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  1. Welcome!! I've thought about shrimp, but seeing the voracious appetite of my angelfish decided they are too expensive of a treat to put in the tank.
  2. Introduced a couple Flying Fox to the orioles tank to handle some algae concerns. A few minutes later, I was on a teleconference and noticed some strange activity in the tank, and upon further examination, saw maybe 15 or 20 tiny fry, many of them hiding around the heater. It's tough to see them, sitting on top the heater. For the next half hour or so, I sat like a man watching a train wreck, amazed at the carnage as the little ones were picked off one after another. Nature at work.
  3. Right there with ya, @Kat_Rigel! I'm in a house, but my square footage may be less than yours! I don't have a place to fit a 60gal! I barely squeezed in my 37.
  4. There are pics in several places on here! I've got pics in the wooded wednesday thread, as well as a couple in the photos board. Basically, all my fish are just orange and black. I saw a picture of koi angels, liked them, and had a picture of Oriole Park at Camden Y ards over the tank, so there ya go.
  5. Ahh, the GloFish! I've thought about throwing a few galactic purple into my Baltimore Orioles tank to show some Baltimore Ravens spirit at the same time.
  6. For me I don't know if it's unfinished projects as much as failed experiments. I got a cave from etsy with open sides, with a plan that my Clown pleco would find it a suitable new place to live and I would have an easier way to see the lil sucker. Two weeks later, Pennywise still refused to go in the cave, but it was becoming a storage area for all the detritus and poo the tank had to offer. I pictured it as a breeding ground for disease and toxins, so out it came! The driftwood tree that was originally in the spot, and sat on top of the cave, and now sits back in that spot again, has also become an occasional haunt for Pennywise, so he's spending time right by the glass!
  7. I had a female sword that had something like that. I hope it ends better for your multi than it did for her. I don't recall getting a response on what it was.
  8. I have a crazy wide selection that I rotate through, including Hikari Vibra Bites, Fluval BugBites, Omega One Color pellets, and Tetra Color flakes. Twice a week, on my off days so I can enjoy the frenzy better, I dose some frozen bloodworms from OmegaOne. I've contemplated brewing up some live BBS, since I fed brine shrimp once before from my LFS, and the fish and even the snails went cuh-razy!
  9. Before you rule her out... Is the BN named Mary???
  10. Thanks, @Streetwise! That sounds like how I got my tank set up, so it's good to hear I didn't just flake out!
  11. With my orange and black theme, I'd love to stock the bottom with another 6 cories, this time orange lasers
  12. I don't intentionally do it, but I have not as of yet done much to protect my molly and swordtail fry from the parents or the angelfish. Some would probably like to tar and feather me, but I see it as nature. I have been working to give the fry a nice green hiding field so they can have some type of fighting chance. I've never heard of fish ONLY eating a specific breed of fry.
  13. I've never heard of easybalance killing plants.
  14. I have Purigen in my tank, and it does not absorb EasyGreen to my knowledge, but I have heard that carbon will.
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