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  1. Hello, Thank you for taking a peek at this. I'm a little confused as to how long new fish need to be in quarantine. I'm pretty sure I've heard Cory say he has them in quarantine at the store for one week and if they look healthy, he puts them in display tanks. I think I've also heard other videos say they should be there for a month. Can someone please clarify? I appreciate your time!
  2. Background: This morning I discovered that my daughter's 10g plated tank was leaking, and not just a little bit. We removed all the fish, and then my husband proceeded to dump them into my 20g planted tank. I tested and changed water (30%) in the 20g tank yesterday. This morning, before transfer, water parameters were 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, 20 Nitrates. In addition to the fish, I moved three of the plants from the 10g to the 20g. The plan is to get a new tank but the setup and cycling won't happen overnight. All of the filter media and hardscape are currently sitting in a bucket of tank water. Here are my concerns: My 20g planted has only been cycled for a few weeks. Even a mature tank that small would take a hit from adding so many new fish at once. I added a dose of Stability and a dose of Prime as a precaution. Is there anything else I can/should do to minimize the inevitable ammonia/nitrite spike? I am worried about the otos. Platies also like to peck at algae so now there are 5 otos and more competition for food. I add zucchini and green beans a couple times a week but the platies like the veggies too. The platies also eat all of the Repashy Soilent Green so the otos never get any. (platies are the golden retrievers of the fish world). Any advice for getting enough food for the otos without ending up with chubby platies? Fish transferred: 4 adult platy -Rocket, Diamond, Chicken, Sparkles 2 juvenile platy - Cheetah, Dart 2 fry - so small they are still clear 2 otocinclus - Schmendrick and Dr. Marsh Fish already in 20g tank: 1 adult platy - Baby Shark 6 juvenile platy - Spot, Glitter, Clementine, The Silver Surfer, Kirk, Spock, Red Shirt 3 otocinclus - Tony, Ray, and John Wick (the clean-up crew)
  3. Please help….it’s been since before Xmas that my fish have been dying. My first run to the fish store turned out to be a batch of diseased fish that killed off my existing fish. I believe it was ich or the other white spot disease. I wrote in and someone had mentioned to immediately start a treatment of melafix for 7 days. I lost two more fish in the process of the treatment but managed to save 1. Did my 7 days, all was good, did a water change, went to the store and got 8 tetras. I didn’t do the recommended quarantine tank, but I did 3 days of treatment of the melafix to make sure the new fish were not bringing any baggage with them. All went well for two days, then the first tetra died. The day after I noticed that two fish were covered in white spots. So I immediately started another 7 day treatment, 1 more tetra died 2 days after. Now today on my day 7, another tetra has passed. So I did a water test, all is good, did a 25% water change and checked the fish for white spots….and they are all gone. Any one have any ideas of what is going on? Am I doing something wrong? I posted some pics of the fish after water change, please help!
  4. After cycling my tank for two weeks, and the cycle becoming stable, I purchased a male dwarf gourami yesterday, he was lively and healthy in the store, he acclimated well and was lively last night. This morning, and all day he's been quite lethargic, with clamped fins, and spending all his time in one side fo the tank near the surface. I not sure whats going on. I gave him a pinch of new life spectrum probiotic food tonight, and he ate a few gulps, but was otherwise diinterested unless it was right in front of him. To add to this, there are ghost shrimp and a few snails in his tank that are doing perfectly fine. along with a random molly fry that got into the bag with the gourami. He is the only one having issues in the tank. PH - 7.2 Nitrates - 5ppm Nitrite - 0ppm Ammonia - 0ppm Water Temperature - 75F Filtration - nicrew internal 5-10 gall filter, with coarse sponge, filter floss and marine pure gems biomedia. 50GPH I have also included a video so you can see just how bad his inactivity is.
