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  1. So...I went and did a thing...Ta-Da!! No I didn't build it. Silly. I did buy it! And it came with this...Ta-Da!! Fishroom-in-training!!! Obviously, this is not going to be as grand as Cory's Urban Fish Farm, but I have a few tricks planned that I think will be special and interesting. Also I expect this to be an unfortunately LOOONG, SLOOW process, so hopefully I do not lose everyone by dropping this here and then dissappearing for long stretches. Very, very to be continued...
  2. I didn't see anything against putting this one in here in the guidelines but if it is I do apologize; Its pretty much a COOP fishroom all the plants and planters, easy green, dry foods and the towel on the TV as an easter egg. I figured I would share my link with the fish family it was a really fun time up here on the mountain and you can see what my current set ups are. I had no idea anyone would want to visit my room and was humbled to be asked. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to best collect the floating African Butterfly Fish eggs once we get to breeding sizes in the colony? I have recently found a few articles that the Hairy puffers cave spawn and exhibit parental care normally so am less concerned about getting from egg to free swimming with them. v/r Matt
  3. Hello, im trying to find a glass lid top that will fit a 10 gallon when it’s turned longways down you can have several on a shelf, but all of the lids I can see open the length of the tanks and not the width of the tank if that makes sense. I need lids that open like deans fish room. Does anyone know where to buy them? Thanks!
  4. We have been working on our new fish room for the past several months and thought we would share a little of the build with everyone. I'll update this thread as we go along and include individual tanks and the other walls as well. Rack System: 1-5/8" Pre-Galvanized Unistrut, 1/2" Hardware and 1/2" Plywood for the aquariums to sit on. Air: Central air system that loops through out each row of aquariums and throughout the room. Filtration: HMF Lighting: Fluval 3.0 Top Row Aquariums: (10) 10G & (1) 20L . Middle Row: (5) 20H & (2) 40B. Bottom Row: (2) 120G & (1) 60 Cube. Electrical: Each row is protected by (1) GFCI, has multiple quad outlets above the aquariums and is in PVC conduit & bell boxes. Substrate: Black Diamond Blasting Sand except for the snail breeding aquariums, they have crushed coral. All bottoms and sides of the aquariums are painted black. All aquariums but the dedicated snail breeding aquariums have plants. Several years ago when our kids started moving out we had begun a different fish room. We had it going for about a year and Michelle's mom moved in with us so out it went but the below photos are what it looked like. It was no where near the size of what we are building now. A couple of more kids moved out and fast forward to last year and we started out with a rack and a hand full of 10G aquariums. Well that didn't last long and we went full on into building a fish room. Below is the bottom row rack portion being built for the aquariums to sit on. We had planned on doing 30XH but we couldn't get them so we opted for 60G cubed in the middle of the 120G. Here is my wife painting the 1/2" plywood that all of the aquariums sit on. The following photos are of the progress made (when I remembered to take photos.) Our grandson had to make sure that Pawpaw's measurements were correct :). Here we are putting in the air valves, we installed (2) valves for each 10G & 20H. The 20L and 40B got (4) valves each. We are planning on a fry system on this short wall above the return vent. We are planning to run double air pumps and we have each wall & air pump to where a valve can shut off the air flow so that we can keep air going while working on different sections / pumps. We are finally installing aquariums! We had the bottom row aquariums delivered today and a 180G for the center piece on the other wall. If you have any questions please ask and we will do our best to answer them and we will keep updating this thread as we go.
  5. I stumbled on this fella while searching for ideas on building a fish “gallery” ... holy cow this is incredible! Like an underground laboratory. The plumbing and cable management is a work of art, and applicable to fresh water.
  6. Hi I just finished my fish rack/wall and I'm planning on using air filters it will hold 8 ten gallons and 3 twenty gallons and I will do one more just like this one by the end of spring or the beginning of summer. I'm going with the linear piston air pump they sell here,my question is why a loop is need it? I know I won't be expanding I have one wall and that is all I got , that see to be the reason everyone mention ,if I set just a line across the ceiling will there be a problem? Or how big does that loop needs to be? I don't want it to go around the whole room. Thanks in advance. Rey
  7. I’m starting outdoor tubs for the first time! 😃 I put them near my shed so I could run an air stone in each tub while keeping the air pump out of the rain. However I’m wondering if that’s a bad idea. The air quality in the shed can be pretty terrible. Our lawnmower has a small gas leak so the shed usually smells fumey. It also gets really hot in there in the summer. Is it a problem to pump stuffy fumey air into my ponds? I may be able to put the pump itself right outside the shed and just cover it with some kind of shelter.
