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  1. It was a higher power led from what i remember. Had a decent heatsink on the bulb area. It did get alot hotter and brighter than most clip lights. I dont think it got so hot to significantly change the temp of the hatcheries though. Maybe slightly
  2. I wish it was in the previous location. Very easy drive from my area. That said it is still somewhat local to me and I have several friends and members of my local clubs who usually get tables. I want to go. Just have to get the stars to align by planning it around a work trip to that region if I can.
  3. I always looked at the hot air output going into the tanks like heat recovery system. Small buffer to whatever heat method you use on the tanks and a tiny bit more efficient use of energy involved in the fishroom. The heatsink design looks cool. Nice pipe work.
  4. I like those tank setups and size for breeding pairs. I had many of my pairs in identical tanks but I used them to house only a M/F after they have paired up in much larger tank. Usually a planted setup. I used a 125 what I named the angel dumping ground. It was a growout/pair off/planted display setup that was one of my favorites. Its cool to see some of my green slates in use on here. I actually ended up on the final size and shape from testing it using 20h tanks in a setup just like yours in my breeding rack. I know the thread is a little old but hopefully you have had some success with the angels since.
  5. I use a pH monitor/ controller by Milwaukee instruments
  6. Worked great through several intermittent power outages during hurricane Ian. I am in the Tampa Bay area, we were spared from the direct hit. Very similar to hurricane Irma a few years ago. I am currently in the process of moving my fishroom and am playing with the idea of adding solar to this system. I already have all of the components from a solar project that powered a small refrigerator on my old work truck. (2 100w panels, 20a mppt controler, and a lifepo4 battery) edit: When I originally made this post the experiments, community resources, and other categories did not exist. If it could be moved to a more fitting category by a moderator that would be great.
  7. Take a picture of where the casters attach, you may be able to unbolt them and replace with heavy duty ones. It may also be possible to remove them completely. They are the weak point. the metal cart could likely support the weight once you add some sort of butcher block/counter top wood to the top
  8. I wouldn't go wider than 30" tanks myself if only supporting the short ends
  9. I like the fluval fx line if I use canisters. The fx4 and fx6 are great options. May be a little bit of overkill on your size tank though.
  10. In my area in Florida I will sometimes trap the racoons if a big pack of them becomes a problem. I kept mostly small fish and shrimp in my tubs. So far the only damage they have done is pulling out the sponge filters and they stole the feed drum off of the autofeeder and ran away with it. Club members have had racoons or otters flip big fish like koi out of the ponds to eat them.
  11. what temperature is the water in the hatchery?
  12. Nice tank. I use Amazon swords in my angelfish tanks. They do great in taller tanks once they grow big and fill in.
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