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  1. I want to create a brackish aquarium. I would use a 20 gallon tank, and am interested in figure eight puffers. I would like to know how to execute one properly, and what plants are good choices. Thanks!
  2. A few days ago, I went to a local creek with an empty 2 liter bottle. I took mud from the bottom, and algae covered stick, and the creek water. It is amazing to see the life inside one of these. I see hydra and many tiny organisms flitting about. I even see some kind of worm stirring in the bottom. These jars can last years without you even having to open them. It’s a great chance to look at your local water ecosystem and see the micro but important level. Everyone should go and do this. It takes but five minutes to create an amazing ecosphere from your backyard.
  3. I did treat the tank for ich, but I am still confused how only one fish was affected
  4. I have a community tank with a large assortment of fish. I have a female guppy with white spots that look like ich, and she has had them for at least a week. The thing is, no other fish shows the spots. I couldn’t get a clear picture. Does anyone know what’s up?
  5. Dang, I can get 60 pounds of sand at my Menards for less than 4 dollars. Where do you shop at?
  6. Buenos Aires Tetras will destroy plants if you aren’t feeding them their veggies. The foods you have been feeding do not contain enough plant matter to satisfy them. Try feeding them spinach and maybe spirulina flakes in a non planted tank. After they are used to eating it, add plants. Still try to stick with more robust plants though.
  7. Hello, I am wondering what I should plant in this future shrimp tank. It’s a five gallon tank. I want to use plants I have in other tanks, but I’m not sure what’s best. I really want to do some dwarf hair grass because the light is so strong. I have some in a 20 gallon but it is shaded under a ton of hornwort. The only reason it’s growing, I think, is because their is a window that gives the tank direct sunlight for a couple hours in the morning. Anyways, should a get a carpet going and add hornwort later? I also have Anubias and vallisnera availible.
  8. @Fish Folk, yes. The fry and adults will swim down because they don’t think to be suspended in the water column.
  9. I don’t know what happened with that blank post, sorry about that. Anyways @Taylor Blake, I agree about your comments about that t shirt weather! It also hits 90s here in Michigan too, and that’s nice for summer tubbing. That lake effect weather is also a huge factor with how cold it is.
  10. I found new endler fry in my 20 gal. community tank! I couldn’t get a picture in time because the hornwort is a little too good of a hiding place!
  11. I know that adding floating plants such as hornwort will help with breeding because the fish will lay their eggs in these. Also, a spawning mop works too. I don’t know what water parameters and what feeding is required for breeding, but I do know that much.
  12. So I remove my shell dwellers by putting a rack like object in an extra tank, and I put the shells upside down. The fish will swim out of the shells and to the bottom where they can be easily netted. If you have an extra 10 gallon or 5 gallon it should be easy to grow them out until they are just big enough not to be eaten then you can put them back into the main tank. Also, adding more shells can help with fry survival, too. Here is a video of my DIY rack to separate the fish.
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