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  1. It was one of the best experiences i've gotten from this hobby/youtube. I have a hard time watching the video these days as Hutch was my best friend. However, in time i'll be forever grateful that it was documented and ill be able to watch it long after my memory has faded.
  2. Sorry, missed this notification. As others have said. Looks like a hybrid, most likely with Goyder River Rainbow as they are commonly kept together since they are both on the smaller side.
  3. Hello everyone 😃 I recently saw a post that made a claim that nitrates are less toxic in low pH. While that is certainly true with ammonia. It couldn't be further from the truth with nitrates. Nitrates become increasingly more deadly to fish/shrimp in lower pH. If your pH is low and your nitrates begin to rise. It will start to lower the blood oxygen content of fish/shrimp. Which will limit the fish/shrimps ability to transfer oxygen through its bloodstream, from its gills through the rest of its body. Your fish/shrimp will become progressively lethargic up until death if not corrected. Now, we are talking pretty extreme levels of nitrates (80+ppm) with lower pH roughly 6.3 and below. Just wanting to correct some misinformation that might have got around 😃
  4. Oddly enough my crystal red shrimp go crazy for golden pearls. It's my favorite fry food.
  5. They website didnt actually have them in stock. Apparently that site sells fish they dont actually have. When you buy the fish they go and try to collect them. Terrible way to do business if you ask me.
  6. Glad you enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun 😃
  7. Look at those tire tracks.... wonder whos truck left those.
  8. I loved the "randomness" of this podcast. I saw your itinerary at the start and tried my best to derail you haha. We seemed to cover a lot in a short period of time. Can't wait to do it again, in a studio, with video!
  9. I was at the Warehouse enough times this week to be put on the payroll @Randy
  10. Are you going to do any type of shelving? Or all pallets?
  11. Do you accept payment plans? $1 a month for 350 months with 0% apr? =D
  12. They are a shoaling fish and need to be in groups. I wouldn't do less than 6 myself.
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