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  1. That's what kills me that I have no fish in there and I'm having so many things going on, first they told me to put more fish food and nothing been happening so I continued doing so I dont know what it is lol.
  2. But it is getting frustrating lol but I'll be more patient 😌
  3. Oh ok thanks, will check it out thanks again.
  4. Yeah but I think I need more to learn lol, well no I never seen a spike always been 0 ammonia is 0.25 ppm and nitrate 5.0 ppm and ph stable at 7.4
  5. Yeah I had, and also watched videos about it but always new stuff that I encounter that is not mentioned on the cycle.
  6. Oh well even it was not for me lol,, I appreciate every help I can get because I'm in it along here I dint know nobody that own an aquarium lol thank you again
  7. But not sure if my tank is cycle yet lol is that OK and it's only a 20 Gallon
  8. Oh wow thanks @Jennifer V don't know if I'm the wrong person or the one you was intended to tag lol. but thnks for the suggestion.
  9. Oh yeah ok yeah it's something like that like you describe smells like roots or something lol. ok thanks @Schwack
  10. I check my ammonia and it's at 0.25 Nitrite 0 Nitrate at between 0 to 5.0 PH stable at 7.4 So just wondering if that e smell and the slim or what eve it is. Is nothing or something big
  11. Yeah its not a real bad smell but not pleasant smell is light you have to open the top and smell in side the rank to be able to smell it
  12. don't know if thus shows better but is on y sponge filter and in the air line on the sponge filter and intake sponge also
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