  8. So i purchased a 500L aquarium (after using aquarium calc its actually 540L) with a steel tubing type stand, it is crazy heavy (took 3 of us to carry it up 2 flights of stairs and barely made it) once i fill it with water i estimate it to be roughly 3/4 of a ton, my apartment is an old 1950s building made from solid concrete and from what i saw as a plumber lifted boards in my bathroom a few years back my floor is also concrete with beams across it and floorboards fitted to that. My question is basically should i continue to fill and stock this monster tank, i cannot find any blueprints or floor plans for these apartments anywhere so have no max load to go on.
  9. I am breeding rainbow fish, is a 20 gal standard to small to keep a trio in long term? If so what would be the better option to hold multiple breeds of rainbows.
  10. Hi all, I have a question regarding building tank stands with muscle racks. Firstly, this is the muscle rack I am using: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-Black-3-Tier-Heavy-Duty-Industrial-Welded-Steel-Garage-Shelving-Unit-65-in-W-x-54-in-H-x-24-in-D-HBR652454W3/310651476 Given the space constraints of the fish room, this was basically the tallest and deepest I could get without a tank hitting the ceiling. The problem I am running into is that while it's super strong and I have leveled the shelves, obviously I needed some support over the shelves since my tanks are slightly shorter than the shelves themselves. Also, the shelves are not actually 65 x 24, but actually 60 x 24. I had home depot cut some 3/4" plywood sheets for me to size (60x24), which I painted black and put over the wire racks to help distribute the weight. The shelves fit perfectly. The problem is when I put a 40B or even a 10G on top of the sheet it really varies as to how the tank sits due to some warping of the plywood itself (I assume due to humidity, etc.). In some areas, the empty tank is off about 1/8" of an inch. Obviously, I have concerns and don't want to start filling with water until I get some more advice. Does anyone else use this kind of stand? Would the plywood "level out" once I put pressure on it from water-filled tanks? So, do I just fill the tanks and see if they level out or am I missing something to making these stands "work". Thanks!
  11. Just wondering if anyone out there has any experience with getting their fish room heat more evenly distributed? I'm building racks with three levels. I have my room set to keep the middle tanks around 77F + or - a little. The top tank is around 82F and the bottom tank is right at 71-72F. I did put 4" thick of foam board under my bottom left tank last night because I thought the concrete floor was stealing the heat. This morning it was still matching the tank temperature without the foam right next to it. My next idea was to maybe place mini fans at the ceiling level blowing straight down to try and mix the cold air at the floor? Has anyone tried this or have any other ideas that work for them? I realize the top tank will always be warmer. Just trying to get the lowest tanks a few degrees warmer.
  12. Just got the fish room set up and I'm having an issue with the tanks not reaching room temp. I read that heat is lost through evaporation and I've been running my dehumidifier at 40%. Just upped it to 60%. Room has been 76-80 for 2 days and water is 71.8 as of this morning. Any suggestions, tips, or info would be much appreciated.
  13. I installed a Mr Heater 30,000 btu ventless propane radiant heater in my 500 sq foot basement fishroom. It currently isn't insulated and we're in the Northeast part of the country. I went oversized just to make sure there's no problem in the winter. First day I set the heater and it was off in the morning. Second day after restarting it was off when I got home after work. I thought maybe it was set too warm and it was using up all the oxygen in the room. Played around with it for a few days. It seemed better for a day and then it started turning itself off again. I disconnected the venting going to the upstairs room and hooked a fan up to it. It was pulling a fresh supply of air into the fish room and I also cracked the fish room door open. I also took apart the pilot and cleaned the pilot orifice. I also adjusted the thermocouple so it was sitting farther into the pilot flame. The propane supply is from a large tank that's regulated coming into the house. Watched the pilot last night and it will be fine then it starts to flicker and goes partial. This then kicks off the gas valve because the thermocouple isn't hot enough. I don't think it's an air supply issue. Already have another one on the way and returning the old one. If the new one gives me the same issue it must be an air supply problem. Has anyone had issues with this? If so, how did you overcome it? Just wondering in case the new one does the same thing. Although, it seems like it was a bad thermocouple or valve.
