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  1. If it has orange on its sides it is usually a female. Ps. You can use the edit button vs creating a new post. 👍
  2. A 4ft and a 2ft level on the top would be my first step. If it's level as it sits in the picture then you need to fill the voids with shims.
  3. Make them all one tank by connecting to a central sump style filter.
  4. Thats a great point about the rockwool. 👍
  5. I saw a pretty cool stand someone made out of half a table screwed to the wall.
  6. You can heat the room with oil filled heaters or a mini split unit. You can also create cheap temporary walls/ceiling with plastic sheeting. Probably want to look into dehumidifier or an air exchanger I like the racks. Can easily be modified or reinforced to suit your needs.
  7. I like both teams! Bucs are my home team, the stadium is 30 minutes away. KC has been one of my favorite teams to watch over the years, I really liked jamaal charles, I also like andy reid and the explosive offense. I hope its a great game. I have a feeling the bucs will pull it off just because of the story and all the stars aligning. Brady makes it to the superbowl on his first year with any other team besides the pats, for the first time ever the team in the superbowl is playing with a chance to win it in their home stadium. Its the future of the nfl vs the possibly retiring legend.
  8. First bites is like dust, it seemed smaller to me. They sell it in a tiny bag because you wont need much before they eat the easy fry or other things. I used the easy fry for livebearers of all sizes it worked very good. I like to keep some first bites or the micron for the tiny fish or runts that cant/wont eat baby brine. I say get them all and see what works best for you and your stock. That's where the fun is.
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