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  1. I am fairly new to fish keeping and recently got my first tank. I have a 30 gal planted tank and ridiculously hard water stocked with 6 dwarf Petricola catfish and a Bristlenose Pleco. I am wondering if I could add a few more fish, or if my tank might be at capacity? If you think I could comfortably fit a couple more in there, any suggestions?
  2. This site has an amazing amount of data, I'm going to need a major cleanup crew to sift through it all. Many moons ago I started with a 55g long, that was a bomb as I had no money nor understanding of anything! 10 years later I went at it again with a 30g. I was fairly successful it lasted two years. Looking back I owe my success I think to the live rock which was plentiful in the day... but I moved around back then and the tank suffered and lay in my wake... Now I'm back, hopefully with much more patience, armed with the internet and a few years accumulated knowledge. I kept that 30g tank and have had it up and running for 2 years with discus (bunch of bullies!) candy cane tetras, neon tetras and cherry shrimp - planted of course. I came across a 150g on facebook and thought, why not... So i'm here for the full critique. In the past I built my own 5g bucket sump with diy hang-on overflow for that 30g - that was a lot of fun ;(... I did get it working, but now I'm going to have a go with an internal overflow, and/or maybe sit-on-top diy using gutter or something... I don't plan on more than a handful of critters so I don't feel like I "need" a sump. I just need to polish the water and keep it moving. Coral... I don't know, we'll see, that means par par par NO live rock these days??? anyone know where I might pick up 10lbs or so in Seattle? I am only as far as building the stand... Here's a short vid of it: https://youtu.be/kCYVSYZbLdg
  3. I have been looking all over locally and online trying to find 15 gal tanks and 30 gal breeders? These seem to be extremely uncommon recently which is a problem as for planning my new rack these were the 2 style of tanks that would fit my footprint perfectly. If anyone has any idea of where to locate these or would it be easier to call my local stores and see if they can order them in specifically for me?? I won't need them for a 6 months but just when planning and locating these kind of things finding them is half the battle.
  4. Need a fish for the middle/upper area of my well planted, peaceful community tank. Would like colorful - contrast with my other fish and ideally good schooling if possible. Bottom: Already have 7 Panda Corys, 1 bristlenose pleco Upper: Thinking of 3-5 Honey Gouramis Would like to get one small fish so I can get in a decent size school for my tank (thinking 15-20. Someday I'll have a bigger tank!) I know rummynose tetras school really well but think I'd like more color. Some I've been thinking of: chili rasbora, neon tetra, Emerald Dwarf Rasbora, maybe small rainbow fish? Thoughts?? Ideas??
  5. Please allow me to introduce my year-old female bristlenose pleco, Lemony Suck-It. She lives in a 30-gallon tank with some harlequin rasboras, long-fin rainbowfish, melon barbs, assorted corys, an accidental molly farm, and three nerite snails.
  6. So, now that I've got a rough sketch of what I want to do with my windfall 30 tanks, time to narrow it down a little. I think I want to try apistos, though I can't decide yet between cacatuoides (top) and borelli (second picture). I like a lot of finnage and a lot of contrast, especially with purples: I'd love to make a good South American biotope, even if I can't manage a true place-specific biotope for these colorful lil fish in a 30g tank. I know Cory recommends a classic 3-layer approach with apistos, neon or cardinal tetras, and hatchetfish, but I'm not fully sold on it. First, I've just never really liked straight neons. They're so ubiquitous and can have poor health and the red and blue is cool, but I'm not sure it's the right contrast for either of these. Cardinals seem a little better, bigger, more thorough coloration, but it seems like they're often wild-caught and I'd prefer tank-bred if possible. However, I do like ember tetras. I like their energy and tiny size and color, of course. But again, not sure it pops well with either of these. What I really, really love are those sparkly diamond tetras. Any lore out there saying I can't keep apistos and diamond tetras together? Diamonds don't seem like fin nippers, and they've certainly got some long fins themselves. Since this is only a 30g and I want to leave room for the apistos to maybe have babies, I probably won't have much space left for a top dweller like a hatchetfish or pencilfish. Is that okay? Both hatchets and pencils seem interesting enough, but not showstoppers. Are there any other South American mid-top dwellers I should consider?
  7. Hi, I have a 30 gallon tank that I have stocked with about 15 Endler's Livebearer males, 4 dwarf corydoras, and 4 mystery snails. Is that too many creatures for one tank? I really would like to add a slightly larger, flashier fish but I don't want to overcrowd. And if I am already overcrowded, I will just shuffle some around.. But I would appreciate everyone's advice. Thanks, MaeDae
  8. Hi all, I have a 30L beta tank which has been set up for nearly a year, some fake some live plants (floating) for the last few month ps I have been having massive nitrate and nitrite problems (off the charts high) but the Betta and shrimp seem absolutely fine. I have a 150L that’s really stable and had smaller tanks before, the same thing happened a while ago so I stripped the tank and replaced everything and now it’s happening again? Any advice would be great!! Sorry the pictures aren’t great
  9. Hello! I just wanted to share the couple of tanks I'm working on for my home office. The first is a 30gal planted tank, the second is a 5gal desk tank that I plan on planting as well. Both are in their cycle phase, and I need to scape the 5gal still. Neither look how I want them to just yet, but I'm really excited to get them stocked and get the plants fully grown. My fiance, @Nick L, and I want to turn this into a tank room slowly. We have a lot of empty tanks just waiting to have our ideas put to them. Can't wait to share as we make progress on everything 😊
  10. Great to see an official Aquarium Coop forum! I hope to see it grow and become a very useful resource. I'm a fish hobbyist a couple hours drive from Aquarium Coop. I've kept many different types of fish over the years and currently have a small planted nano and am setting up a 20L planted aquarium for shrimp. Such fun! We also have a 30 gallon with some endlers, golden white clouds, hillstream loach, amano shrimp, and lots of plants. Cory, you rock man! Thank you!
