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  1. If your mind fires off in random connections, this will make sense. Sometimes fish remind me of scenes from movies. Share if you've got some.
  2. Ive been enjoying taking tons of photos of my fish lately and thought id share some of them that didnt necessarily fit in the macro photography thread. Do you have any favorite fish photos youd like to share? Lets see em
  3. So excited about this forum and want to know: If there's one piece of advice us newbies absolutely need to know, what is it?
  4. Over the weekend we bought new fish. 17 Celestial Pearl Danio (Galaxy Rasbora). 6 Indian Glass fish 3 Adolpho Corydoras 6 Agasizi Corydoras To date all danios, Adolpho and X1 Agasizi are dead. The strange thing is that the Danios were in a tank that few minutes earlier had 15 Fork Tail Blue Eye fish that were moved to a larger tank with other fish, I didn't change the water and left all shrimps for company. The tank that the Fork tails were moved to is the one that the Corys were introduced to, this tank had 3 Adolpho that were moved into it 2 weeks earlier. The Glass fish are in another container and seems to be ok. All original fish and all shrimps are doing well, only the new comers died. Went today to the shop and all the remaining fish there are doing well (other than the Danios as I bought them all). I have tested the water and Ammonia and Nitrite are '0', PH '8' and Nitrate '50' KH and GH were not tested, regardless I have changed water. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. About 4 weeks ago, for an anniversary present, my husband finally agreed to let me get a fish tank!! There were 2 main conditions: 1. It would have to be a small one as we don't have much room. My husband said "bowl" which lead to a tiny argument. I won. We settled on a tank that could fit on a cabinet with room to spare for Hubby's papers. 2. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES was Hubby to have anything to do with the tank or its upkeep. This was perfectly acceptable to me. It was my hobby and I was quite happy to do everything required. We live a little ways from any main pet stores, so I was very happy to discover a little family business shop just 20 minutes away. Now the thing about my Hubby is that he does not like wasting petrol. He also likes to hang out with me. So he had to come too - ostensibly "just to pick up a couple of things from the supermarket". Of course. 😏 Into the pet store, we both went. I had a lot of questions about the tank. And surprisingly (ahem) so has Hubby. A very capable seeming store person swept the poor little ignoramus (me) under their wing and very soon I was kitted out with a 30-litre tank, canister filter, plants, and some gravel for a substrate. When they spoke about a heater I glanced over their shoulder to see Hubby shaking his head. (We live in tropical Queensland) Now originally we had agreed, Hubby and me, that we will get a cheap 20-litre tank that was about $45. Hubby's wallet has magical properties. Whenever he gets interested in something- or whenever my face assumes a sufficiently disappointed expression, the wallet magically expands. They did have that cheap 20-litre tank. They also had a much nicer 30-litre tank that was $60. I looked at the tank and looked at Hubby. I got the 30-litre tank. I had done a little research, but the internet is a big and confusing place, and the store person was supremely competent-seeming. I asked about tank cycling. I had a dreary vision of a long month of waiting while this mysterious thing called "cycling a tank" happened. I am not a patient person and a month is an awfully long time. "Oh typically I recommend waiting a week- but you have live plants so I'd probably only wait about 3 days" Suddenly the sun came out and everything was all rosy and shiny. 3 days!! I was excited. Hubby paid for the stuff and we brought it home. (Hubby wasn't going to be doing anything of course.) I took the tank up the stairs and put it in its place on the cabinet. Then I began to get it set up, interrupted every 2 minutes or so. "Are you going to rinse the gravel out?" "Oh no, I don't think so. See on the packet it says it's been rinsed three times already." "What are you going to use to fill up the tank with?" "Umm... this jug?" "No. Don't use that. Use this!" Hubby swaps my jug for another bigger one. "Are you going to use buckets? What about clearing up this space so you have more room to work. Make it easy on yourself..." And so it goes. After about an hour everything is in place. I've put the substrate in. I've added the filter and pressed it to the back of the tank. Somebody (I won't say who) fed the filter cord up over the tall cupboard and organized how it would get to the wall socket. Somebody (I won't say who) cleared a space on our small dining table and moved chairs out of the way. Somebody (I won't say who) helped me with the bucket as I slowly started filling the tank with water. After we all finished that same Somebody reiterated how he wasn't going to have anything to do with my new hobby and went back to listening to the radio. I sighed happily, drew up a dining chair and looked at the new tank. But it looked so empty! It just had two live plants whose names I was happily ignorant of but had been recommended as 'easy'. I felt proud of them. They were alive and in the