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  1. Well my last green neon tetra developed ick and didn’t make it through the ick-x treatment. It really sucks. so now I need to sterilize the plants, filter and heater. I have read about the ways to use bleach to sterilize the tank and equipment, but am not sure the best way to sterilize the plants. I don’t want to compost or throw away, I have some great plants in there just floating. No substrate. There are also 6-7 red cherry shrimp in there—shrimplets to full adults. what to do with them? Thanks you guys—you have all been wonderful. sincerely, Nanci
  2. Would love some insight in trying to figure out if I am doing something wrong or if it was just luck of the draw. Would love for input on any corrections that should be made. I think I will be trying my hand one more time in ordering another bunch of Bolivian rams as I'd like a bigger group than just the 3. 8/25 - Received 6 Bolivian rams from Aqua Huna. Put them in my cycled 20gal QT tank which is bare bottom w/ a sponge filter, java fern, coconut shell and PVC pipe for hides. Started them on QT med trio. Ammonia - 0 Nitrate - 10 Nitrite - 0 GH - 300+ KH - 300 PH - 8.4 CL2 - 0 Temp - 80* After QT finished, started feeding fish extreme flake and nano pellet. Occasionally would give frozen brine and daphnia. I changed water every few days. Left fish in QT until 9/25. After the med trio I proceeded to lose 3 fish. About 1 a week. They were all colored nicely then suddenly got really grey, hide, and then swim like they were drunk and breathe rapidly. Almost looked neurological. No visible signs of issues on outside of body. They hugged the bottom of the tank and when they died they did not float to the surface. Water parameters in QT stabilized at: Ammonia - 0 Nitrate - 10-25 Nitrite - 0 GH - 300+ KH - 80 PH - 7.04 CL2 - 0 TDS - 552 Temp - 80* The 3 remaining rams are loving the planted 75 gal community tank. They are eating great and swimming all over. They are nice and bright in color and look to be feeling well. Picture attached. Tank Paramaters: Ammonia - 0 Nitrate - 10-25 Nitrite - 0 GH - 300+ KH - 120 PH - 6.91 CL2 - 0 TDS - 573 Temp - 80* Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm going to add some red root floaters to my quarantine tank, and my question is "Is dipping a new plant absolutely necessary if putting it in a QT setup?" I really don't care about hitchhikers like snails. I've read conflicting things and I know a lot of people don't dip their plants. I've done bleach dips on some of my plants but dont really want to as the plants seem better off when I don't dip them.
  4. Any suggestions on hiding spots for larger fish, such as Discus, in quarantine? I typically do pvc pipe - but this obviously won't work with larger fish. Suggestions?
  5. Do you run substrate in your quarantine tank? Why or why not? I’ve been running a bare bottom w/ sponge filter because I like to scrub it out well when I’m done. But, I also like the idea of having some substrate to keep the tanks cycle more predictable.
  6. I have a new betta in quarantine tank with the med trio. Tomorrow I start water changes. Can/should I also add a carbon filter?
  7. I got some flame moss today and put them in a little bowl with old tank water. Can I just do 100% water changes every 3 days over the course of 2 weeks or is an H2O2 dip required? I was afraid that a chemical dip would cause it to melt. Also, upon removal from it’s lil baggy, I accidentally tore the moss in half. Will it live?
  8. Okay, so I've had my quarantine tank running empty on my desk for approx. 6 months, just keeping it running because I was too lazy to take it apart. I'm planning on going to the fish store and getting fish today so I had my roommate start a water change on the tank while I got ready to go get lunch, but he's so used to grabbing one of the regular buckets we use for the healthy tanks that that's what he grabbed. My question is, is 6 months long enough that it's safe to just not worry about replacing the equipment we used or should I clean or replace all of it to be safe? Update: I went back in my previous activity for the forum and it's been 4 months since the fish left the tank, not 6. It was 6 months since the last time I put fish in there tho.
  9. Cory and others state when they get new fish they get a treatment before going into a community tank. Question is, what medications do you treat with and how long do you keep them in isolation? What is the whole process from purchase to placement? Someone have a video link? I'm sure Cory did a video on it.
  10. Hey guys I was hoping some advice on what to do with my quarantine tank while I go on vacation. Right now I have an empty quarantine tank that is waiting some new purchases, however I will be going away on vacation at the end of the month, and I don't want to burden my fish sitter looking after fish in there, especially since she will not know what to look for or treat if anything goes wrong. So right now the tank is cycled, has some frogbit and some tiny snails hanging out in it, but I am wondering how to keep that up and going the week I am away. I was thinking of getting some more plants (moneywort and a couple crypts) to add to the main tank, and was going to store them in the quarantine for the week I was away, would that help? I really don't want to loose the bacteria I got in there, so am wondering if there is a good way to keep them intact while I am away. Should I also do a dose of Easy Green before if I go this route? I would really like to get my next fish when I get back and use the quarantine tank.
