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  1. Ok ok thanks everyone for the information I haven't gave up because of all you guys help. thanks again
  2. Lol its cool I do too lol, can I move then to a 5.5 tank that I have and do I supost to remove the sponge from filters
  3. No I thought since they were the only ones it would be ok 😔
  4. Yeah I had them for month and a half they are the only ones at the moment want to get some endlers but now this happened so I need to find out what it is before I add more fish I was looking forward to it and this happened I thought I was doing everything correct lol
  5. ok thanks. do i need salt because i have hard water i thought, and i between 74 to 80 was ok should i turn my heater or bring it Down
  6. I'm new to the hobby and i just seen this in two of my corydoras. temperature is 79 and 0 ammonia 0 Nitrite and 10 to 20 Nitrate Ph always been low 7.6 High 7.4 i do 50 water change every 7 days but i think my corys are sick or is that normal because they are also flashing once in a while appreciate the help thanks.
  7. Have anyone experienced bad smell on fritz zyme 7, like rotten eggs or something, i don't want to kill my fish. I want to add it for a boost because I finally got my endlers on line and by the way they where all dead unfortunately. So im sticking to local fish store.
  8. Yeah it has been cycled Just been scared to add fish for two reasons don’t have a quarantine tank and scare to mess up by adding more fish, like I mention I have four albino corydoras but ok thanks I’ll keep testing after I get more fish
  9. Hey everyone question I have four Cory’s in my 20 G High aquarium and want to add more fish and I want endless, how many can I put in my tank at once, and by the way they sale them by 10 fish, Is that ok
  10. oh ok got it. because i put one of my little sponge filter from my 5.5 gallon in my 20 gallon so it could cycle how long woul it cycle for do you know and i might not even need to out any bb bottle right or should i.
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