water. They were my responsibility. I looked at the tank and thought about how I wanted to keep everything as natural as possible, and how I wanted to make sure everything was as healthy and as happy as can be. I thought about how as a child I'd used to have a fish tank but how all the fish kept dying. "That was because I overstocked!" I thought proudly. "I've done my research and I know about overstocking now. I won't make that mistake again. My fish will be healthy!" Uneasily I wondered about this mysterious thing called "water parameters". People insisted on asking about them when answering questions in fish forums. People did science-y things with test kits to find out what they were. The thing is I'd looked up how much those same test kits cost in the store and they were expensive. As in very expensive, especially on our little budget. I thought of poor old Hubby and his expanding wallet and didn't want to do that to him. As I looked at the tank other vague bits of researched detail came into my head. "I never need to do a water change because I have a planted tank...", "A heavily planted tank pretty much takes care of itself." "This is my 'no-filter' method of keeping tanks -just use plants!" I thought of the store person's confidence with the tank cycling being okay- all because I bought a couple of live plants. I decided that I needed more plants. The next day I said I'd like to go to the fish store to buy some more plants. Hubby asked why. "Plants make the tank healthy. The more plants the healthier the tank will be." I said vaguely. So off we go to the pet store. Hubby came too. Why exactly, he didn't specify- again. I was proud of my restraint. We had waited a whole 24 hours before coming back! Also, I was only going to buy a couple more plants. And maybe some snails. I had vague memories of reading stuff like "Fish can help cycling the tank because they add ammonia and then bacteria work on ammonia and the tank cycles." Soooo maybe I'd get some "unimportant" fish too, like tetras, and leave buying the special pet fish (I planned to buy a betta) for a week so the tank could finish that mysterious "cycling" thing. Along came that competent store person. "There's no reason why she can't get them all now", the competent store person says to my husband. Oooohh, yes! Get them all now! I was going to care for them all carefully and monitor them closely until the tank had cycled. The store person said they would be fine, so everything would work out, right? Suddenly I doubted. I asked about water parameters. The store person handed me a ph testing kit. "This is the critical one. As long as it stays in this neutral range here" - a vague wave towards the colour chart - "everything will be fine." Hubby opened his wallet again and I walked away extremely happy. I had 3 cardinal tetras, 3 black neon tetras, 1 glowlight tetra, 2 bristlenose catfish and one lovely purple-blue-red betta fish that I named Alphonso. I didn't know what the names of the different tetra types were. I had also been told that getting different tetra types were fine - "they all school together." They went into the tank after 30 minutes. I watched them "settle in." Hubby asked if I was happy. I said "yes!" For the next two weeks, I religiously checked my ph levels every 3 or 4 days. I forgot that there was a neutral 'range' and just aimed for the exact middle of the chart. If my ph level was not exactly 7.0, I added the correct powder. I delighted when the fish started coming to the surface at feeding time after only two days. I watched as the betta lazily chased away the tetras that got too close to him. I researched and found that the correct name for tetras with the black stripe was "Black Neons" and the blue ones "Cardinals", but I still called the orange tetra (glowlights) "the orange-y tetra". "Disinterested" Hubby also started pulling up the dining chair. He liked to count the snails that mysteriously appeared with the new plants and to make comments on the way the tetras water surfed the filter outlet. Then my fish started to die. First the smallest fish, the 3 cardinal tetras, died. Then my cute little catfish disappeared, and finally, my poor betta's tail started to rot. I went to the pet shop person who kindly gave me anti-fungal medication in a small zip-lock bag and some aquarium salts. "Do a complete water change and take everything out. Add one teaspoon of aquarium salts and 3ml of fungal medication. Then do it again after a week and see how it turns out." Slowly my betta started to heal. The rotting parts of his tail disappeared. I felt confident again. My husband's mood improved. (Again, nothing to do with the fish, of course! 