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  1. Last night I had a dream that I had a ton of fry tanks to feed and only a tiny bit of brine shrimp. When I told my husband this morning he laughed and said “I bet you’re the only person in the world that has had that dream!” He was teasing of course (kind of). 😉 But I’m sure I’m not alone here! What are your fish nightmares?
  2. So ive decided that its time to get round to fixing up this tank, so started off by removing the old silicone which was scarily easy to remove that i generally didnt even need a razor to cut it out, it was also an extremely thin bead all the way round so i have no idea how the previous owner had water in this without it bursting. Anyway after clearing out all the old silicone i went round with Acetone and cleaned up all the seams, now going to tape up with a 1cm gap on both sides so it can put a decent seam on it. Tho the only problem i seem to have at the moment its removing the top braket as it has about half a tube of silicon holding it down which is proving pretty difficult to dig out, never saw a tank with a euro brace and 2 braces across the middle before but i ghuess it adds to the overall strength of the tank. I'll keep you all posted as i go along.
  3. I have a 5 gallon with an in-tank filter. I was working on the tank today, and each time I touched the surface, it felt like the static zap you get when you touch a door knob in winter. After unplugging the filter and heater, one at a time, I realized the filter was letting a bit of electric current into the water. So it's in the trash, and a nano HOB has been ordered. But how are the inhabitants okay? The inhabitants are an African Dwarf Frog, a few endlers, and baby snails. All seem completely fine. Thinking back, I'm pretty sure I've felt that zap several times over multiple months, and never thought about it. I'm surprised. Have you ever heard of animals living in a low electric current and not having ill effects? (Edit: I stuck a little air tube in, so they do have oxygenation until the HOB arrives.)
  4. So when I first got into the planted aquarium hobby I started with sand and root tabs! Everything I planted looked like something out of the walking dead! So just like the rest of you I found Cory and Aquarium Co-Op on the Tube and boy crap escalated from there to say the least! I than found out there was a lot more to it than just throwing some plants into some water. I started learning about macro and micro nutrients and the importance of a good substrate or a well seasoned substrate! I learned there's plants that strive in hard water and there's plants that love softer water! I learned there's a huge difference between 8hrs of light compared to 10hrs. Its been an up and down journey and for once I feel like I've got a handle on my tanks. Thanks to all that's helped me get this far and for Cory and his team for spending thousands of hours making videos to teach people like myself! Ill leave a few pics to show my progress!!
  5. Before unfolding this recommendation, just for context: we are running about 17 tanks presently. Most of them are dedicated breeding tanks, which have virtually nothing to do with the substance of this post. When you're focussed on breeding fish, your purpose is quite different from keeping elegantly designed tanks. Additionally, many fish keepers find deep satisfaction from keeping "Wet pets." We typically give names to such fish, and build environments for them that are less aesthetic in value but more personal . . . fun . . . memorable . . . etc. Beautiful balance is not your main goal with such tanks. Having a cool place to interact with that adorable Betta or your pet Oscar is. Furthermore, a pure-blood aquascaper is already grooving on artistic delights that will make the following suggestions feel too elementary. And conversely, the contrarian fish keeper who loves to troll the fish nerd world by keeping a ghost knife fish, a goldfish, a school of mosquito fish, and a piraña in a 10 gal tall . . . should move along now. This thread is not for you. SO setting breeding tanks aside, as well as "wet pet" tanks, aquascaped masterpieces, and odd-ball internet-breaking nonconformists . . . that leaves us still with many people seeking recommendations for good setups. Every week, on this forum, posts are made . . . "how should I set up this tank" . . . "what would you stock in this tank?" . . . "what's your favorite community fish tank combinations?" . . . "name your favorite plants" . . . etc. To all of these and the like, I propose the following suggestions: (1) Think of your setup in three groups: Hardscape, Plants, Fish (2) For each of the three groups, firmly establish [a] a homogenous group [b] a major feature [b] a minor feature (3) As an example, for Hardscape: [a] substrate can be your homogenous group . . . or a bunch of small stones, pebbles, etc. [b] a large rock or stone outcropping can be your major feature . . . or an elegant piece of wood [c] just a couple smaller rocks, or smaller wood pieces can serve as your minor feature -- typically balanced a bit apart from the major feature. (4) As another example, for Plants: [a] a carpeting plant makes for a nice homogenous group . . . or, as Cory mentioned recently, a massive grouping of crypt can provide this feature . . . we've used rotalla indica before . . . and trimmed hygrophilia . . . even a lot of valisneria, though tall, can provide a "homogenous plant grouping" . . . even a bunch of hornwort can work . . . or floating water lettuce, frog bit, etc [b] a major feature plant might be a sword, a large lily, a huge java fern, an Anubis, etc. The key is that it stand out by its size, placement, difference, etc. [c] minor feature plants might be Buce, nana petit, etc. smaller, not as stunning, but beautiful nonetheless. Choices are infinite, but again, the suggestion here is: choose a grouping plant, a major standout plant, and a minor plant. (5) Finally, for Fish: [a] a schooling fish is so satisfying as a homogenous group. Your favorite tetras . . . or shiners . . . even livebearers . . . maybe angelfish . . . corydoras . . . something that, together, forms a large group [b] a major centerpiece fish, pair of fish, or small group that stands out by its size, behavior, color, etc. Of course it must be compatible with all other fish. [c] And then some minor feature fish -- often bottom dwellers, plecos, etc. "quieter" fish that you appreciate more for their special secrecy than for their flamboyance. I suggest that any tank set up with these three levels attended to with hardscape, plants, and fish stocking will be a life-long delight to enjoy.
