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  1. or when you forget you are filling a tank with a python and you go to a fish store(almost true story I remembered before I left)
  2. for most of the tanks lifetime it has had zero nitrate(except for when it had almost no plants). also I am adding a lot of fertilizer(3 pumps of easy green 2 times a week) so I don't think the cycle has crashed but I will be careful. I'm am thinking about taking my last kribensis to the fish store and getting a betta(or more cories and tetras)
  3. ok so it has been awhile since I have posted. but I am back. long story short: I lost all motivation for anything so my tanks were looking horrible. TLDR depression go brrrrrr. so I did a lot of tank cleaning yesterday and I tested the water(it was the normal results no nitrate, high gh, kh, 7-7.6ish ph). the tanks are looking a lot better. I think all the kribensis babies got eaten while I was on vacation 😢. I might post a picture later if I remember(so probably no)
  4. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/pages/murphy-camera they have a murphy cam on their website
  5. I haven't been updating but yeah I haven't trimmed
  6. do you cichlids leave your shrimp alone? I want my qt tank open but I have 1 kribensis in it
  7. I haven't heard political being used as a descriptor for chickens but I totally agree 🤣
  8. welcome back! I'm sorry about Mister Mojo. a alien betta would be very cool or maybe scarlet badis, or some kind of shrimp 🤷‍♂️ the possibility's are endless
  9. I made something that converts .txt files to mp3 in the most dead inside sounding tts voice currently I have converted so random sentences and the entire bee movie script
  10. Thank you so much! I am so exited! what do I do? should I send a pm with my aquarium co op account?
  11. so cute! what are the fish that look like tetras called?
  12. they looks very nice! sorry I haven't been posting I have been busy-ish but I still haven't trimmed except for floating plants
  13. the smaller krib died last night 😢 it wasn't doing well yesterday it looked kind of beat up(torn fins, hiding, less color) and it was struggling to stay upright when I went to bed, it was dead this morning.
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