😏) I kept an eagle eye on that ph level though! As soon as it edged up slightly I added the ph down powders. I bought some cory bronzes to replace the catfish. "They're not a schooling fish, so you'll be fine if you just get one or two," said the pet store person. My betta went on a rampage. He chased the cory bronzes up and down the tank. He chased them so hard that he went "smack" into the gravel. (I heard it.) Hubby talked about taking the cories back. I watched anxiously wondering if the store would even accept them and hoping desperately poor Alphonso would calm down. The next day Alphonso was quiet again, but I noticed white stuff around his mouth. I did some research and found out about columnaris. "Oh no!" It was then that I began to lose some confidence in the pet store person, nice as they'd been. I decided I needed expert help. The Aquarium Co-Op channel on YouTube had been a source of info and entertainment for me for about two weeks. They seemed like nice, down-to-earth people who were really fanatical and knowledge about fish, while still not being the type to devour someone messily over a mistake. So I searched the site, spotted C.A.R.E and made my first post here. About two or three helpful responses later I decided to throw the pet store person's advice completely out the window and start fresh, depending only on C.A.R.E. input. There were too many contradictions and I figured the people actually keeping fish- not selling them- would be the ones who actually had an idea of what to do. Poor Alphonso finally succumbed but I have some good advisors now. I also have something else to thank C.A.R.E. for- My hubby has been reading the forum and based on what he read went and bought me an aquarium testing kit! Yay! (Now I can give you all those funny numbers. ) I still don't know what I'm doing. This is why I started this journal. Hopefully, with the help of C.A.R.E forum members, the "tank cycling" thing will be less and less of a mystery and my next betta may actually survive. Hubby agrees. He's tired of watching fish die. It depresses him. This is why he loaned me the money to buy Seachem Prime and Seachem Stability. (But he doesn't want to get involved, of course. )
  6. Hey all I thought maybe I would share this with you all in case someone on this forum is struggling with wanting to stay in whatever hobby it may be, including fish keeping. As some may be aware I enjoy working on cars and I have a heavily modified sports car. I sent my car to the dyno tuning shop after a long 3 years I had finally gotten my car where I wanted it and this was the last thing I needed to "finish" the project. On the final pull on the computer I blew an oil gasket on the timing belt side of my engine. This had me a little defeated but I figured it's not a big deal I can just replace the gasket and be good to go. I had to pull the entire front end of the car apart to get to this gasket. All timing components, exhaust, drive shaft, oil pan, and driver side axle. After doing this all by myself I put my car back together and started it only for the paper gasket to fail (likely due to my incompetence) and oil seeped all over the place. At this point I was beyond frustrated and fed up after a long month of waiting for new parts and researching and wrenching. I wanted to just throw in the towel on the whole hobby itself, after being burnt for my love too many times. I felt like I have done everything by the books and only bought the best things and poured so much energy into this that I should be rewarded with everything just going right. When nothing has gone according to plan. I am also the only one in my family and friend group who enjoys this hobby, so it's hard to keep moving forward when there is no one else in your corner so to speak. It's especially hard when your hobby is supposed to be the place you go to relieve stress, only for that hobby to be the sole cause of all your stress and anxiety. Anyway, I thought I would share my frustration in my hobby with y'all to provide some catharsis, especially for those of us who are experiencing more failures than success in the hobby they hold close to their heart. Hopefully these failures only strengthen our resolve in the future towards our hobbies and make us appreciate the success even more. TLDR; hobbies suck sometimes. And a supposed environmentalist and biologist is a car guy, there goes his credibility in my eyes. I would love if this topic became a place where we could share some frustration/failure stories and reassure each other that it's not us being "bad" at our hobbies, just happy little accidents.
  7. Do any of you want to keep some fish rare? If so, why and what fish? If not, why not? Do you wish any fish would become rare? Do you want any fish to be less rare? What is the hardest fish to breed in you opinion? Answer one, two, whatever you want, I just want to see what other people think To me, I feel some fish should stay rare in the hobby because it keeps their status special. Plus I feel like if some of the rarer species were massively bred, they would be abused. Kind of like bettas. I dont really have one off the top of my head, but I feel like the Devil's Hole Pupfish would be a great addition to a tank if it were able to be largely produced for the hobby in captivity. Such a fascinating fish
  8. So I’ve been thinking. I hear people say all the time that their fish is a water puppy. Over time this adds up to a lot of fish. From the Coops very own Murphy, to my own Angelfish(the trio; Angie, Michel, and Ted(yes, named after Teds Fish Fry 🤣)) Who is your water puppy?
  9. I'm going to say the grossest was a pipe from an old 80g koi tank that was left by itself for months. The tube was filled with rotting sewage, and the heat wave didn't help. I gagged with every breath, you could smell the hydrogen sulfide gas from across the room. We had to take it outside and rinse it (killed the grass), tried boiling the sponge to salvage it. Stunk up the whole house. NEVER AGAIN This was in garage, so dont think we left it to rot inside the house lol, just never dealt with it.