  6. Hey everyone, I would say my weirdest thing was when a baby fish just showed up. I had not recently added any plants that could have had fish eggs on in, and it looked nothing like any of the fish in the tank. As it grew up I started to hang out with my neon tetras like it wanted to be one of them. 🙂 Soon it was about an inch long and it was then I identified it as a female bluefin killifish. Then I had to cover my tank for a week and when I removed the cover I saw that my killifish had a ulcer that almost was half way through the fish. It passed away as quickly as it appeared. 😞 My only guess of how it got in my tank was it jumped off a plant I was putting in a tank above the main tank and landed in there. I am not sure though. Feel free to tell your crazy stories. Here is a picture of what a bluefin killifish looks like.
  7. Anybody have a great idea then put the money together and set the plans in motion only to have something throw a wrench in it. I finally pulled the trigger on live plants for my 40 breeder everything is arriving this week and then I look into the tank today and noticed ich on one of my rasboras. I just treated this thing and had been monitoring it for the last 2 weeks and everything looked good. But alas here I am now I think I’m going to quarantine the plants and treat my whole tank again really what I wasn’t planning. Now I’ll have to wait to order the rest of the fish I wanted. Sometimes this damn hobby is just a pain. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. Me and my wife were talking about past fish tanks and how many goods we have had along the way and she asked me probably one of the best questions ever.. "If you could tell your younger self one thing fish related what would it be?" My answer take it slow. New fish and tanks are exciting but giving your full attention to a special tank or fish is 100x more rewarding. So I ask you the same question what's one piece of advice you would tell your younger self?
  9. Hey everyone. I hope this is not a controversial topic - I don't mean it to be. And I hope it's appropriate for the forum. It's just something that's been on my mind and I'm posting this in the spirit of learning and hopefully being useful to my own community if the future. I'm new to aquatic petkeeping, but with other types of companion animals - there are many booms and busts in terms of the number of people aquiring animals. In the bust, many pets end up surrendered to shelters. I'm sure everyone's seen that throughout the pandemic many many people have been getting new pets, given that many folks were spending much more time at home (to put it mildly). I'm sure there are many new "pandemic fishkeepers" like me out there. Do we expect that, after the pandemic, there will be some number of aquatic pets surrendered back to the stores or even to animal shelters? It would be understandable. When that happens, does anyone have experience organizing with local fish clubs/stores/friends to try to help find new homes for as many of these animals as possible? I would think that this would be beneficial to the animals -- as they could end up in experienced homes -- and to local fish stores, as they wouldn't have to bear as much of the burden of taking in these animals. I imagine a local fish club could set something up with a fish store where, when a store recieves a surrendered fish or tank or whatever, then emails or calls the club who sends out a notice among members for a "foster" or forever home. Basically like how dog and cat rescues work. Maybe there are places that are already doing this... I recently joined my local fish club (San Francisco Aquarium Society) but I don't really know anyone and don't really know how to get in touch since they're not doing meetings currently. Anyway, again, I'm sorry if this is not appropriate for the forum - but I just thought that this could be something that affects the hobby more broadly, and there are many experienced folks here who have probably seen the booms and busts.
