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  1. I hardly use bio-rings at all, but had great success with the CO-OP's coarse black sponge pads. The sponges were easily "cut-to-fit", for all my HOB's. My tanks are heavily stocked & don't recall any water parameter issues, because of surface area, etc.
  2. Additional aquarium lighting fixtures for a couple of the tanks. Already had them installed recently, lol, couldn't wait. Will have to pick something else then, like maybe another aquarium. 😎
  3. @Candyman6611, Wonder Shells primarily raised the GH in my aquariums. Did little to the KH & Ph in average dosages.
  4. @umfalcon I like drier air, in general for many reasons, & we keep the humidity levels around 40-50% or less, year-round. Even before I kept aquariums, we did have a slight mold build-up on one wall, in the upstairs bedroom. I measured the humidity and at that time is was about 65% There are other variables as well such as proper air flow / ventilation, etc. to be taken into consideration.
  5. Sunlight contains the entire color spectrum, unlike some aquarium lights. This is why you are seeing the difference.
  6. 4 days is really not that long. I have used similar products like Zoo Med Banquet Blocks, without issue. Mini Banquet Original WWW.AQUARIUMCOOP.COM These are great for snails and shrimp as they have a ton of calcium and some protein for them and are a long term feeding product so that they get a chance to eat. Now with high protein micro pellets! Great for bottom...
  7. Lots of possibilities. If it was my aquarium, I would purchase about 6 Otocinclus. They are very docile & one of my personal favorites. Great biofilm\algae cleaners.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. I just fancied it up for something a bit more formal. Definitely wanted a battery powered light for safety. I like the API kits for what they are & sometimes it looked like I had a bit of ammonia, but the bright light showed it differently as 0 ppm, in my case. Your ammonia level should be very close to zero, as you know. What is your tank Ph? If it is under 7.0, ammonia does become a lesser issue.
  9. What kind of guitar? I play mostly my Fender Telecaster nowadays. Started off about 30 years ago with an old rust bucket acoustic. It's a nice hobby and I think my fish enjoy the music (maybe, lol).
  10. @Ken, That is pretty slick. I like the deign. Only thing, if I may 'suggest' is to waterproof it? But, that may be just cosmetic. Not sure how much moisture would absorb into the wood/glue joint, over time etc. Nice job. 😊
  11. @Alec2cool, The fish room is looking really nice. Some folks purposely run heavy gravel or sand for many reasons, actually. I.E. aqua-scaping, developing anaerobic bacteria, etc. I have Red Wag Platys in my 55 and they can be 'nippy' fish, but are interesting. I agree with you on the black sand. Also, it takes a bit of time to find out what ultimately works with an aquarium, both fish & plants alike. Looks like you are well on your way. Great job. 😊 Will stay tuned for future updates. 🐟
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