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  1. I think it’s a bit of a drive for you, but I’m down lol.
  2. My parents used to live on a lot full of manzanita trees. Branches everywhere. I couldn't talk my mom into smuggling a bunch to me, and believe me I tried. It's one funky tree.
  3. Welp, long story short, divorces can happen for non-fish reasons too. I have been in the process of buying a new home. Following Cory's advice, I've tried to stage my aquariums for a gradual transition. I rehomed anything I wasn't in love with (why not keep going once you start?) so I am down to mostly livebearers, gouramis, pea puffers, angelfish, parrots and other american cichlids, and finally the kribsensis. I've also temporarily moved all but my three most needy tanks to my parent's house. The most annoying part is having: N class endlers 2 pure strains of guppy Mutt guppies Cull mutt guppies (spine deformity) It's like that puzzle with the farmer and the goat and the cabbage and the wolf all trying to get across the river. In the end, I rehomed many mutts and one pure strain, and everything else is still separate. In all - most of what I rehomed, I knew I wanted to eventually. They were fish that I found myself not watching very much at all, or just not very interested in. Gouramis, platies, kribs, and my parrots - those I couldn't really part with easily. The people who got them were thrilled to have them, and I told a few about our local aquarium society too. Not a lot of scaping going on right now (mostly plants floating - and I threw or gave away all the guppy grass I could grab) , but I'm excited for a new wide open basement. I have both well water (cold only) and city water (water softener on hot water) so I'm unsure of exactly how I will want to handle water changes yet. Any ideas are very welcome here, especially when it comes to two floors of aquariums - well water outlet is only on the basement floor (split level home). I imagine I will eventually want to invest in RO water just to have the option. Can you install like, a holding tank for water changes that pumps up a level as needed? Also for the life of me I can't figure out where I'm going to put that metaframe triple decker 😅
  4. I was just coming here to post this article 😂 How nutty. Turns out we’re not the only animals who employ shrimp.
  5. My local aquarium club sells bags of various sizes through its website, which is handy. Normally I use leftover bags.
  6. I have a 10 gallon hex for guppies and they use up all the levels. It's kinda funny as they self-segment by size, smallest fry on the bottom, adults up at the surface.
  7. You might be surprised at the kids’ ability to differentiate seemingly identical fish. I have a honey gourami as a central fish in one tank and he’s adorable and very calm. Definitely a fun choice.
  8. Mallards Ferry Fish Eggs Between Waterbodies Through Their Poop WWW.AUDUBON.ORG New research shows that fish eggs don't just survive the journey through a mallard's digestive system intact, but... “In two experiments, his team fed 500 fertilized eggs of common and Prussian carp to each of eight Mallards housed in captivity. The researchers chose these Eurasian fish species because they’ve been introduced to many parts of the world in the last few decades. Using a plastic tray placed under the ducks’ cage, the team collected bird droppings seven times within a day of feeding the birds to retrieve intact eggs. Turns out, six ducks pooped out 18 intact fish eggs, and 12 of those recovered eggs housed live embryos. (The embryos within the remaining six eggs died as they passed through the Mallards’ gut.) Hatching tube containing Common carp eggs. Photo: Balázs Lukács Next, the researchers placed the live eggs in aquaria filled with river water to see if they were viable. They found that three of the 12 eggs—one common carp and two Prussian carp eggs—hatched within three days of incubation.“ 🤯
  9. I was looking for a fish version of Clint, of Clint’s Reptiles. I liked how he rated lizards as pets based on his own rubric, and wasn’t sure if I was going to do fish or a gecko. now I have a lot of fish and one gecko.
  10. My Pygmy corys like to school with the neon tetras. It’s pretty cute. The honey gourami doesn’t understand at all.
  11. I had mine in a single tank for a while and he did seem bored. He seems much happier and more outgoing in the live bearer community tank. I have noticed he picks on things that have similar coloration to him though - one poor platy in particular is a hated nemesis. I bought three more but they’re about 1/4th the size, so they are growing up in another guppy tank. I’ve noticed they do shoal a bit, but they’re just as likely to be in their own corners minding their own business as they are to be congregating somewhere. Maybe 6 is a magical number at which they become a marauding gang but I am not seeing proof of it being bad to keep less than that. It will be interesting to see how introducing these three younger ones goes.
  12. I keep two right next to me at the computer - a 5g with a betta and a 6g with a family of endlers in it. It helps Zoom meetings so much sometimes. I try to spend at least a little time each week observing each tank and the fish in them. Some I don’t care for as much and that’s a sign that maybe those fish aren’t the best fit for me. Some I sit in front of and think “maybe this is my favorite aquarium”... I have a lot of favorites.
  13. I tuned in a little late because I was playing WoW. I feel like maybe this is accepted here? Why are my multies so... boring? Am I doing something wrong or am I just not a Shelly person? It seems like “going into shell” is the one interesting trait they exhibit for me. Meanwhile I love my kribs, angels, guppies, gouramis, etc. This may not be a well rounded question but it’s one that’s puzzling me.
  14. Mine was the opposite. Tank all to himself? Shy. Possibly dead or missing. Emerging rarely and hatefully. Community tank full of live breeders? Zooms everywhere happy as can be. Turns out he needed some dithers. So YMMV depending on the fish!
  15. MTS are actually live bearers I believe, so if you see little tiny cones sneaking in, that’s them!
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