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  1. Hi Dino, While I am no snail expert, I have had many snails. Snails can rest sure, a day, two, three even. If you see immobility for a week check the tank hardness. You may have done this but GH and KH do make a difference in overall activity. KH controls acidity which besides affecting the shell, I think may also affect the skin/body. I have not read that any where or heard it any place, it just just seems to me as a possibility. Also I believe diet plays a roll, you need to mix it up. Please you could already being doing this but veggies are HUGE. Then there is stuff like snello - look it up if you don't already use it, that is a deep dive down the tunnel of joys to pampering your snail. Now again these are just some ideas, I hope I may have helped a little. Tedrock
  2. I currently have a thing for rice fish. Some people like Discus, others Plecos, with me currently it is Rice fish. I have a problem, access to different strains. Here in the US i have searched the internet - Aquabid, Ebay, and a few major commercial websites. I have found the basics like Daisy, Platinum, Red Cap, Orange. Now on the thread I see there are others like Blue. Does anyone know where more unique ones can be found? I understand that in Japan and parts of Asia this is common place but here it is super niche area in the hobby. Can you point me in a direction. Is there a facebook group or club? Can you message me a vendor's name? Your help would be appreciated. Tedrock
  3. I would love to find those in the U.S. I have never heard of them.
  4. I find the smaller the food the better. I used extreme krill too and they would struggle with even crushed sizes. I found coop fry food the go to food. As for eggs I would pull the moss I kept in their tank and place it in a ziss breeder box. Fry would soon be born.
  5. The Orange medaka are light orange solid translucent throughout the body. The Koi currently have milky white core with orange blending into their spine and into the head. I have attached Aqua huna’s pic mine aren’t that orange yet so I hope the color returns.
  6. Well there is a lot of buzz all of a sudden about them. I like them because they are a cool water fish and I can breed them in my fishroom without heaters. Currently I have Orange Platinum and a new line of Koi rice fish. We will see if they really are Koi or Aqua huna will be getting a strongly worded email. I really do hope they become more popular.
  7. You are so right remember their collection as you mention the number of tanks you have. Great point. We all remember beanie babies!
  8. When it comes to my wife and the price of fish anything under 50 is fine but for big purchases there need to be a meeting of budget committee. It is worse than Congress.
  9. How do you tell others about your passion for aquatics? I don’t like calling it a hobby it seems more than that to me. No but really, how does the subject come up? Do they just see all the fish themed merch that adorns you or work space and the side ways glance appears. Now mind you I really don’t care what people think, I am me I am happy. Fish, shrimp, snails, underwater gardening give me peace. I just dislike that awkward moment when you must explain what the “hobby” is to you with the least words possible which is different in every situation. Just looking for some different perspectives. many thanks Tedrock
  10. Hi Zenzo, I know this is the first event of its kind, I guess. This could be a mobbed event or no one comes (the later is never going to happen) How might you track possible registration without being counter productive to the local membership. I am an east coast guy I don’t have a sense of the members base there, but I know it runs deep. So this event may bring tons of members out. I was just wondering for you guys. But I am sure you have had this discussion and are working on a plan. Tedrock
  11. First off I am no expert but I struggled with this same issue. I built a “fishroom” 20 tanks and my city water is not bad but breeding was my goal. I wanted to more successful with shrimp and so I took the plunge. I bought a RO DI system during Black Friday. It has made a difference in breeding but I would say it is not absolutely necessary. I am a shrimp person so remineralization is a must so you need to ask what is your end goal. It makes top off’s and water changing super easy but you have keep in mind it is an added cost. Tedrock
  12. Jimmy also uses them in the coop videos too, different times but the concept is the same.
  13. I agree the rice and minnows are go to go in the garage the guppies would be good for sure down to 60. After that I would try a test sample this year. If you want to run a small tank just for them you could heat that and insulate with materials to keep costs down. This all depends on how many fish you have. I hope this helps. Tedrock
  14. Corals now that is a world I have no idea about, you could be talking about the moon.
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