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  1. Not my Reese’s though!!!!
  2. Thank you all for your help....He hung on 3 days with the low water level, but sadly passed yesterday. Really bummed by this loss but trying to "just keep swimming".
  3. It looks like there’s nothing to be done. Rosh Hashannah tonight. Mochi had been doing ok. No change but never worse. Even my husband commented how odd it is. He is now swimming in corkscrews. I removed the sponge filter and lowered the water with an airstone and heater still in. I tried everything and he looked to be holding steady. Sigh....
  4. Ah....hiding on Instagram....I rarely look at Instagram. He has photos and vid of a lot of his shrimp tanks there.
  5. At 40 minutes he talks about his cull tanks...too many live Q&A to remember where but he has shown off the green in the skrittle tank....
  6. Can't rav enough about Co-op bulbs. Those dwarf lillies are fantastic!
  7. I'm loving watching this. I thought my 10 gallon looked heavy stocked with black bar endlers and cherry shrimp.... those nitrates were near zero despite Easy green every 2 days. >< No wonder the ludwigia is looking spindly... I hope they school for you....it's so amazing to watch that.... would be super fun!
  8. I think LRB has blues and yellows in a tank and gets tons of greens..... I don't see a lot of shrimp breeding back to wild... Similar to other species it takes awhile to get completely wild unless your stock has odd genes. Bettas for example don't turn out wild breeding 2 different colors normally... but if I breed 2 blue bettas, I may get some more wild looking or washed out colors because blue is not dominant.
  9. I'm allergic to the surfactant in most soaps and have to use plain old castille soap. I usually rinse my hands well before and scrub with soap after.... I'll have to get a fish sticker for my soap... anti-bacterial soaps are terrible anyway.
  10. I feel you here. Members only was a dream but I wouldn't want to exclude folks that cannot pay....hey I was there most of my life early on. It just drives me nuts as a member I'm limited really bad on "reactions"... maybe limit non-member posts and reactions a little more. I know there was the rank system.....maybe members could start higher or earn faster.... I'm noticing the "google" questions on the live streams.... Common species...tank size? how many? what to feed? I like in depth discussion on a species....don't get me wrong but maybe we could have pinned links that list common questions with....(i find this the saddest part)... videos and blogs made by Co-Op and friends.
  11. That turtle looks like he wants em back there....
  12. Thanks Nataku! Just what I needed not to feel like checking in... People leave so much public on there. No ty! I'm taking my few minutes a night on here if I have em....plenty to do during the day especially home schooling mini Einstein the Murphy lover ><
  13. That sucks. Yeah....it’s a really pain trying to balance kind on the internet with some of these folks. In person I don’t have these issues.... (shrug) short girls from Kensington.
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