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  1. Hello everyone, Earlier today I went to my local PetSmart to buy a betta tank for my 7 year old cousin. Wile I was there I purchased 2 lucky bamboo and one golden ribbon plants for my 5 gallon. I made the mistake about not doing my research before hand and figured (since it looked similar) to something like a broad leafed amazon sword I purchased it anyway. I am reading conflicting articles about the care of the golden ribbon. 40% say they are submersible, 50% say they are semi submersible, and 10% says they are terrestrial plants. How do you keep your Golden Ribbon plant? Again, this is in a 5 gallon betta tank I keep with hard water, ph of around 7.5 and no heater. Thanks!
  2. The background did take me about 15 minutes to install. I decided to take the most complicated route to install. I don't take any water or sand out. I made sure to push all of the sand towards the front so there wouldn't be any wasted materials. I then rolled the background out under water. I didn't get any sand behind the background (I don't know how) and then got it flat against the glass. I did not silicone or clip my background. I thought it came with clips and was sort of surprised it didn't. Due to the weight of the sand and how tight it was, it stuck pretty easily. I ended up getting the thinnest background the have, which is the rocky background and only costed me about $140. Since the tank is only 75 gallons, I couldn't waste 6 inches of space by going with a thicker background. My hardest part of installing was that since I kept all of the water, the water would constantly get stuck behind the background during installing. What worked best for me was to start on one side and work to the other. I personally recommend you have more than one person during installation in a tank that is at least 75g. The reason I say this is because as I get one side set in correctly, the water stuck behind can push it out as you work on the other end. I am only 13, installed it alone and like I said, it only took me about 15 minutes so I didn't find it to be super difficult. Since the stump is hollow, it didn't float and only weighted about 2-3lbs, unlike its real counterpart. I think this only costed me about $115. The shipping was great and only took about a week. I got it on Tuesday and it was supposed to arrive on Friday. Because of this, I highly recommend and hope you decide to buy one!
  3. Hello everyone! Yesterday I received a Universal Rock background and decor. This is my 75 gallon that hasn't had many interesting updates in a long time. Is there anything you would have done differently? Hope you like it!
  4. Hello! I was planning on stocking angelfish and I was curious if they would be compatible with rummynose tetras. I know they can eat neons but since rummynose are slightly larger, I was wondering if they are compatible. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I live next to one of the town that had all of the west coast fires in Sothern Oregon so it was a bit of a wakeup call. On the bright side, If something were to happed, I had plenty of water to put it out!
  6. I received and installed a universal rock background and tree stump. It is too cloudy right now but I'll share a picture tomorrow.
  7. Hello! A few days ago I went to do the rounds with the evening feeding. When I walked up to my 75 gal I saw a flickering light on the wall opposite of the tank. I couldn't figure out what it was until I looked under the light on the heater and I saw flickering flames inside of the heater. The tank and the heater are not even a year old. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks!
  8. Hello! I am looking for ideas for a waterfall in an aquarium. I've seen some online and they all seem very interesting and simple to install. I was wondering if you have any. Share a photo of you like. Thanks!
  9. Hello! One of my newest aquascaping ideas includes medium - large rocks from the ocean that I collected. Is it safe to put it in a freshwater aquarium? If so, does anyone do anything to the decor before adding? Thanks!
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