  11. I have a 2.5 gallon tank that I use for a quarantine tank. I would like to use a bigger tank, but I just don't have the room right now. Should I automatically use medications to treat my fish? I have Maricyn and ParaClense. I'm not really wanting to use these because the dosages are for a 10 gallon and I don't want to overdose. Any suggestions for other general purpose medicines? Or should I just let the fish be in the tank for a few weeks without medication?
  12. Hi guys, I have a 33long and 20tall tank, and recently got a 10gal to be used as a quarantine tank (I had my first case of ich, and I want to prevent this in the future). I'd like to scape it as I want it to be a permanent quarantine tank and not be an eye sore. My options are: A) Scape it with substrate, hardscape (dragonstone/driftwood), and some hardy plants. B) Leave it bare bottom, and just a few pieces of hardscape. Anyone have good or bad experiences with scaping a QT tank? Which option would you do, and why?
  13. I brought 6 Julii Corydoras home from my LFS yesterday, put them into quarantine, and fed them live bloodworms hoping to fatten them up before medicating. One had what I thought was an injured Pectoral fin and possible injury to his swim bladder. I put him into a separate nursery tank I was preparing that had already been medicated with Methylene Blue, hoping to prevent infection. This morning he had passed away, and I noticed that a few of the other Corys now had large portions of their fins missing and fraying. Other than the damaged fins, I have not seen any signs of the remaining 5 acting unusual. They are resting together in their shoal and traveling up to the top of the tank for air. I am guessing this is fin rot, but I have never dealt with this before with my livebearers. The picture I added is the one who seems to be in the worst shape. His entire tailfin has completely frayed away. I have added aquarium salt to their tank at half the usual dose; although, I know there is conflicting information about how sensitive to it corys really are. On hand, I have the Quarantine Trio, Methylene Blue, API Aquarium Salt and Malachite Green. In the past, I have known people to use Maracyn 2 for Fin rot, but I can't find it anywhere at a reasonable price or that could be shipped to me in time. Will regular Maracyn work? Should I go get Malefix from Petco? Water Parameters: pH: 7.2 Nitrates: ~15 ppm Hardness: ~200 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Ammonia: 0 ppm KH/Buffer: ~40 ppm Water Temperature: 79.1F
  14. I have a 5.5 gallon I was using as a hospital tank for a couple of fish that got sick during the quarantine/meds phase of my new tank. Unfortunately, the fish died, and I believe one of them had columnaris. The hospital tank has new gravel, a filter that was new when I put it in the tank, a heater and some floating plants I can keep in there or throw away. It will be a while before I buy more fish. I'd like to leave the hospital tank up and running to use as a QT tank when I do get more. But I don't want any germs the deceased fish had to stay in the tank and attack the new fish. What's the best way to proceed--how long to keep new fish out of that tank, and how to minimize the risk of anything deadly still being in there? TIA!
  15. Just got some new fish in, put a sponge filter from one of my other tanks into a 10 gallon. Drip acclimated the fish, filled the 10 with some fresh water and added the fish. The next day the tank is as really cloudy so I tested the water. 2ppm ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate. So I’m guessing the sponge filter hardly collected any beneficial bacteria while in the other tank. Maybe the canister filter handles all the bio load so the sponge didn’t have any? Anyways, should I fully cycle and just do water changes every day and then medicate? If I have to do a full cycle in the 10 gallon I’m guessing their all going to spend awhile in that quarantine tank?
  16. I am setting up a quarantine tank for new additions and am hoping for some advice. Right now I have my sponge filter media hanging out in my hang-on filter to get seeded. I figure this is the best way to get the tank cycled. I will be first using it to quarantine some anubias for a few days, and then after they are done, will use it for fish if it is okay cycle-wise. I will be adding some frogbit, since I have a ton in the main tank, and I figure it will help make the quarantine tank be a little more secluded. I am also putting in some rocks as well some wood. One I get the new fish in there, I am planing to use the Med-Trio. However, I am worried this will destroy my biological filter because of the anti bacteria meds. I am wondering what to do here, as if destroys the filter, how can I safely keep the new fish? Any people have experience here?
  17. Going to get some African Dwarf frogs for some fry control. Do you guys QT? I know many don’t QT inverts but wasn’t sure on frogs.
  18. So I have learned the hard way that you need to quarantine fish before putting them into your community tank after a bunch of my tetras died (both new and old) in my 10 gallon. I’m going to set up a quarantine tank but I don’t have a big budget, I found a 10 dollar filter and 14 dollar heater on Amazon that I was going to use plus a plastic bucket that’s roughly 10 gallons. Can I leave the tank bare with only water? And if I do that, how long will it take to cycle just water in a bucket? Any other tips for quarantining? Thanks for anything you can add 🙂
  19. Hi everyone I have been in the hobby for a long time, and during that time I have never quarantine new fish. I know, you would think I would no better, but I always thought the meds would do more harm then good especially if I was going to breed them. I have had only two instances of a major outbreak in over 30 years. One I was able to get through with a lot of hard work and worry with only two casualties in a well stocked 125 gallon aquarium with various schools of Tetras and Corries. The second instances years later caught me off guard and cost me nearly the entire tank. Needless to say, I have changed my opinion on quarantine. Having said that and having rebuilt my dream aquarium back to its original glory and now having had it up and running for more than 5 years , I will always be quarantining any new fish. Now that I have seen the error of my ways, I want to know how long to quarantine if I use the Aquarium Co op, method of preventative treatment. I have listened to and watched the various videos, so I get the 3 med one week treatment, but after that initial week how much longer do most of you quarantine your new arrivals. I was thinking another 2 weeks after the first. I was also wondering should I start water changing out the meds with 30% weekly for the following 2 weeks, before placing the new arrivals in to my display tanks.