  14. I'm tentatively planning to set up a linear piston pump and loop for air lines in my upcoming fish room. I had a couple questions about the products themselves (and some of them may be silly but I'd rather ask than have problems later): 1. Is there a major difference between the 45B and 45C models of the linear piston air pump by MEDO? Aquarium Co-op carries the 45B model and on Amazon I see only the 45C model. 2. The metals valves are listed as one-way - does this mean they effectively replace traditional check valves in the airline or do I still need to include a check valve for every aquarium line? The last thing I need is a power outage and a mess! 3. Is there a minimum number of lines that should be run off this system to make it worth using? I'll be starting with around 10-11 tanks but planning to expand to a second rack. I'd like the build this when I set up the fish room though so that it's available when I need it. Thanks fellow fishkeepers!
  15. Hello, Does anyone have experience with the industrial style racking for a fishroom? I will be building a fishroom this year. The room is in my outbuilding with sprayfoam insulation. I am building a smaller room inside the outbuilding for a man cave/fishroom. The room is a little over 16x16. Concrete floors with a couple of floor drains. Originally, I was going to fill that 16x16 room with wall to wall tanks! But I have come to my senses and I am going to limit myself to one wall with an auto water change system. My fish interest goes sky high during the spring and summer and falls to nonexistent once fall comes back around and my outdoor hobbies start up. So since I am sticking to one wall, the metal shelving seems to give the most flexibility and space. But I worry about the sturdiness. So far, the wall will contain: (2) 125g (6) 40 breeder (9) 20 gallon (or 15's if I can find them).
  16. I’ve been adding tanks to my collection in hopes to start a live bearer side hustle to equal out a little $$$ of my hobby spending. My garage is fairly cleared and plus that’s where I’m housing a dozen or so tanks. Understand this is a rental so modifications to the structure is gonna be very little, but any ideas on keeping the tanks from boiling in mid summer? Heaters I can do for winter but chillers are way from my back account. Any thoughts would be great.
  17. I know this topic has probably been covered multiple times in past posts and also in Aquarium Coop livestreams.... however, I have now had my first tank for a few months and I was wondering: if you could start all over again in the hobby what is one thing you would have done differently? I would rather walk behind some of you through the mine field than be blown up myself over and over!!!! I get mistakes are part of the learning process but I would love to learn from some of your mistakes as well👍 Hope everyone is having a great thursday and not freezing like I am here in Michigan.
  18. Hey everyone, this might sound like a rookie question, but is it OK to use a little bit of galvanized pipe in my fishroom? I'm building my manifold for my mixing valve, carbon block, and auto-water change lines. I'm using a little bit galvanized nipples before the pvc. I know Galvanized rusts over time, but I think my sediment filter and 2 carbon blocks should help with that right? A lot of people's homes are fully plumbed using galvanized, so I think I'm good, but like I said.. I'm still kinda new at this.. Thanks!
  19. I am planning on painting my Fish Room. I am wondering how it will affect my fish and Fish Tanks. I m worried about my Air Pumps pulling in Air with Paint Fumes and dispersing it in my Tank water. Any thoughts or tips would be appreciated. Thanks ,Mike
  20. Hello everyone, I plan on building a rack using Cory's system of cinder blocks and ten foot two by fours. I am only going to build this rack (as it is going into a spare bedroom space is limited). At first I thought about using a linear piston air pump and pvc to power my sponge filters, but the pump is pretty expensive for just eight tanks. Should I go ahead and buy a linear piston air pump or just use eight individual air pumps? I apologize for what are probably beginner questions, but this is my first time expanding to this scale and I don't want to reinvent the wheel. I'd rather people who have done it before advise me.
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