  10. My tank was finally doing well, algae under control, fish and snails happily living together, perfect water chemistry....so I decided to try adding co2 to get some better plant growth. I also added some plants that grow better with Co2. I watched several videos and read articles about Co2, pros/cons and set up. I bought the Ista professional system, with solenoid and timer. Set it up on Monday, it worked fine, turned off overnight, Tuesday and Wednesday, Co2 levels were good, it turned off overnight. Thursday morning I left for work and it was at about 1 bubble every 3-4 seconds and microbubbles had started to come in. I left for work, all was well. I got home that evening, went to greet my fish and they were all dead, and my snails were not doing so hot. Co2 tank was empty and the indicators were yellow. I feel horrible that I upset my tank balance and killed my finned friends!! What did I do wrong?!? My snails recovered and are back in that tank. I really want to learn from this mistake so any insight on what may have happened would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I started keeping south american puffers 3 months ago. I have 6 in a heavily planted 55 gallon, and lost 1 in quarantine. I tried to do a fair pit of research before settling on this fish and felt prepared to handle the challenges of keeping this fish. The ones that made it through quarantine are doing well, they eat, have fat bellies. And each spends some time exploring the tank. They are still juvenile, about 1.5" long. Despite this, I'm considering giving them to a local fish store or seeing if I can rehome them through the aquarium club. Although they are generally doing well, they still do a lot of glass surfing, exclusively on the back and sides of the tank (which are covered in black to try to cut down on this). The tank has a powehead to provide flow, and is heavily planted -- I even bought $200+ worth of subwassertang to try to fill up the sides of the tank to see if that would help. The parameters are stable at 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 10 nitrate. The pH is high, 8-8.4 - I've been adding pH neutralizing substrate and more cattapa leaves to try to combat the high pH of my tap water which I think gets even more alkaline from the snail shells they leave behind. The temperature is 75. I understand that glass surfing is quite common in the species, particularly early on. I got the impression that it was temporary. I realize now I should have done even more research. But research can't always tell you how much you might enjoy a particular fish or tank set up once you do it. I feel guilty saying it, but I just don't find watching them glass surf enjoyable. And I initially was attracted to a species-specific "oddball" tank, but I now think I'd prefer the variety of a community tank. If it weren't for this behavior, I would enjoy them much more and don't think I'd be at the point of trying to give them away. I worry that I'm giving up on them too soon. Not to mention that the stress of me catching them and being moved yet again will probably be even worse for them than their current situation. For people who have kept them long term, should I stick it out? Any other suggestions to try to reduce glass surfing? Would an even bigger tank help? could my water parameters be contributing to this behavior?
  12. I just got Aurora like today. Right now it is 5:54 PM (I bought him from Aquarium Co-op at 3/27/20, at 10:20-ish AM) Aurora backs away from me and hides under the crowd of water lettuce on the surface every time I come watch Aurora to see if he's doing good. By the way, this is my first fish in a 5 gal tank. There is no other fish in the tank but Aurora. There is a betta hammock, a feeding ring, some plants, one marimo moss ball, crypt. tropica, water lettuce, nano sponge filter with airline tubing, stingray led lights, a nano heater, and soft small gravel with beneficial bacteria. Every thing is normal, no ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, but the ph is 7.5. I don't know why he's scared of me and keeps hiding. It makes me worry a lot. Can anyone help or explain why Aurora is doing that? Jane Oh
  13. When your fish are secretly an aquatic rock band, and are posing for a new album cover...
  14. A self-taught marine biologist, this gal invented the modern aquarium to study aquatic organisms. https://shethoughtit.ilcml.com/biography/jeanne-villepreux-power/ 👩‍🦱 March is Women's History Month!👩
  15. Hi! just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts or experience with a Some of fish I’ve been interested in but haven’t been able to definitively answer some questions from just online searching. Please feel free to chime in about notable behaviors or experiences unrelated to the questions 🙂 blue neon goby- how important is high water flow? I know many of the high water flow species can do well in slower waters as long as oxygen levels are high so was hoping these would be similar. Butterfly Gobies- I see they are actually wasp fish but they have been listed as fresh water on many online sights. But most people keep them in brackish or even marine from what I’ve seen on YouTube. Is this the best way of doing so? And when do you know you should transition the fish into brackish if it came in freshwater? South American Green darter tetras- these look awesome and just found out about them so wanted to know if anyone breeds them or has found how they do in smaller groups rather than large as they’re quite expensive Pom Pom crabs- has anyone gotten to live longer than a year :/? Also would be interested in getting a few for my girlfriends 5.5gal solo act betta tank that’s decently planted but am concerned they’d get their Pom poms nipped off. It is a female betta who has not interacted with anything but snails yet. rhino pleco- can’t seem to find a definitive size range, see anything from 6”-11” and don’t know what to believe. Does anyone have an adult they’ve had for awhile now or now for sure? sorry for long post, can’t wait to Hopefully read some responses :)!
