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  1. I have chloramine and I run auto water changer daily thru several different filters, mostly carbon. If you have chlorine instead it's even easier and the filters can treat alot more gallons.
  2. I have used the longer skinny one to heat my brine shrimp hatchery in the winter I wrapped it around the outside. Problem if it is under the tank will be the rim putting extreme pressure on sections of the heating element.
  3. 3/4" or 1" I have my pump indoors. They are common for use in septic systems in pretty adverse conditions. I think you will be ok.
  4. You could try putting them all back together. It will either strengthen the bond between them or they will each pick a better mate.
  5. That channel "the Dave" makes excellent videos
  6. I recommend the ziss box sold by aquarium coop
  7. How did the previous spawns go? Sometimes pairs can break up if they sense its not working out.
  8. ongoing: koi angelfish, koi swordtail, multifasciatus, caudopunctatus, corydoras aenus growing/waiting: black calvus, super red bristlenose, german blue ram
  9. I moved my dehumidifier so now the brine blenders sit right above it.
  10. for max power override you can press the touch switch until it turns from green to white. then hold it down to control the power of the light from max to dim change back to green to re-enter program mode
  11. I didn't take pictures of the mosquito fish or Mayans this time. I feed them to my bass.
  12. Nice tank. I think some Angels would look cool. The shrimp might get picked off though
  13. Its hard to tell from the pictures but sometimes silicone mess can look a lot like a crack/scratch. Have you tried to scrape it with a flat razor to see if it will come off. Its fooled me a few times. Either way I dont think petco would have a problem exchanging it.
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