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  1. @Colu my parameters are 0ppm ammonia - 0ppm Nitrite - 40ppm Nitrate so just made a 60% water change. and I'm going add some ICK-X
  2. yeah ill check again last week it was at 0 ammonia. 0 Nitrite. Nitrate 25 or 35 PH always the same 7.6 L 7.4 H I'm about check again.
  3. Oh ok can I treat the whole tank because the other corydoras barbels are short I guess because when I had molies with them the molies were fitting for food so I thinking they maybe bit off some parts of it. because all my 4 corydoras have missing barbs or what ever it's called. But there is one that it's worse with fungus or cotton on his mouth the othere don't just missing barbs.
  4. I just noticed one of my corydoras has fungus on its mouth I have it I a spaceman container not sure of the picture is clear. Can anyone know what to treat with because it's looks like is bad like cotton on his mouth so thinking is not just started thanks
  5. @DannyBWell yeah it's flooding around but it's not much
  6. One time a week because I don't have a full planted aquarium
  7. Hey everyone I have Java fern that's turning brown and some yellow and some brown algae specially in its roots I have it on rocks with super glue and some just flooding and they are all having the same affect and my hornworth is loosing most of its spikes or what ever they are call only one little are its green and full I put eazy green fertilizer my water is PH 7.6 High PH 7.4 0.ppm ammonia, 0ppm Nitrite, 25ppm Nitrate Temperature 79.7 I read at the CO OP to make sure not to suffocate under gravel or super glue but I have flooding and some on rock with glue so I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. that's why I was not to sure about having live plants lol.
  8. Oh ok cool thanks again @Odd Duck
  9. All the 3 platys looks like that but this one is the worst one. the corydoras look ok
  10. Well the platys look like they have parasites poo is white and look skinny and beat up
  11. Can I add expel-p if I already added ich-x in my aquarium? Or is not safe? Thanks
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