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  1. Salt will kill your plants. Narrite snails are from brackish water and will be fine with salt. I sugest a quarantine tank.
  2. I've used Golden pearls, but as Dean said there's probably lots of live food if it's a pond. I rarely feed my 330g Ibc totes and they are full of guppies and rainbows. I don't filter or arrate either, just floating plants.
  3. Whitclouds would be perfect. You want to monitor your water temp not your air Temps. Water changes temp much slower. You could do Japanese trapdoor snails instead of mystery snails for cold water. You don't want to arrate your tote if you are having large temp swings. I have 4 300g Ibc totes and no filtration or arration. Only plants and fish and I don't feed much.
  4. Thank you very much for the direction. I grew up with dogs but never cats so I have very little experience.
  5. Well that's an awesome problem to have! My excess plants either get sold or go in the red wiggle tote. I'm beginning to hate water lettuce and water sprite in floating form.
  6. I found this little guy in a tree and bottle fed him. He is allot larger now. We love him but he is biting my little girl and running up behind her and grabbing her lag and biting but not super hard. It's somewhat playful but to aggressive. Any tip on how to stop this type of behavior?
  7. That's allot of guppy grass. I have a 20g full. I might fill a tote next.
  8. Detritus worms aren't parisitic. They are an awesome fish snack. They are generally caused by over feeding or lack of cleaning the substrate. They are benificial though so don't worry.
  9. I sugest starting a white worm culture. Once I started feeding white worms most of my tanks exploded with eggs and fry. I can feed white worms for a week and almost guarantee multiple types of corydoras spawning and my apistos.
  10. Thank you for devoting your time and resources Cory. I keep and breed many types of fish and I grow to many types of aquarium plants to list. I currently maintain 28 tanks but have plans to set up 4 more 75g and a double rack of 125s.
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