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  1. They should fire up red when they are ready to spawn. I would pump up the female to speed it up
  2. That really all depend on your setup and fish(themselves). But I alway bred more babies with less fish. 2 pair gives me 100s of babies.
  3. To many adults, all thats going to do is start a feeding frenzy. 2 to 3 pair is more than enough
  4. A quick sloppy video i made about raising the eggs up..hope it helps
  5. Sweet! They aways do better with less breeder
  6. I can't tell, if you have weak stock. But the breeder looks fine and beautiful. I never ship to Canada, and I believe itll have to be imported. Hopefully your shrimp aren't hunting them down
  7. I like water hyacinth, rice fish likes to drop off their eggs so ot should be good. Both should be able to produce well together
  8. Idk why they are dying..mine is close to 100% hatch rate and survive rate
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