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  1. Placement will depend on your setup itself, they normally breed next to the flow not directly. If you breed them out of an bare bottom 20L, wherever you place the rocks is where they will breed. As for ratio I like 50/50, but not all females will be ready the same time so less males isn't too bad.
  2. Yes older fry will eat newborn..every 2 weeks I pull whatever fry that I can catch with the net I use.
  3. That black longfin look beautiful!. If I can do warmer water I would love to try them someday
  4. I believe they do sell part for them..not sure how much they want to spend on this diy
  5. I write down all my hatched date with a little note. I been keeping record since 2015. Any yes runner are the odd one that grow too quick.
  6. Sweet! I use bbs also, it help them grow fast enough to get them on .1mm pellets. I noticed feeding alot off bbs for a long time creates too many runner. I like all my frys to be the same size possible.
  7. @JoefishGofish the first set starting to color up so I'm moving them down to the bigger tub 180gallon moving the the second set outside to the top tub 110gallon Still have the third set in the fishroom lol
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