  5. Hey guys! so I’d like to add some corydoras and ember tetras to 2 of my established aquariums, and I am planning to putting them in quarantine with the med trio. My question is can I quarantine 2 different kind of fish at the same time? Is there a reason I would need to quarantine them and medicate them separately? Thanks in advance, Rita
  6. I was reading "Fish I wish I bought sooner" and posted this there, but thought I should really just start it as a new topic.: I have been thinking about going non-native for my inside tank. My current native fish seem to only be willing to eat frozen blood worm, scud, and brine shrimp. My scuds colony had a collapse of some sort. I am trying to build up the population because it is too cold to get them in the lake now. I am also starting up a brine shrimp colony, but it will take time to get enough to feed all my fish adult shrimp. (Note: The bigger/older "shiners" have a dark spot on their dorsal fin, so now I think they are blunt nose minnows, but am not sure) I was thinking about thinning out the tank to just the very smallest of the fish and add some endlers or guppies, but I am beginning to realize the even the tiny fish will get bigger and probably eat whatever fish I add. All the native fish are skittish. Reading this thread about friendly fish makes me wonder if that might be more fun. It would also be nice to have fish that would eat a wider variety of foods. I want to visit a Mom and Pop pet store, that has been around for decades and see what their fish are like and what they (the fish, not the owners) will eat. There is a person near here with a spring fed pond he has built that will give any native fish a good home, so I could send him what is in my tank and start fresh with domesticated fish rather than trying to tame these fish to live in a 55 gallon inside an active home. I do think the fish were happier in the 120 tank in the quiet garage. Yesterday I stopped at a Petco and asked what food they had for mystery snails. (I caught a bunch in the lake, including huge ones). The Petco employee said "Oh you don't feed them. They eat algae and stuff". That is why I want to try this old pet shop that isn't part of a big chain. I would love your input on options for the future of my 55 gallon indoor tank.
  7. I finally got around to ordering some Corydoras, and decided to get some Peppered Corys (C. paleatus) because I liked the way they look and are good beginner fish. I ordered six, and sadly one did not make the shipping, but the other five appear to be okay and are in quarantine. Now I have some questions. The fish I got were really small, less then a half of an inch. I was expecting them to be a little larger. With them being so small, I am actually a little worried about doing a de-worming treatment, after the trip and with them being so young, would that be too much for the little guys? Any idea how fast these guys grow? My main tank is a heavily planted 55 gallon with lots of wood, and currently has four Varitus Platys, six Lemon Tetras, six Black Neon Tetras and one female Pearl Gourami. Everyone in the main tank is very peaceful, the gourami is one of the most docile fish I have kept, but I am worried about the little guys being overwhelmed when I add them to the main tank with them being so tiny. I added some rocks and little shelter areas in the hospital tank, but the Corys mostly seem to ignore them right now and stay in the open. Is this normal? Also a number of them seem happy to go to the top to grab food, but I want to make sure everyone is eating. I am limited right now for getting live food, and the only frozen stuff I have are some blood worm cubes and some shrimp cubes. I have a ton of different freeze dried foods (daphina, bloodworms, brine shrimp and bug bites) though. Any food items they would really like? I did get a pack of catfish wafers for them too.
  8. I have a new betta in quarantine tank with the med trio. Tomorrow I start water changes. Can/should I also add a carbon filter?
  9. I’ve had a zebra danio and albino corydora community in a 15 gallon long for a year and a half now, and I decided to risk bringing in a centrepiece fish. Decided to pop into a local shop to check out their selection, and came home with this wee fella after watching him for nearly an hour. He’d jumped from his single tank to a community tank during feeding one day and was chilling with the female bettas, gouramis, and some other species. He seems to be getting along well with the danios and corycats, and is happily feeding with them all - although he doesn’t approve of the snails. His fins look kinda ripped, but they’re actually just clear along the edges and I’m hoping they’ll colour up as he grows. There’s some red and purple appearing too. Edit: now know that the clear edges are a sign of finrot but I automatically medicate every fish I get so I seemed to have caught it early and he’s on the mend. I’ve named him Sir Charlie.
  10. I picked up a group of 8 Embers on Monday - right away there was one that was kind of off on his own and never really came out and seemed to kind of hide on the bottom of the tank...he did swim around normally, there doesn't seem to be any outward signs of illness...today I came home from work and found him stuck to the sponge filter, I thought he was dead - well, I moved the filter and he swam off. He seemed kind of pale and I wasn't sure if he was sick or what was going on...luckily my quarantine tank was already set up and cycled so I scooped him out and put him in there (tested again just now and all good, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, 5 Nitrate). He seems to be still a little pale and is still kind of hiding in the quarantine tank (QT is 10, main is 29). My thought is that he may just be too small for the bigger tank - he is definitely smaller than the rest (who are all pretty small, so that is saying something). I am planning on getting another 7-9 Embers this weekend, so my question is...should I try to find a few more little ones to put in the QT with him so he's not alone (truly don't think he is sick, I'm not sure he's gotten much to eat though) or should I just leave him alone and let him grow a little and then try to reintroduce him to the bigger tank? any other suggestions on what to do? the other 7 all seem to explore and swim around the tank fine, so my only guess is his size and maybe just fear?
  11. So, I just added my first group of fish to my tank today - 8 ember tetras...they have been in the tank for a couple of hours and so far seem ok...they hung out in the rotala for a while but, seem to be swimming around a little more now (but, mostly all on one side of the tank). My biggest "fear" is that one of them is hiding on the substrate on the opposite side of the tank from the other 7...when exactly should I start to get concerned? I did turn the light off and am not planning on feeding until tomorrow... I do have a quarantine tank if needed, but since these are the first fish I put them straight into the display tank... Any thoughts/ideas/reassuring advise would be greatly appreciated...first tank I have set up in ~15 years Thanks!
