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  1. I bought 6 from a shop that were supposed to be Bronze, but half were actually Rusty. The Rustys look a lot like yours. Not sure how to link it here, but I have a video on my IG showing both kinds. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIwhwivBz0_/?igshid=14ojx0jhgx5y *I think I figured out how to link it *
  2. As long as it fits well, it's fine. The tank range is usually whatever the filter that it's for is rated. I think you might have meant sponge filter instead of pre-filter though. If you have the 20 gallon sponge filter, you can use that in a 10 gallon too. Just more surface area for beneficial bacteria.
  3. In my experience, they don't slow down. Once every 3 months, I have to sell 1/2 the tank or it's ridiculously crowded. One of my friends who keeps them also keeps 6 bar fronts with them for population control... I was surprised they didn't go after the adults, but he usually has about the same size colony so I suppose it works.
  4. When you said you just got them, I was reminded of the last thing I was going to get but decided against it, being December, and them being really temperature sensitive. I was going to get neocaridina pumpkin shrimp. Not sure if you ordered them or drove them from a store, but if your water conditions were good, I'd guess temperature shock. The 1 that you already had that died may have been effected by the other dead/dying shrimp in the tank. Hard to say though, as some of the strains are kinda sensitive.
  5. Even though Dean rinses them, I also just add the brine (it's a tiny amount). Many fish I keep like African cichlids and live bearers like a bit of salt anyways.
  6. I saw someone using an intake pre-filter sponge on their return hose to diffuse the water and thought it might work for HOB filters too. I just cut a large pre-filter in half and again down the side. It diffuses the water enough for me to grow floating plants that don't like faster flow like water lettuce. May work too well, judging by the massive amounts of plants covering the top.
  7. I'm not trying to be difficult, but this reply kinda implies I'm full of S*** and this didn't happen.... then in Cory's reply, he mentioned the situation, and mentioned deleted posts. I know I'm not crazy, I legit had posts (mid conversation) deleted and don't know why I'd make that up. I stopped posting regularly when it happened again (and I was sick w/ CV19 and a little worried I was going to die). Now, I am not trying to slam the Co-op or Cory. I buy quite a bit from them, I'm a member of his channel and I regularly donate on his streams. I'm a fan and recommend both his website and brick and mortar to my own customers. At the end of the day, the content here is moderated (they have mods), posts can and are removed (for whatever reason) and in my personal experience, content with links to other companies can go "missing" without explanation. I don't care though, I only asked about it after the 1st time it happened so that I could follow any rules and not upset anyone from the Coop. I continue to try to help when I can and share neat ideas or projects now that I'm feeling better. I even altered my own behavior and only posted a picture of what I was talking about in my newest post DIY light screen instead of direct links. I still think you're better off not posting direct to other companies. Whether or not it's "against the rules".
  8. Macmasteri gold form, I'd never seen them before either. Cool little species
  9. Well you posted a picture of the planted version twice but that's okay, I own both and know the difference. The planted light has way more LEDs. Still not enough to grow plants on a 20, but more than the regular ones. I have to use 2 of the planted ones just for low light plants like Anubias, Java moss and crypts. If you haven't bought them yet, I'd say hard pass.
  10. I've mentioned a product that is aquarium related and nothing close to what the Co-op sells and my posts vanished. (No link btw, just a mention) I asked if they were censoring content after the 1st time and they played like they didn't do anything and didn't know what I was talking about. When it happened again (I clarified what was allowed) I just assumed they do and don't want to admit it. Kinda why I hadn't posted in a month. I think the safe bet is if it's not a Co-op link, don't post it.
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