  16. Hi everyone, I new to planted aquariums I've had my tank for 14yrs, my 10yr old indesint shark was sold to me for my 55gl tank by petsmart never researched him till resent found alot of information I wish I knew then. But anyway just did a new remodel to the hard scape and added plants then down that rabbit hole I went. I now own a water jet an external filter, 6500 k 48 in led full spectrum light at 6hrs per day on timer and now CO2 set up so I planted Java Fern, Christmas moss, dwarf hair grass, Moss Ball and a crypt. My Christmas moss has went brown before I got everything set up, mostly do to things arriving broken. But my temp is 77F pH 6.8 KH 40ppm I've been adding Easy green and other nutrient that it lacks my CO2 on the chart shows balanced so a week of hell is now has the or results, now just waiting for the plant to spring
  17. I've posted a few times, but haven't introduced myself. I've had fish off-and-on since childhood, but not knowing what I was doing. About 8 years ago, I bought a single dalmation molly that soon was dropping fry every 1-2 months for over a year. My main tank was overrun. While that was happening, I entered a situation where I became the primary caregiver for kids with major special needs - often having to rush to the hospital. I had to get control of that tank, so I bought one beautiful angelfish, who soon took care of the fry problem, and eventually was the tank's sole inhabitant. I love that dude. But this caregiver life has my emotions burned out, and I'm turning as much attention as I can back to fish, as a way to revive myself. I recently bought 9 baby endlers, who give me a lot of joy, and who the angelfish will be delighted to help me keep in check. And I'm learning as fast as I possibly can about how to do a good job - ya know; water parameters, effective filtration, easy plants, etc. My goal is a tank that gives me joy, and is sustainable enough to not fall apart when I have to suddenly ditch it and spend a week in a children's hospital. I'm delighted to be making progress toward that goal, and I appreciate the help I'm getting from Cory's videos and this forum.
  18. Hello everybody, i was wondering when everyone started? I started about 2 years and i have been hooked ever since! I have a 37 gallon, a 29 gallon and a 4.5 gallon Betta tank. I have 10 fish in the 37 gallon (3 guppy's, 4 platys, 2 bristle nose Plecos and one Dalmatian Mollie), i have 1 Betta in the 4.5 gallon named midnight, and my 29 gallon is currently in a blackout since I had algae problems.
  19. So this happened! I was watching a vlog about someone redoing their counter and saw a betta in one of those tiny half gallon tanks like this: I noticed she was replying to every comment. So I left a comment too and look! (Ignore the comma splice and misspellings, I was trying to seem less pretentious 😅) I’m just so happy the conversation went this well! It sounds like Beau is going to get a new home soon!
  20. Check your email. Something special for members only!!!! HURRY!!!
  21. I've heard of MTS syndrome. As a newcomer to the fish keeping hobby, I can understand this, even if I don't have multiple tanks. But has anyone in the hobby developed a DIY Syndrome? Where you just have to build your own version of something you could just buy? For example, as I've been looking into a possible second and bigger tank, I found myself researching how to make my own internal filter that doesn't look ugly. I don't have my own tools or space to do any cutting of acrylic, so I started looking into acrylic containers I could modify. Looking into powerheads vs air pumps. I go to sleep imagining different ways to make it work. I really don't have to do this. I could get a good HOB, a sponge, a filter box (recent discovery), or a matten filter. But it just wouldn't look the way I want it to look. I'm almost willing to try to build it and not even have a tank for it, just so I can do it. And if I do that, what's next? Anyone relate to this or am I alone?
  22. I have 2-3 pea puffers in an overgrown 20 gallon long, I placed them in there for quarantine around 2 months ago maybe longer and now they live in there, I don’t know if all 3 made it because the whole tank is covered in Christmas and Java Moss so I only see one or two at a time, I usually scoop out some snails and frogbit from my indoor guppy pond to feed them as I know the guppies are healthy but today I accidentally double dipped the spoon I used to grab the snails, how worried should I be about spreading disease from my puffers to my guppies? thanks, Jerry
  23. Apparently blue zoo is a company based out of Washington -- any locals heard of it? https://www.wbrz.com/news/mall-of-louisiana-s-new-blue-zoo-aquarium-to-open-in-april-2021?fbclid=IwAR3ZD5zuvIxhpxhl-FWMiesyeWFG3TQ7aqEKh-GsiVXFcuqJCj8fX4uyJ34 They bought out several stores at the mall here; not much of it shown in the video other than a couple fish and some kids activities, but we currently have zero public aquariums in Baton Rouge.
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