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  1. Typically, I feed very lightly. Once per day at 12 pm. Mostly have a bunch of different live-bearers \ various snails & use the following foods, in rotation: Xtreme: Krill Flakes, Nano, Algae Wafers Hikari: Fancy Guppy Granules, Freeze Dried Bloodworms, Algae Wafers Fluval: Bug Bites, Flakes Repashy: Community & Soilent Green Zoo Med: Mini Banquet Blocks On a side note, since all aquariums are planted, they are very lightly fertilized once per day, around 10 am.
  2. @Daniel, Hard to believe it is a year already. How time surely does fly. Thanks for your dedication & hard work, in help making the Forum become a huge success.
  3. @Mako13 , On a side note, the terrestrial plant shown (Rhododendron) in the first photo, was grown using the Co-Op's Easy Green fertilizer. It was an interesting experiment that worked extremely well for us.
  4. Hi Everyone 🙋‍♂️ Earlier this spring, a 100 gallon tub was set-up, for mostly livebearers (Guppies/Platies) & lots of snails. Am experimenting with a UV sterilizer & DIY fine filter on a powerhead. Have a large Aquarium Co-Op sponge filter for the added mechanical / biological filtration. All seems to be working well. Thought I'd share a few, quick photos with you. Sorry for the visual glare. Am not a very good photographer, lol. 📸 Many of my female Guppies are about to have fry, so the tub should be filling up quickly. Plants include, Brazilian Pennywort, Moneywort, Hornwort, Anubias Congensis, Water Hyacinth, Hygrophila Pinnatifida, Water Sprite, Water Wisteria, Tiger Lotus & Bacopa Caroliniana. ☘🌿🌵🌿☘
  5. @FlyingFishKeeper, I was referring to the nose cone being of metal, not the propeller. Typically, propeller material is wood, nylon or fiberglass\carbon fiber. Have owned & flown the original Radian & Radian Pro w\flaps. A lot of fun in thermals. Keep practicing a couple of mistakes high & you will be pro in no time. I have been busy myself with fish lately. Setting up an outdoor 100 gallon planted tub. All the best....
  6. @Brandon , The Ranchu decal looks good on the guitar, as a pick guard 🎸. If a "Pictus" Catfish sticker was available, it would be perfect, lol. I had a Washburn D-10 acoustic guitar for many years. Good fun.
  7. Thanks @Anita. Looks like you have everything covered. Particularly, I really like the magnifier. 🔎 It's amazing what a different perspective you see the tank inhabitants, by using this tool.
  8. @FlyingFishKeeper, @Kirsten, @Struggle, @Betsy, @Tetra Guy, @Andy's Fish Den, @RickHunter. Thank you for your wonderful suggestions. 👍
  9. What tools, ideas or personal methods do you use in fish-keeping that makes your overall hobby experience easier & more enjoyable? I like to use pipettes when dosing fertilizer to some of my smaller aquariums. Also, they are great for sampling aquarium water for testing or adding meds.
  10. Many fish are often happier in greater numbers of their own species/type. Instead of one of these or two of those, etc in a community tank. My "do over" to my younger self, would have been just that; if purchasing "schooling" fish, purchase in greater numbers, so they may be happier. 🐠
  11. @marionmaymay, Truly wonderful artwork. Always admired folks that have this talent/ability. Was wondering if you have named each piece? BTW, I usually need the "color in the blank lines" for anything I draw by hand. 😅
  12. I am Pro-Snail, 🙋‍♂️ so my comments are probably biased towards them. They are welcomed in my aquariums & are a nice addition to a well balanced ecosystem. "Pest" snails are actually one of my favorite snails. Have been breeding a lot of Mystery Snails lately. While they do eat algae & look amazing, they are not the best algae eaters, IMO. Most of my "pest" snails came in on live plants as "sneaker snails". Am surprised companies don't charge extra for them, when ordering plants, LOL. 🐌
  13. Just curious, how often do you change water and what percentage?
  14. That is a good idea, too. See, I learn something new everyday, LOL. I try to use what I have on hand though, but will have to try your suggestion. Thanks.
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