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  1. @Torrey Now see…the test strip’s color looks a bit pink to me which is why I’m thinking 8.4. 🤪 I know color through pictures is really difficult to translate which is why I haven’t pursued messaging AC. I am religious when it comes to reading them on time. I set my stop watch. 😆. The low API test is definitely 7.6.
  2. @Odd Duck Thinking...as hobby aquarists who are buying fish to actually keep it would seem to make more sense to stabilize the fish, get them eating, then run them through QT meds. I can see how in a fish store running that long game isn't cost effective. However at home, its cost prohibitive to spend the money on fish and lose them. Its also cost prohibitive to ignore the whole QT process and just take the risk of the new fish spreading disease to your community tank. What I love about this hobby is how slow moving things are, and I absolutely don't mind spending the extra time to take care of the fish better. And while there are many many smart people who have paved the road before me I guess what I can take away from this is, I can tweak the process if I want! ☺️ And, hey! Thanks for the back & forth! I really appreciate it! I'm really new (10 months in) to the hobby and very much enjoy thoughtful conversations.
  3. @Odd Duck I think this sounds very likely. Now that they are in the main tank I can tell they were not eating very well in the QT tank. Once adding them to the main tank it seems like the other fish in there have encouraged them to actually eat. I have never had Rams or cichlids for that matter, so I wasn't familiar with their appetites. My swordtails, tetras, and Bala shark are down right pigs 🐷.
  4. I filled a cup w/ tap water and tested it using the 3 different tests. I was wondering if maybe the test strip has been off this whole time and my PH numbers are actually lower than the strip is indicating.
  5. @Odd Duck I added some additional notes to the timeline you wrote out. While investigating some additional details have come to mind. See my notes above
  6. @Torrey & @dasaltemelosguy your questions regarding my PH got me thinking...below doesn't really explain the drop in PH but, I did put the Java Fern and 1 catapa leaf into the tank when the week of meds was over and I had done a water change. Since AC came out w/ their test strips I have abandoned other forms of testing, and having only been using test strips. I just did some comparisons on my tap water and decided to use 2 additional tests to compare the results. Here is what I noticed: Strips: 8.4 Vivosun PH Meter: 7.04 (I re-calibrated my meter and my before/after numbers remained the same) Master Test: 7.4 I am not really concerned about the difference in numbers from the Vivosun meter & master test because chasing numbers that small will drive a person crazy. However, I am really concerned with the test strips. (I will have to send AC an email for feedback). I have included 2 pictures, what level do you see on the strips? Side comment: the KH and GH are also so hard for me to figure out. To me the GH is nowhere close to the colors provided so I just figure its 300+. Thank you both for your thoughts on this, this is my favorite part of the hobby! The detective work!
  7. @Odd Duck QT tank stabilized once the week of meds was over and I did a water change. So during week 2.
  8. Thanks for the feedback!! 😀@Patrick_G Do you think that would cause them to die at week 4 & 5? I went back through my records and narrowed down when they died. One looked week from the get go and it died week 4. The last 2 died at week 5.
  9. @Patrick_G Do you think that would cause them to die at week 4 & 5? I went back through my records and narrowed down when they died. One looked week from the get go and it died week 4. The last 2 died at week 5.
  10. Would love some insight in trying to figure out if I am doing something wrong or if it was just luck of the draw. Would love for input on any corrections that should be made. I think I will be trying my hand one more time in ordering another bunch of Bolivian rams as I'd like a bigger group than just the 3. 8/25 - Received 6 Bolivian rams from Aqua Huna. Put them in my cycled 20gal QT tank which is bare bottom w/ a sponge filter, java fern, coconut shell and PVC pipe for hides. Started them on QT med trio. Ammonia - 0 Nitrate - 10 Nitrite - 0 GH - 300+ KH - 300 PH - 8.4 CL2 - 0 Temp - 80* After QT finished, started feeding fish extreme flake and nano pellet. Occasionally would give frozen brine and daphnia. I changed water every few days. Left fish in QT until 9/25. After the med trio I proceeded to lose 3 fish. About 1 a week. They were all colored nicely then suddenly got really grey, hide, and then swim like they were drunk and breathe rapidly. Almost looked neurological. No visible signs of issues on outside of body. They hugged the bottom of the tank and when they died they did not float to the surface. Water parameters in QT stabilized at: Ammonia - 0 Nitrate - 10-25 Nitrite - 0 GH - 300+ KH - 80 PH - 7.04 CL2 - 0 TDS - 552 Temp - 80* The 3 remaining rams are loving the planted 75 gal community tank. They are eating great and swimming all over. They are nice and bright in color and look to be feeling well. Picture attached. Tank Paramaters: Ammonia - 0 Nitrate - 10-25 Nitrite - 0 GH - 300+ KH - 120 PH - 6.91 CL2 - 0 TDS - 573 Temp - 80* Thank you for your help!
  11. I have had really great experiences with Aquarium Plants Factory.
  12. I have 6 Bolivian Rams coming from Aqua Huna on Friday that will go through the med trio in my QT tank. After quarantine they will move into my 75gl community tank that currently has nerite snails, Amano shrimp, ottos, ember tetras, a couple young swordtails and one bala shark. I currently keep the tank @ 76* but can warm it up if needed. I have been doing my research on the Bolivian Rams, but I would love to get your insight too! Tell me all the things you know that I should know too! ***Also, at what age or size do they start spawning?
  13. Do you run substrate in your quarantine tank? Why or why not? I’ve been running a bare bottom w/ sponge filter because I like to scrub it out well when I’m done. But, I also like the idea of having some substrate to keep the tanks cycle more predictable.
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