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  1. If the solar isn't ment to charge a battery then you won't have any air at night when you need it the most. And yes everything out on the market is still to weak.
  2. Check out mine.. They are a bantam project for combless
  3. @Dawn T sunfish are bulletproof, will eat anything, handle wide range of temperature and water.
  4. Thats more than enough for a few goldfish. Now it depend on how you plan to filter it
  5. they are the same as comet what size pond do you have?
  6. @Hobbit wouldnt surface full with duckweed have less surface area? Some duckweed can get to half to 2 inch thick
  7. It does hurt gas exchange..you ever seen and high oxygenated river/stream with duck weed?.. even adding an air stone the rest of the aquarium surface is still exchanging gas also..with duck weed itll slow it down
  8. Swordtail are alot more aggressive compared platies. But it can be done with less male vs female..every now and then you'll get a super mean female tho.
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