  20. I wanted to journal my first time using a quarantine tank and med trio. Would like to get the best success with adding new fish to my community tank. Setup my tank and used a sponge that was already seasoned. Added beneficially bacteria to boost the cycle process. This tank has been setup now for 1 week and I continued to monitor the parameters. Everything is moving along. Today I received my CPD's from aqua huna. They came in very quick from the west to the east coast. Two days...amazing. Fish look very healthy and were excited to get out of the bag after I acclimated them. After 1 hour in the tank they started to get their color in. I will be starting the med trio today as directed by @Coryas I want to give them their best shot. All my water change and equipment used on the tank will be separated from my community tank equipment so I do not get cross contamination. Learned that from one of @Irene videos. I will continue to update as I progress through this new journey. Hopefully all turns out well as these are a fish I been wanting to keep for awhile now.🤞
  21. I just need to vent a bit. I’ve never felt more alone and not knowing what to do in this hobby than right now. I bought some guppies who developed fin rot and then it spread to my rummies. I did not have a quarantine tank (which I now regret). I bought one and tried to kickstart it but I lost all of the rummies and 1 guppy. The other 2 don’t look like they are going to make it. Should they die, should I completely empty and clean the 20 gallon QT and then seed it so it is ready for my new purchases? I’m baffled on why they got fin rot in the first place. All water parameters were good, it overfed. I’ve really lost my confidence here. Thanks for listening.
  22. Hi all, I could use some advice.. I live in Tucson, AZ and we've got a somewhat limited selection of pet stores so I thought I'd try out the store on the far side of town. I first went to look and thought the fish looked pretty good, so I came back the next week to check again and ended up getting a group of 7 Panda Corys despite a lone dead fish in the tank which obviously made me a little wary. I got home, added them to my quarantine tank, dosed with the med trio, and observed. I lost the first 2 by the next morning. I lost another later that day, 2 more the next morning, and by the 3rd morning they were all gone. Along the way I watched for signs, checked ammonia, monitored temp, and did not feed but it wasn't until the last morning that I noticed some potential gill flukes. Did I miss something here? Should I have immediately changed tactics after the first fish died? If I see a dead fish at the store is that an automatic red flag? Does this "just happen" sometimes? Is there an issue with the quarantine tank? Should I reach out to the fish store? Quarantine tank is a 10g plastic clear tote with lid and extra holes added. I have a quiet flow 10 internal filter and an air stone. The tank is ~77F with no heater during the summer because the house temp is quite steady. I keep it bare bottom with fake plants with some snails to keep a small bio load in there. I've had it going for about 3 months and have moved 2 previous groups of guppies through it that are now doing well in a display tank.
  23. I have had 5 corydoras in Quarantine for a month now. They have been treated with 2 rounds of paracleanse. They have been growing well and no longer have swollen stomachs. Went to go get them to move to my main tank and found one looking like the picture below taking its final breaths. obviously transfer is on hold. Remaining 4 look fine swimming around. There are bladder snails, MTS, and mystery snails in the tank with Java fern and hornwort. Nitrate is 20-30 temp 78 kH ~3 ammonia and nitrite 0 gH 7 pH 7.8 What could cause this? What do I need treat with again to clear the remainder in quarantine? thanks
  24. I have a LF super red pleco in the QT tank. He will be ready to come out soon and enter the 40 Gallon tank. I had a cave in there but he didn't see interested in it at all. He prefers to suck the small piece of wood, sponge filter and walls. I was hoping he would use the cave and I could just pick it up and move it. I have an ACO cave in the 40G ready for him should I try that one? its a different style than the cheap water spike I was using. so.. How do I get him out? I am afraid to use a net. Any recommendations would be REALLY appreciated. He is not skinny but is not really interested in eating anything I give him. I am hoping that once he is in the larger heavily planted tank he will be much happier. See 40G pic below
  25. Hi! My big sailfin molly has had this white splotch on his sail fin, not letting him completely open his majestic sail. Until a few days ago it turned red, and now I'm getting worried. He had this on him when I got him, an I really need advice on how to get rid of it or what it is. I got help from Petco and they said add Maracyn, so I've done that. Anything would help. I think it's a fungal disease, but I'm not sure. Thanks!
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