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  1. Update on this spawn: Welp the boys suddenly found their urge to spar! Thankfully I already had jars ready for them to move into. I still haven’t gotten a final count...between 14-16. There are two that have deformities, but other than that, the rest are ready to find forever homes. This has been a HUGE learning experience, but overall successful, so that’s a WIN in my book!
  2. They are absolutely gorgeous! I'm hoping with more breeders like you, @Preston John, they will become more prevalent in the hobby....that way I may have a chance of owning a pair one day! 😂
  3. Looks great! I love all the plants 🌱 🌿♥️
  4. Yup, corys will eat decaying fish so will the shrimp. I’m not sure about a betta.
  5. Ugh I’m sorry about your Panda! It most likely died and then was scavenged upon. 😞
  6. @Mr. Ed's Aquatics well of course, don’t you get a craving for some tasty wood in the middle of the night?
  7. @ADMWNDSR83 I just checked on them and that is exactly where flash is! Must be prime real estate!
  8. Last night I was able to snag some very special plants from the co-op that I’ve been checking for everyday (an embarrassingly number of time per a day) for months. So I decided to got to my LFS to get a fancy seamless tank to show them off. Well of course I had to tour the fish room, but only to look...🙄....right..but then I thought I could just ask if they had some Orange Laser Corydoras, certain they were only in their warehouse. Well what do you know they did have some in house. Initially I only saw 3 and I wasn’t gonna take home less than 6, but then Charles (LFS fish whisperer) lifted a log and 3 more scattered away along with a gorgeous little flash Pleco. Needless to say I’ll be eating more ramen this week! The corys got right to work vacuuming and the Pleco channeled his inner Goldilocks and tested multiple resting spots. Apparently the coop sponge filter was juuuust right. Now time to put this rimless tank together in anticipation of my fancy, rare plants (as I’m writing this the tracking came through!). 🦩🦩🦩🦩 My apologies to the coop warehouse workers for putting in 3 orders last night....cuz you know, you can always use more plants!
  9. I took a different approach with my pearl weed. I buried the basket with some Easy Green capsules tucked into the Rock wool. I hate planting them individually, so we’ll see how it goes!
  10. Beautiful tank! I love the green and orange combo 👍🏻
  11. Not sure what you’re talking about, those photos are great! Thanks for sharing! 😊
  12. Beautiful tank! I love how natural and wild it looks! Welcome to the wild fish party!
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