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  1. Way to go, you three! I regret that I'm not able to participate much any more, due to my new work schedule and lack of knowledgeable information to add, but I hope to remedy at least the work load part soon!
  2. I'll second that, @Bill Smith! I was so thrilled to get a promotion at work six months ago, but it has certainly taken over quite a bit of my time. On the flip side, I do spend more time admiring my office guppy and neocaridina tank!!
  3. I'll have to check the moon phase chart and try to get them next blue moon.😜
  4. True story: I went away to the beach last weekend, from Thursday to Monday. On Thursday, as I drove to the beach, I got a notification from the power company that my power would be out for about an hour, then another stating it was back on. I DO have an aquaclear. I spent the weekend in terror of what I would find in my angel tank when I got home. The filter was pumping just fine!
  5. I always saw the no-clog air stones as a standard for my ACO filter, no modifications necessary, but maybe that's just me. I also watched a hundred videos on them before buying, so maybe it had been drummed into my thick skull enough. 😉
  6. I don't believe they can overdose, but @Cory would be the one to know for sure. I would think that 36 in your 125 would be the same ratio by volume of water to the amount I put in my 37 gallon, so it shouldn't be harmful.
  7. I haven't looked, but are the water parameters for the two the same? Wasn't sure if there was a difference between the Amazon and the Congo, other than a few thousand miles.
  8. If I remember correctly, neons are the primary natural food source for the angel in the wild. Even after they are grown, I don't know that I'd put them in there. That being said, My koi angel has harrassed to death 4 swordtails and my other koi angel, so I know what you're going through.
  9. I don't have any problems with my angels and the cories. They're the only ones Bo doesn't chase around.
  10. I love my koi angels! Well, now it's only one, since Bo killed Nattie. Some of them can get fierce! Bo has been picking off almost all of his tankmates, so now he's looking mighty lonely.
  11. After some thinking last night, I decided the tree in the tank was just taking up too much space. This morning, when I was doing a water change anyway, I pulled the monster out of there, and re-attached the java ferns to some rocks I had lying around. Figured I'd share the update picture, as well as a better pic of the Hillstream.
  12. I changed water and re-scaped my se-Asia biome. See the betta biome thread for new pics!
  13. OK, just a few more pictures that I was able to snap before getting back to schoolwork... In one I was able to almost get a clear shot of the hillstream. Another has the nerite, one of the loaches, one of my sorry excuses for a crypt, and some hair algae mulm. The third is just another picture of Steve because he gets all excited when he sees the camera... or the food jar.
  14. I have three crypts I tried to keep out of the picture because they melted, started to grow back, and melted again. Crypts may not be in my wheelhouse! My other tank is my plant wonderland for now! I had to take out one sword because it got too big for its britches, not the other one is booming!
  15. Oh, not sure where he's hiding, but I did introduce a nerite as well.
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