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  1. I think this adapter is what you are looking for. GHT x NPT If you dont care about the hose you can also just cut off the thread end and install it on the barb with a hose clamp. If you are talking about installing a hose on the intake side of the pump I dont think thats possible unless there is a threaded section hidden inside the cage.
  2. I have the discus one on my truck. Seems to hold up well to the elements.
  3. Got the hinges and some glass cut and installed. I notched the glass so the 2 pieces touch when closed. Testing these out, like them so far.
  4. Sold 50 angels to a wholesaler. Still got a few hundred to go 😀 Also cut and drilled glass to make the main portion of the custom lids for the 60"x18" tank. The glass was from an aquarium I disassembled. 5/16" thick and heavy, had to score both sides.
  5. I am technically within driving distance but its a haul across the state. I am on the other coast about 4 hours northwest from the event. Still trying to decide if I can go for one of the days. Do you know if they let you buy same day tickets?
  6. I got some ginga rubra guppies from my local fish club. They are tiny!
  7. another option may be buying a new section of flexible tubing maybe slightly smaller. Install it using the trick cory had shown in a video where you put the end in boiling water to soften it up. When it cools down it should be on there pretty solid.
  8. I built my own filter system similar to this using a sicce silent pump. The one I used was the 1.0 You can also try using a zip tie or a hose clamp to keep the tubing on your powerhead or the new pump
  9. I would keep the sponge filters unless you hate the look. I have the same linear piston pump the co-op sells. I run air to all of my tanks, and if I have air I figure I might as well have a sponge filter. To me they provide good backup beneficial bacteria and aeration. I have a battery backup that I built that keeps the air pump running 24/7. So during an outage I have air and some filtration.
  10. On my 125 and 120 I have the fx5 and fx4. On both I made my own prefilters using parts from jehmco and 1" vinyl tubing. I split the intake and put it in both corners and put the output in the center of the tank. I clean the prefilter sponges every water change and only ever open up the cannister every 6 months or so. It stays very clean inside and only has the coarse foam on the perimeters with bags of matrix/crushed coral in the centers. I look at the canister as a circulation pump that houses my beneficial bacteria while the prefilters take care of mechanical filtration.
  11. They have a "smart" circuit that can self prime and self purge air to keep it running smoothly. They are 100% sealed systems and will not overflow during an outage. This ability makes them great filters for coming back to life after an outage. The valves on both intake and output are for you to close off for maintenance so you can open the cannister without siphoning all your tank water on the floor.
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