  10. This AM I put a couple of small pinches of Hikari Spirulina Brine Shrimp in my QT tank for the 3 mollies and 3 platies that are in there. A few minutes later, one of the mollies was tossing and turning and appearing distressed. I went over to look and he had such a big wad of the food in his mouth that he could not close his mouth. He was clearly distressed, and stayed kind of frozen and still in the water without his usual crazy swimming whenever I approach the tank. I did not know what to do and thought handling him would only make him more scared, but wished I could give him the Heimlich. I checked on him 'til I had to leave for work--about 30 minutes later, and he still could not shut his mouth. I expected when I came home that I would find him dead, TBH. He was not dead when I came home but wasn't acting normally either, hiding in the plants, and one of the other mollies was being rough with him. I've never seen them be physical with each other. I checked the package to make sure I hadn't missed a recommendation that I should have soaked the food first, and it doesn't say anything about not adding it directly to the tank. My question: is it possible he actually hurt himself by getting too large a mouthful of food? If you feed this food, do you soak it first?
  11. Not that it matters, but I'm curious. I just realized I often hear of wives who want their husband to stop getting more tanks, but not much about husbands who want their wife to stop getting tanks. (I realize not all partnerships are M/F, nor are individuals, but I'm thinking statistically here.) Is the aquarium hobby more often a guy hobby?
  12. Did a partial water change in my 65g tank. Ive been having a short hair green algea problem and have reduced the lights to about 5.5 hrs a day with the settings in the picture. I gravel vac'd a small amount around the tank and plants the way cory taught me 😛 After the water change i dosed 4 pumps of aquarium co-ops easy green. which is no change for me to do. the only thing that did change was me gravel vac'ing for the first time since the substrate change and a new hose for water. I made the mistake of not rinsing the hose first 😞 i didn't even think about it. But i cant see why that would do this. I haven't done a water test yet due to the water change and usually wait 24hrs to wait for the water to stabilize. The fish don't seem bothered. I ordered Easy Carbon this morning before the water change and so glad i did.
  13. I think we easily underestimate the degree to which fish evaluate their piece of aquatic “real estate” by what the view from below looks like. I’d love to invite you to add some shots of your aquarium(s) looking up from below. How’s that view? Here’s four of mine… (1) Cool water, Florida Flagfish tank (2) Warm water, Discus tank (3) Electric Blue Acara & Bristlenose Pleco Growout tank (4) Cool water, Xenotoca doadrioi tank
  14. I have a Electric blue a Cara a blood parrot and a baby Giafagous Tapas Redhead. I know I spelled my last fish completely wrong sorry about that I think you can figure out what he is he’s down in the rock in the hole bottom right
  15. I went a little crazy at the fish store Garneri Kilifish Honey Gouramis Rummy Nose looking stressed trio of Red Sword Tails - beautiful! Green Neons Peacock Gudgeon Panda Corydoras Sparkling Gouramis for my three gallon Nano tank. 10 chili Rasbora
  16. So I'm fairly new to the fish keeping world. Got my fish 6 months ago. I'm always fussing or worried about them. Does this fade with confidence?
  17. todays loss makes me wonder just how long some of these fish live. lost 1 of my 2 bronze cory's today. got them both the same time, and they were fairly well grown. i cant place an exact date, but have had these 2 since at least 2006. ive figured they were on borrowed time for quite a few years now. now to see how long the last 1 holds out.
  18. Hi everyone, hope your weekend started of well! I've received a bunch of helpful feedback on others questions I've posted, and I hoped I could get some help with my plants. I can't seem to get that nice, green, lush look from my plants. Attached are some pictures of what I'm seeing. I do have root tabs in, several for each of the bigger plants. I am using the Fluval stratum so there's a little bit of nutrients there. I use Easy Green and have been messing around getting the right ratio. I also copied an intricate light schedule I saw from someone else on the forum. Any advice is appreciated! Ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates ~ 40ppm, ph 7.2
  19. Hi everybody, I would like to know if any of you have any superstitions about the hobby. I only have one and I will stand by it no matter how many times people will try to prove it wrong to me. I believe that if you tell someone outside of the people in your home that you are breeding betta fish, the fish will either not breed or the fry will not make it to adulthood. I don't know why I believe it, but I will stand by it forever.
