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  1. Thanks, I did go back and look at my amonia and the decimal was in the wrong place, it was .15 and now it is back to 0. I have noticed the snail has not moved in 3 days so I guess it is no longer with me.
  2. No the foot looks like it is still up inside and sort of shriveled up. I forgot I do have 1 lb of crushed Coral in one of the filter chambers.
  3. Thanks, the newest section of its shell is a pale color not the bright yellow of the rest of it.
  4. Is there any physical things to look for inside the shell? KH is 71.6 GH is 125.3
  5. I have 2 of them, they are about 1.25" dia. Here are my water numbers PH 7.2 Ammonia 1.5 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5 I have not added any minerals, guess I will go get some as the other one seems to be doing fine for now/
  6. One of my Mystery Snails does not look right. In the last week sometimes it is laying on its side and I will upright it, It has been hiding in its shell for several days and sometime it will have just a bit of a feeler sticking out and it has not been moving very much. It has not moved at all in the last 24 hours. Last week I did suck it up when vacuuming the tank but I have a foam plug in it so I don't suck up any fry so it was just held against the foam. Could that have injured it?
  7. That is probably true, I keep watching them but it is hard to get a good count on the ones with the black dot. I may have to get a breeding box and just net what fry i can and put them in the box for a while "LOL"
  8. The female must have been pregnant when I got them. I got 12 females on July 30th. There are several others that look close to popping some out too
  9. I found my first baby guppy 🙂
  10. The tank has been going for over 18 years but has only had live plants for a couple of months. I did have a lot of Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus that was at the top and laying over on the surface that was trapping the bubble in that area so I trimmed down and replanted the clippings.
  11. Thanks guys I just watched it. It must have been from turning my filters down when I feed. I turn them as slow of a flow as they will do, then I wait a couple of minutes and feed my 16 guppies while I am on the walking on my treadmill. When I get done I turn the filters back up.
  12. Is foam on the water cause or action or might it be normal?
  13. Thanks Guppysnail, that sounds reasonable. I just didn't want to shock them by over feeding it that might be a problem.
  14. They are overnighted from California to Texas. Expected delivery before 12 pm???? "LOL"
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