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  1. I sprayed Goo Gone adhesive remover onto two terracotta pots to remove the labels. When I took the labels off, I felt the spray still on the pots. I washed the sprayed areas off and I didn’t feel it anymore. Could some of the spray be absorbed into the clay? I know that there are clay based aquarium substrates that absorb fertilizer. So is the same process possible in pots with other chemicals?
  2. @GameCzar I know it won't kill them, but that's the general rule for most animals to keep the nitrates at or below 20 ppm.
  3. Hi everyone, I have both of the testing products in the title. The liquid test kit reads my two planted tanks at 0 ppm ammonia & nitrite, but 20 ppm nitrate. My API test strips read 0 ppm on all three. I bought JNW brand test strips(I didn't want to order just one thing of Co-op test strips), and they also read 0 ppm for all three nitrogen compounds. What should I believe? My fish don't act ill from nitrate poisoning. These are my tanks by the way. A 75 gallon paludarium with around 30 gallons of water, and a 29 gallon aquarium.
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