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  1. Drop them in the goldfish pond or a tank with loaches that like to eat snails.
  2. "Unfortunately this product is sold out. We recommend you add this product to your wishlist, so when it comes back in stock, you can add it to your shopping cart" That should do it for you.
  3. It contains "slow-release, medicated sulfa". I'd say not a direct replacement. If you are in the US why not just order from the Coop? https://www.aquariumcoop.com/products/wonder-shell
  4. Now and then I toss in a baby carrot or two for them to pick at. Also a good way to remove excess snails, attach a string to the carrot, let snails climb aboard then slowly lift and remove snails (cucumber and zucchini also work).
  5. Personally I'd keep it simple and go just eco-complete. But I guess it really depends on what final goal is. If you do mix just make sure that whatever you choose is not so fine that it will sift through the filter base, otherwise you will have an over/under gravel filter. I have shrimp in several tanks with eco complete but I do add wonder shells or some crushed coral in a media bag. On a side note I'm curious why you want 3" vs 2"?
  6. I know for a fact that Easy Green is safe for them, it has not harmed any of ours (been using it for over a year now). As for gas bubble disease. I'm pretty certain an air stone will not supersaturate. I know @Cory did some testing a while back. "Gas bubble disease (GBD), a non-infectious, environmentally/physically induced trauma, is caused by an increase in the dissolved gas pressure above the ambient air pressure (supersaturation)." https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/9289892/
  7. They all look normal to me. You sure the "normal fry" are not a couple days old?
  8. You can if that fits your décor. Just be careful if you put them in the substrate, you do not want to bury the rhizome. Maybe take a look at this for some ideas.
  9. I just run a single line and Tee off as required. No need for some overpriced splitter at the regulator. Edit: You will want a needle valve at each tank. Another Edit: Something like this for each tank. And these are the Tee's I use.
  10. @Cory @Robert Just heard about this. Did the store survive?
  11. Bioload? Tank size? Plants? Filtering? Recent water change? What was the percentage? Did you re-test? Test strips or wet test? Strips or chems expired?
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