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  1. Looks great!!! I like your method of saran wrap on the cabinet! I'm thinking about using that clear drawer liner stuff (or, maybe I'll get the faux marble pattern! 🤔) on the top of mine whenever I upgrade my tank stand.
  2. Quick update: About to start day 3 of treatment...all remaining rasboras are colored up and schooling! Woohoo!! 🥳 I did FINALLY spy a symptom on one of the rasboras - a small white-ish patch on the body near the dorsal fin. So...looks like Maracyn might be the hero of the week! I am still going to continue treating with the full course of both meds. Thank you all for all of your help!!! Y'all are reason #15234 why the forum is so awesome!! 😆👍
  3. Smells like nerm spirit!! 😜👍
  4. I'm a massive fan of ZZ (Zanzibar gems!) plants right now...and black-eyed susans...and irises...haha!
  5. This one promises to detoxify chlorine and chloramines and metal toxins...but doesn't say anything about detoxifying ammonia. 🤔 So, I didn't want to risk it. I do have a bottle of Prime at school...so I could have done it! The brain just wasn't operating, apparently! I will have to bring some home next time, for sure! 👍👍 @James Black - the water in the bag was about 10 degrees cooler than the water in the tank...so, that's comforting!! Thank ya! 😊
  6. I will have to try that next time...I wanted to do something similar, but I don't have any Prime at home (I use Fluval's AquaPlus) and trying to figure out how to explain that to my husband seemed tricky...haha! As Alanis Morissette says, "You live, you learn!" 😜👍 I'm feeling optimistic about the meds...the fourth sickly rasbora has regained some of its color! Hopefully, I didn't just jinx myself!
  7. Interesting!! Do you think that TDS/Osmotic shock would knock them out one by one? They're all about the same size...so, I feel like if it were an osmotic or temperature issue...wouldn't I have multiple losses at the same time? I didn't mention that my husband floated the bag for ~20 minutes and then dropped and plopped. He said the bag was around 70 degrees Fahrenheit when he took it out of the box. So, I don't thiiiiiink it's a temperature thing? But, I don't really know. I hadn't even considered those options. We're on day 2 of treatment with Maracyn and Paracleanse, so hopefully if it's your third guess, it'll be knocked out! The lights currently max out at 20%. We will see!! 🤞🤞🤞 Thank you for your help!!!
  8. Lost the third rasbora some time last night...and I have a fourth looking pale, not eating, not schooling. I think I am going to do the full course of both the maracyn and paracleanse...I want to wait out the soak, but they're going so fast! Thank goodness for the corydoras!! That crew is loving life!
  9. 10-4!!! Maracyn and paracleanse are dosed! 🤞🤞🤞 Thank you for your time and help!!
  10. I have the full med trio (Maracyn, Paracleanse, and Ich-X)...so, I could follow everyone's advice, haha! I SHOULD have followed the advice of the wise and quarantined...but, I didn't want to buy a bigger quarantine tank and they were my first non-invertebrate additions...and, here we are! 🤦‍♀️ @James Black - I am not the best photographer...and rasboras are speedy! Plus, the current sick guy is hiding under the driftwood. I've got a picture of the first loss...you can't really tell anything from it. My shrimp are twice the size of these little guys! Guess I need to get a magnifier! 🔍 @Cory - There are a good number of live plants...since I have the full med trio, if you were me...would you go all in and dose all three? I'm going to go ahead with the first dose of Maracyn (as @Colu advised) and Paracleanse...getting up the nerve to put meds in this tank is taking a minute, haha! Thank you all for all of your help!!!
  11. Java Fern looooves potassium...so without seeing a picture, my gut would say add potassium!! Could you post some pictures?
  12. @Colu - Do you think I could do one dose and let it "marinate" (like @Cory talks about in his med trio video?)? Or, should I actively treat and follow the directions on the box?
  13. Hi friends!! I got a little herd of 10 lambchop rasboras in the mail on Tuesday. My husband floated the bag and then plopped them in the tank almost as soon as they arrived on my doorstep. I lost one on Thursday (it was looking suspect on Wednesday...pale, not eating, not schooling...no other visible signs of illness). I lost one on Friday (it was looking similarly suspect...so, I moved it to a quarantine tank and started to treat with Maracyn...it died ~ 15 minutes after the move). I've got a funny looking one today (Saturday)...he's sticking with the group sometimes, and sometimes I lose him, only to find him by the filter by himself later. He did eat the krill flakes with the crew this morning and will randomly pick back up with the school. I did a 20% water change today after checking the water parameters because the nitrite tube wasn't perfectly blue (it was close...but not perfect) and seeing the funny acting rasbora. Prior to that, I did a 25% water change on Wednesday after the death of the first rasbora. I added 15 mL of BB (Fluval's BioCycle) on Friday after I pulled the second sick rasbora and 10 mL of BB today after the water change because my tank is so new and I was worried it could be an issue with the cycle. My water parameters before my water change today were: Tank size = 20 gallon long - started on March 13th (1 month, 4 days ago) pH = 7.4 (steady) Nitrates = 10 ppm Hardness = 9 dGH (steady) Nitrite = less than 0.25 ppm (this prompted the water change) Ammonia = 0 ppm Alkalinity = 4 dKH (steady) Water Temperature = 78 degrees Fahrenheit (steady) I will happily accept any and all advice!! I am a newbie and I know it! 😜 I didn't quarantine because the source is a trusted source and they were the first non-invertebrate additions to my new tank (well...them and my new corydoras...the corys are doing great! I love those little water puppies!).
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