  12. Hi, 3 days ago I purchased 10 Glowligh tetras from a pet shop. Upon arrival at home I noticed one of them had some white spots on the tail and some white on the fins. Another one had some redness on their stomach which now turned into what's seen on the photo, I assume fungus? I'm not sure what the disease is and what medication to treat it with. Water parameters are all perfect. As of now in the house I have: Seachem's Prime, Stability, Clarity Interpet's Anti Fungus and Finrotn, Interpet's Aqualibrium first aid salt additive, AllPondSollutions Aquarium Rescue, King British Disease Clear and King British White spot Control Since I don't have a hospital tank and other fish now started showing some white on their fins I will be treating the whole 58L tank at once. The two fish with the most visible symptoms are in the photo. Any help is much appreciated
  13. For at least a week now my two Dwarf Gouramis (1m/1f) are showing some alarming signs, eating and moving less, losing some scales, one of them has damage to his eye that's not healing. I have purchased them a month ago. They're sharing a tank with 4 Corydoras (bought from the same shop) and 3 snails. Is there any way I could help them? Is it possible that it's Iridovirus and I won't be able to do anything to help them heal? If its the Iridovirus, what do I do about the tank inhabitants and environment/ decor (live plants, rocks, substrate/ gravel)? The water parameters are as follows: pH is 7.4, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates are all 0. Lights are on from 4 to 9pm on a timer. Fish were fed once every two days like suggested by our fish shop until the cycle is stable, Stability was added daily, Prime every other day.
  14. how many fish can I add to my 20G high tank after its been cycled, and wish kind its best for beginner tank.
  15. @Robert Any possibility of bringing in Brachirus Panoides or freshwater clams? What are your thoughts on these?
  16. I fell in love with this guy when I picked up some fish for my 30G and I picked him up today. He’s the most pale yet colorful opalescent rainbow unicorn betta I’ve ever seen 💕✨ I will get around to properly scraping his tank soon but what are some names ideas?? welcome to the fam!
  17. Lemme get this straight there is a... National Waffle Day National go to work naked day National Pizza Day Mothers Day But theres no Get New Fish Day This is outragoues!!! Well that ends today.... APRIL 1st is now officially NATIONAL GET NEW FISH DAY!!! Post on all of your social media on APRIL 1ST of your new fish with the hashtag #nationalgetnewfishday Everybody must know of this holiday....
  18. Four days ago I added 5 chili rasboras and an amano shrimp to my 5 gallon planted tank which has an hob filter. My water parameters had been at ph 7.2 ammonia .25 (api test) nitrite 0 and nitrate 5 for a month before I added the fish. I am new to the hobby so I be overreacting (feel free to tell me if I am) but when I tested my water today I found that my nitrite had jumped to .25 and my nitrate had gone up to 10 ppm. I did a water change to get the nitrites down. Was this an overreaction and really just my tank leveling out with the new fish?
  19. Hey all. I have 1 20 gallon tall tank that has been cycled with plants and has excellent new growth and water parameters. Now it just needs some livestock! The plan is to add 8-10 guppies (males), 2 nerite snails, and 3-6 neocaridina shrimps. Because they are all going into 1 tank that doesn't have anything but plants and hardscape at the moment, I wanted to know what kind of quarantining to do. Should I put the guppies in the main tank, and quarantine the snails and shrimps separately? Can I put the shrimps and guppies in the tank and quarantine the snails? Should I hold off on ANYTHING in the main tank until all have been properly quarantined? Help! Sincerely, New to the hobby and doesn't want to kill too much!
