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  1. I added a rock I bought from my lfs a while ago, I moved the Anubias and whatever stem plant was in the left corner. Do you know what they are called? I might have a amazon sword coming. But it was supposed to get here 2 days ago and it is still in transit. Does anyone have experience on growing ivy cuttings on the tank? Where the roots are in the water.
  2. so me being the person i am submitted the top down photo of the banana plant to a photo of the month contest on a reef forum.😄 there weren't any rules about posting freshwater pictures. 🙂
  3. and a bunch of pictures I really like the top down of the banana plant
  4. I made another video I added some pearl danios that I'm going to mover out once they are older
  5. I was wondering if having a separate quarantine tank is a good idea. would there be a issue with acclimating fish to the tank they are going to live in the use the med trio for the entire tank. My largest freshwater tank is only 20 gallons so not that expensive to medicate. would that reduce stress from not having to move tanks twice?(from the lfs to quarantine then from quarantine to display) thanks for the input 🙂
  6. my first time realizing there are place that sell fish besides petco and petmsart the first dedicated store I went into had a 120ish gallon aquascaped tank and a 180 gallon reef
  7. which ever way has less pressure will get the air. so if you get a valve you can adjust which side is getting more air
  8. i'm going to take the tetras to my lfs and replace then with chili and green kubotai rasboras
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