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  1. I used to play a little. I learned on Xbox 360 to get the basics but I dated a guy that was very into it. Spent a lot of time at Friday night magic was fun to watch!
  2. Today I cleaned and did a little renovating on the fish tank. One of my otos managed to torpedo himself into the cholla wood and got stuck. luckily I noticed and was able to get him out 😂
  3. After seeing this thread I definitely need more plants….
  4. I’ve noticed my otocinclus are out more with dual siestas. Very nice to see those guys again. Was starting to wonder if I had any lol 😂
  5. I was just wondering about this too. I am in Arizona and we are close to peak summer but I would really like a little pond. The above comment has me wondering if putting a smaller tub in a bigger tub with dirt filling the gap would help keep the water cooler.
  6. Same with my ottos. They are only out at night. Little guys always hiding. Maybe they just aren’t morning people lol 😂
  7. I’ve been trying out this dual siesta thing for my 10 gallon and I’m really enjoying it. I had really been struggling to balance my fluval light since I got it. I can see my fish almost all the times I’m home and not at work. I also feel like it has helped with algae. I get to enjoy my fish a lot more now that we are on the same schedule lol. Thanks for sharing this.
  8. Did my weekly water change/maintenance! Everything is looking good! Used my poopy fish water to water all my plants. Two birds, one stone! 🐟🪴
  9. @Maggie That exact thing happened with my Danio! Same breeder basket and all. Ate my first surviving fry 😞
  10. @Hobbit my otos get enough to eat thankfully! I’m just trying to give them something once in a while so they get a tasty snack
  11. @LaurieinIAwho knew so many fish wanted their greens so bad lol
  12. Hi everybody! I got repashy super green for my otocinclus but it seems like my zebra danios are scarfing it all down. I even fed them before and I waited until the light was off for bed time to put it in. Does anyone have any tips on how to get some food to my otos without my danios sniffing it out like it’s the last time they’ll ever eat? 😂 thank you!
  13. @Dawn T I have had some of it in there for a while, at least six months, I haven’t noticed that it’s breaking down too badly. That’s just the smaller pieces from the coop. Those larger pieces are newer from a local place and are a lot thicker and I haven’t noticed any breaking down on them yet. I would say if you want some try it out!
  14. Thank you @Cory! And thank you to everyone who left input! 🙂
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