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  1. Pretty easy, they do lay eggs but they stick it to plants and they don't really bother their fry much if you give them cover
  2. These are F1 males cross with my buddy line with mine the female is 100% his I already bred a set of F1 on F1 Now I'm breeding a set of F1 to Aunt Goal : trying to widen the gene pool without going out too far
  3. I'm sure we do! It's good to see fish bring so many people together
  4. An update these are pure golden longfin F4 males at 7 month old ...female dont look good yet
  5. Those 2 brand are fine, wish the krill came in pellets, and wish the bugbites was smaller but they are good food I use a mixture of .5 pellets Of Xtreme and kens
  6. The hardest part is making sure the fry gets enough food when they hatch out. I normally use a 10gallon, with 2 pair, with a slow flowing filter for 1-2 week. My adult dont get any live food, so they aren't aggressive for live food (fry)lol. They spawn everyday so you'll get fry hatching everyday. They normally don't eat their eggs or bother their fry..just keep them full
  7. Yes the average fish keep wont be able to tell the difference. The top breeder aim for mainly color. So their conformation is a bit off. If you notice how short his face is.
  8. Just wanted to share the difference in preferences between 2 breeder. Both 16month old This from a local breeder, 11 year of working with his stock My stock from 8 years worth of work, phone wouldn't focus and lighting is a bit different in this aquarium vs the other. I wonder what you guys are working with?
  9. I do play with them I like mine with blue shell pink body leopard
  10. I normally bring F4 x P1 for one set F4 X uncle or aunt And F4 x outcross I do my best to widen out the gene pool as much as possible while keeping the traits I want. Any fish that show deformity or wrong conformation is cull.
  11. They shouldn't die from temp change, cause i beat my down every week on water change day. They get anywhere from 5-15 degrees colder water. I do that on purpose also to make them hardier.
  12. Doing an out cross right now, so their babies will be old enough by spring to be cross back
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