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  1. @Pepere Yeah I only have 7 scissortail rasboras in my 75 gallon, and a small 10 gallon quarantine tank (With my old betta currently living there). Trying to gauge how quickly or slowly to stock the tank. 🙂 Want to get a bottom feeder or two in the tank soon, so they can clean up leftover food, etc.
  2. @Mmiller2001 Wow, I am sure that is efficient, but that is a long time LOL
  3. @beastie Yeah I was planning on 2 weeks currently. How long does it usually take to see whether or not something is wrong with the fish?
  4. I have been finding a wide range of times online for quarantining new fish. Everything from 10 days to 2 months. Obviously, the longer you quarantine fish, the more confident you can be that they are okay to introduce to a tank; however, there comes a point when the length of time is just too inconvenient. How long do you quarantine new fish for? What tips can you give for quarantining?
  5. @Ken Burke Sorry for the delay. School work had me busy LOL I am not really sure what pleco I will get, probably something small and cheap for my first pleco. @nabokovfan87 Added the 3 others, they have been doing good. 🙂
  6. @nabokovfan87 just 7 scissortail rasboras total.
  7. @nabokovfan87 @Pepere @mountaintoppufferkeeper So I have had the 4 scissortail rasboras in the tank for about 5 days now. I have been feeding every day, to encourage ammonia for the bacteria to grow. I tested ammonia and nitrites today, and they are both at 0. Should I add a couple more rasboras and maybe a bottom feeder? Bioload just seems like it might not be challenging the bacteria currently.
  8. @dasaltemelosguy That is great, thank you for the info 🙂
  9. Picked up 4 Scissortail Rasboras (Rasbora trilineata). Just curious what ya'll are feeding them regularly and what treats, if any, do you use for enrichment?
  10. @Guppysnail Ah okay, I saw club soda and read it had extra minerals in it that seltzer didn't have. Didn't know if the extra minerals would be bad or not.
  11. @Ken Burke Looks like the seltzer water is going to be about as much as my plants cost, I am going to try the bleach and if that doesn't work, then I'll just buy more plants 🙂 I can see the reverse respiration being good for more expensive plants, or high quantity of plants though.
  12. @Ken Burke @Guppysnail Scratch that, the walmart near me doesn't have seltzer water, and doesn't know when they are getting it in. Do you think that the plants would be fine in the 5 gallon bucket over night until I can try another store tomorrow?
  13. @Ken Burke @Guppysnail Wow this is great, I had never heard of this. Will give it a try.
  14. @Ken Burke Concerned mostly about snails and algae. Deciding on a salt dip or a bleach dip.
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