  20. Hello everyone, Thank you in advance for your responses! My 20 long community tank is doing amazing everyone is happy and healthy including all my plants (going on 10 months..... my apitsos are looking beautiful and it looks like the female in my trio is looking like she might be able to spawn soon!!! So I have this crazy idea and I was wondering if its worth doing or not! I acquired 2- 5v 25 gallon per hour pumps awhile back and had the idea of buying a smaller tank and putting on the side of my tank and creating a sump like system. I could take the breeding pair on apistos put them in the smaller tank then when they spawn take the parents out and put them back in the community.... is it worth doing? in my mind more water going thru smaller tank would be less of a problem with fluctuations in water parameters? "more water volume" im a little pressed for space so this might make up for the small size of the secondary tank..
  21. Hi all! I had terrible luck with my first planted tank (I did not do a great job planning from the start and take full blame 😂) - lots of algae blooms, terrible plant growth, snail deaths etc. I am planning on moving my two fantails to this 40gal breeder this weekend and I have been attempting to get started on the right foot here. I feel like I did everything right with the set up but I have such a hard time with ferts/high goldfish bioload/poor plant growth/hair algae. I do like some some algae, but I don't want it to out compete my plants or for them to grow sickly, which is what happened in my last tank. About the tank: 1 month old so far and seems to be pretty well cycled because I used sponge filters and media from the previous cycled tank. The plants seem to be settling nicely, but still "declaring" themselves with dead leaves here and there, tough to say if I see new growth besides the duckweed. ammonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates < 20 pH 7.2-7.4 phos 0 GH 6, KH 5 -- i just added a huge cuttle bone for my snails so this should hopefully go up Temp 75-77F (room temp) Filtration: two medium sponge filters and a HOB that I had on my 20gal originally and has bio media and sponges, no carbon Substrate: Fluorite dark mixed with ecocomplete + root tabs + sand cap (not very deep) Flora: mostly slow growers and low/med light plants (pothos, anubias, amazon swords, crypts, val, java moss), red root floaters, soon to be eaten duck weed Fauna: two 3inch fantails, 2 mystery snails, 2-3 large rams horns, many many rams horns/bladders all still baby size that my goldfish will definitely eat when added in Any other suggests for clean up crew would be welcome!! Maybe a few ottos????? My problem to you: I want to keep this tank as low maintenance as possible. I do not care about thick/fast plant growth, I just want the plants to be healthy. The tank is in front of a window but I have the back and sides of the tank blacked out and I have a light 5inches above the water currently on 10 hours/day. I have easy green, easy iron, and excel but I have NOT dosed anything yet. I would love to not dose any fertilizers at all, but I'm worried the algae will still out compete the plants because I'll lack micronutrients. Any advice on how to get started slowly with ferts or how long can I safely wait before adding any in? What signs should I look for before adding fertilizer? Thanks!
  22. Do you ever say something totally “nermal” that makes your spouse/family burst out laughing? This evening my husband helped me lift the 55 gallon fish tank on top of the new stand we’d made. Him: ”Oh, it’s got a lot of extra room up here.” Me: “Yeah, cause I designed it to hold a 75.” Him: 🤣 Me: 🤨 Also last week, when I told him, I was going to need to drive a couple towns over. ”Petco’s having a 50% off sale so I bought three more 10 gallon tanks.” 🤣 “What?? You knew I needed another 10 gallon for the stand. And I got two extra.” He loves to tell people about how fish are “taking over our house.” I love to tell him about my fellow nerms who see the Petco sale and buy 3 more 55’s. I guess he keeps my feet on the ground.
  23. I Nerm out about very few things, fish of course but also the Olympics. Back in the day (grade 5) we were studying Greek mythology and how the Olympics started and evolved. All of this happened as the 1994 Lillehammer Winter games were being held. Our big assignment was to make a scrapbook of sorts and do a few writing pieces. We did not have a TV in our house at the time and I had only ever seen pictures. My parents let me spend more time at the neighbour's house to watch TV and also gave me the funds to get the Toronto Star (newspaper) everyday so that I had all the pictures and information. I got an A+ and was hooked. Tokyo 2020 Olympics don't officially start until tomorrow (Friday) but I have already been watching heats in rowing. Soooo, if you are still reading....all of that to say this.... What event and what one of your fish would you enter in the Olympics. I know a few of you have some high jumpers or boxers in your tanks. I would enter my Zebra Danios in the 100 meter race and my Bristlenose pleco in gymnastics, the postions he gets himself in are crazy. GO 🇨🇦 GO!
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