  20. Last Sunday, I bought 3 of the locally bred super red plecos that you guys brought in. They all looked fine until one of them dropped dead on me out of the blue yesterday. The other two are looking fine and haven't had any problems. I performed a water test (120-180GH/20-40kh/7-7.5ph/0 ammonia/<40ppm nitrates) and examined the others for signs of disease or injury and saw nothing. I thought I knew all the main signs to look for but I can't seem to find anything. Every single other fish in the tank is fine, even the days old guppy fry. Is it possible that I simply got a weak fish and the stress of being moved killed it? Please help @Robert
  21. I am considering buying my next batch of Amano shrimp and some CPDs from Aqua Huna. I saw that the acclimation process he outlines is different than what others say and do. He specializes in shipping fish and must have reasons for his process, but it does seem like it might not be ideal. My notes in brackets [like this]. Acclamation AQUAHUNA.COM Acclimation Proclamation FACT: Fish are 99% water. Water has an enormous effect (good or bad) on all fish. FACT: Fish are quite resilient. They can tolerate gradual changes, and can adapt to a variety of living... #1- Float all new arrivals in your tanks for up to 15 minutes. This helps the water in the sealed bags slowly equalize in temperature (become the same as) the surrounding aquarium water. [others say NOT to float these gas permeable bags] #2- After 15 minutes, make a cut in the bag just below the clip. Be careful not to cut off the “tail” (the portion of the bag above and including the clip), you will need that later. Open the “new Hole” you have created with your fingers and dip the bag down into the tank, thereby adding an inch or two of aquarium water in the bag. Use the tail of the bag to anchor it at the surface of the tank by closing the lid of the tank on it. [Others say this will cause toxic ammonia levels. The ammonia in the bag is high, but the pH is very low which reduces toxicity. When you add new water the pH goes up and that ammonia now becomes far more toxic.] #3- Wait 15 minutes- repeat step #2 (adding tank water to the bag) at least twice, more if time allows. By mixing “tank water” into the “bag water” you help your fish acclimate (adjust) to their new environment. [This might make the toxicity worse and exposure time higher] #4- Finally, pour the fish with the water from the bags into the tank. Make sure the water from the bag is poured directly into the tank, even if the water is discolored. The fish NEED this water in order for them to adjust to their new home. [I'm not sure how 500mL of water in a tank of any size will make that much of a difference. Not to mention how so many say not to pour the new water into the tank...especially with so much ammonia.]
  22. I had a plan but things change sometimes. I am adding 3 cories to my 36bf. It has 4 already plus a dwarf gourami. 10 neons, 3 siamese algae eaters and 3 nerite snails. Had 4 to add but one died in quarentine. I think the lfs lady squished it while catching it. Anyway i also have 8 rasboras. The plan was to add them to a 20long that has 11 male guppies. But in the mean time I took my betta out of the quarentine tank and instead of putting him back in the 10 with 10 cherry shrimp he is with 2 assasin snails in a 5.5gal. He seems to be doing really well in the smaller tank so i think i will leave him there. So that begs the question what to do with 8 rasboras? Put them in a 20 long with the guppies or in the 10 with the shrimp? All my tanks are planted so its more of a size/tank mate question. Ideas???
  23. I got a new baby Blood Parrot a few weeks ago. I forgot how cute they are when they're little. 😍 It was pretty shy and timid, so I put a handful of Platies in the quarantine tank to make it a little more comfortable. Now not only does it come out more, but follows the Platies around like everything they do is the most interesting thing it's ever seen. ( the photo looks like it's thinking about snacking on the Platy, but it has never gone past getting unusually close, staring, and just general creepiness that I've witnessed so far) It's got awhile before it joins the big fish in the big tank, but it's settling in with it's new temporary friends nicely. This little guy destroyed an entire population of small bladder and ramshorn snails within a matter of days.
  24. I have a 75 gallon planted tank with 20 tetras and ~90 red cherry shrimp (RCS). Everyone in the tank gets along well and I started with 10 RCS and they keep having babies, which is great. The tetras aren't aggressive and only occasionally will nip at the shrimp if they are swimming during feeding time, but only briefly and they don't chase the shrimp once they realize they aren't food. I want to add 20 or 30 more tetras to the tank but I haven't added anything new to the tank in over a year. Should I have any concerns that the new tetras may behave differently and could be aggressive towards the shrimp? Or can I assume that since there is already a school of tetra in the tank that the new tetras wouldn't adversely affect the behavior of existing tetras and, more likely, will follow their lead and leave the shrimp alone? I've also considered getting the new tetras and setting up a quarantine tank and then every few days take 3-5 from the quarantine tank and place them into the main tank. The idea behind this is the smaller number of new tetras would join the current school of tetras and fall in line instead of adding such a large number all at once and possibly having some chaos. I may be over thinking this as I selected tetras for my RCS tank because they are not usually aggressive. Any advice is appreciated.
  25. Hi, I currently have a 125 litre (roughly 33 gallon) community tank that I want to add more fish to but I’m scared about stocking to much. Currently in the tank are: gold opaline gourami panda garra Khuli loaches (3) red eye tetras (5) blue king tetras (3) my plan was to get more blue kings and red eyes, and then a small group of cory cats. how many of each could I get before I’d be full? I do weekly water changes and it is a planted aquarium that I am hoping to add more plants too very soon (I’ve posted about my struggle with plants in the plant thread if you wouldn’t mind nipping across, mines the one with plants turning brown/having brown algae on them) Thanks in advance x
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