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Found 4 results

  1. Anyone know how to eliminate pond nymphs? I’m in SoCal and have an 80 gal pond. My white clouds were breeding like crazy, fry everywhere, then fish started disappearing. I found some nymphs and removed them by hand. I saw a video by Rachel O’Leary where she used Microlift for lice and anchor worms, which apparently interrupts the molting process. After two doses I’m still finding nymphs. Any suggestions? I have plants growing above the waterline which eliminates the option for a cover.
  2. Sometimes, I feel like I'm starting to know some things in this aquarium hobby. Other times I feel like a complete novice. What in the world is this thing in my aquarium???
  3. So I have been seeing what I thought was the dead body of an insect floating at the top of my water. I just assumed it was a bug that got trapped under the lid so I'd take it out. Now I think it was actually molts. I was looking at my tank and saw what im pretty sure was a dragonfly nymph. It was on a leaf i grabbed my net and when i tried to catch it it crawled off and i couldn't find it. Im not sure how to get rid of it but even worse i have my shrimp coming in in like a week. right now it's just bladder snails and plants in the tank. Does anyone know anything i can do to get rid of this(these?) thing(s)? This is the first time I've noticed it and it's pretty freaking big like maybe inch and a half. Also I couldn't get a picture sorry.
  4. So I've taken everything out of my tank and caught like 6 or 7 of these. Im pretty sure they are dragonfly nymphs. But im worried now because there's so many I can't be sure I got them all. I don't want to kill all the snails in my tank is there anything i can do that will kill the nymphs and not the snails. Also is it possible there are still eggs or would they have all hatched by now?
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