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Found 8 results

  1. Do you have a favorite area to place the Aquarium Co-Op Stickers? 👀
  2. My aquarium came with a few brand stickers. Goldfish dealer sent a few. Every order with Cory comes with one. I have been adding them all to the inside of the doors on my tank stand and curious if anyone knows of a place selling packs of them. Would love to cover every inch with similar realistic fish stickers.
  3. My hubby collects my ACO stickers. Came out to the living room and he was prepping his tackle box.
  4. Like all good things in life, we want more. I love aquarium coop decals. I have to buy duplicates for my son... I'm missing 3 but I remember Cory mentioning the decals and which fish represent aspects of the hobby. While we all want our favorites in a coop decal form....what do you think the future decals should/could be.... (This is not a post by a coop member but someone wondering the thoughts and wishes of others.) So we have Betta, angelfish, tetra, discus, loach and ray lovers covered for sure.... I think cichlids are covered too. Shrimp lovers.... I think a cherry shrimp or caridina shrimp would be a great add..... shrimp lovers unite.... I would scream Amano but it might be drab and the others are more common. Guppy/Endler .... I do not believe I have seen a guppy/endler sticker. If there isn't one....this is obviously a cruel oversight. More Murphy Poses. My kid wants em and I need em. Plants..... How am I supposed to let me kid make cool aquascapes without stickers of decor? really? I think a few plants would really help.... Anubias would be a nice start....some driftwood.... Snails.... obviously this sticker was created and lost. There is no way coop forgot snails....right???? I think Ramshorn or Mystery.....but I could see Cory wanting his Malaysian Trumpet snail that survived the apocolypse. While I would love to see varieties of wild betta stickers, I realize that's crazy and we can only ask for so much..... Beside fish chibi versions of the crew would be awesome.... Who doesn't want a Dean, Jimmy, Cory or other large headed coop staff there to feed the fish decals. ><
  5. I have what I think is a great idea for a sticker. A Murphy and Ladybird "lovebirds" sticker. I know they are not in real life but, I thought it would be cool to have a sticker like that. Ladybird could even be portrayed on the sticker with a chipped tooth. Anyway, just a thought I had.
  6. I can’t figure out how to post picture but I have a neon, angelfish, pea puffer and a discus sticker on the back of my laptop. Great products and YouTube videos.
  7. Like the title says. Darn you Aquarium Co-Op and your brilliant practice of keeping me coming back for...free stickers. Heres mine accumulating on my workbench!
  8. Two hours ago I received a confirmation email from Aquarium Co-Op that my order has shipped. The thing is... I haven't ordered anything (this month). The shipped items list shows this decal sticker. Is this a promotional thing? My friend received the same email and the only difference is that this sticker is the shipped item. The order doesn't display in my Aquarium Co-Op account so I am pleasantly surprised but confused haha.
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