48-60" light I wouldn't want to exceed $250 if I don't have too. I was interested in the Currect USA Satellite and the Fluval 3.0 although I'm not sure how good the Current USA is.
  8. Hello! I am interested in getting into more higher tech planted aquarium. I am curious what led lights will do the job for most aquarium plants (with and w/out Co2). I've heard of brands like ONF but pricing seems to be pretty high whereas lights like Finnex stingray 2 I'm concerned won't be strong enough. Any thoughts of what light brands and models would be best? Thank you very much!
  9. Around 2 weeks to 2 months. I also just learned that they'll be kept in climate controlled warehouses which should do the trick.
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