  11. A buddy of mine has a 30 gallon and wants to put this in a pair of clown killies, 7 cpds, 7 odessa barbs and 1 apistogramma agassizii as the center piece fish. Is there any problem with any of her choices? Oh and it is going to be a planted tank.
  12. Hey, So I recently upgraded to a 30g high tank from my old 15g.. It was fully cycled and has been running with fish for about 2 moths now. I currently have 3 adult Mollies, 4 juveniles and one fry in a box. (I also have a seperate grow out tank for excess babies which I can then bring to the store.) I'm starting to get an algae build up because, due to living in a tiny apartment, the tank gets partial sunlight for an hour or two a day. I've been doing research and I'm thinking of adding a hillstream loach and some cherry shrimp to help. I'd probably add the shrimp first, then see how it goes before adding the loach. I currently have a hodgepodge of equipment on the tank. Two Whisper 10 filters and a Med. Aquarium Co-op sponge filter. I do a 5gal water change about once a week and add easy green twice a week for my plants. All this usually keeps my nitrates around 30ppm. Would more fish/shrimp be too much to add to the bio load of the tank? My Mollies are little poop machines and I don't want to have ammonia spikes that kill them all. Also, I've heard conflicting things about water hardness and hillstream loaches. Mollies and shrimp like it hard, so I run crushed coral in my tanks. Some people say hard water kills hillstream loaches, but others have said it encourages them to breed. What kind of water have you kept yours in? Thanks for your advise guys, appreciate the help!
  13. Hello, new to the forum here and I am at a loss. I have a 30 gallon tank that is cycled. It has been running for a little over a month and my level are: ph- 8.0 kh- 20 degrees ammonia at 0 nitrites are at 0 and nitrates at about 25ppm. I have currently 5 mollies 5 guppies 2 ghost shrimp 2 snails and 1 pleco. I have had some other fish that unfortunately have not made it including 2 gouramis and 2 loaches. I am at a loss as to why they died. They didn't show any signs of sickness. They stated to become a little lethargic and I treated the tank for bacteria and parasites and it didn't help.I have done research and am at a loss. Not sure if anyone has any ideas that might help. I have recently got a quarantine tank and will be using it if / when I get new fish. My LPS said my ph is to high but I dont really want to mess with it for fear of causing more problems. And im.pretty sure the fish should be able to adjust. Any help will be appreciated.
  14. I am so excited I can't wait to share. Ive been sitting on this 30g acrylic tank I snagged off marketplace. The end of the year has been hard for me with everything going on. Work is hard. People are over it and I get it. So am I. This week I finally decided it was time to get moving on the tank. I got the hardscape in and organized all th4 hardware. I am running and oase thermo 100. I have an aquarium coop sponge and airstone as well in the corner for a little extra as well as a backup filter if I lose power (happens rather a lot around here). Mom wanted to take a mother daughter trip to the fish store and it was a lot of fun! She might not be too interested in the fish, but she had a good time using her gardeners eye and picking out plants and visualizing how they would go in. To my surprise she came down and pointed out where she saw stuff going while I did thr planting. I got the canister hooked up and running and now its just a waiting game. Planed stocking are some blue eyed rainbows (havent settled on thr exact variety as of yet) slme threadfins and a school of corys. The pictures aren't the best because the tank is still cloudy but I was too excited to wait to share.
  15. Hey I have a 30 gallon tank (16" depth) with a "current usa satellite freshwater led plus pro" light. Substrate is inert caribsea naturals sand. I put in root tabs and planted stuff about 3 months ago: 10-15 small stalks of Alternanthera Rosanervig 5 anubias petite 2 Nymphaea rubra 1 red tiger lotus I just tossed out a mass of java moss that I was trying to grow on the wood that was getting overrun with hair algae. I am also starting to notice other types of algae beginning to appear slowly. I have been using light 8 hours a day at full blast, and dosing 2x (5ml) daily dose of seachem excel + 2.5ml of aquarium coop easy green, then doing a weekly 50% water change. Tank is fairly stocked with 15x neons, 8x rasbora, 3 swordtails, 2x corydoras, 2x yoyo loaches. I have a fluval 207 and clean it once a month. Plants themselves are happy other than the moss, putting on new growth etc. I know I need to adjust something. I think I have been too liberal with my feedings so that is an easy fix. Questions - What should I do w/respect the light? Should I dial down the intensity / shorten the photo period? I' - Should I stop the daily easy green dose and just stick with the excel? - What else would you suggest?
  16. I have a 30g cube tank for 10 BA tetras and 13 neons, with some snails. I have a soil layer then gravel and then drift wood with some plants glued with others planted in gravel and soil. It doesn’t matter what I feed my Buenos Aires tetras or how often, they with chomp on the plants and roots. Any ideas to stop this?? I am trying to cover the tank in plants so the neons feel free to swim to the top. I’m at my loss with these BA tetras for over 6 months. Everytime I get growth, they kill it so I keep moving them from tank to tank for isolation or more room. Nothing helps, so I set up a tank as close to their natural habitat but they won’t stop with the plants!!! I’ve given high quality omega one flakes, bug bites, fresh frozen flood worms, frozen mixture, and frozen daphnia. Help!! TIA!
  17. i'm wanting to know how many i could comfortably put in a 30g, i'm building a tank around them so im open to size suggestions and want enough of them that they'll be a happy loach bunch. currently will be species only. any extra tips on them much appreciated, all ears. PS has anyone ever caught them clicking like other loaches?
  18. Can I have a mexican dwarf orange cray with african dwarf frogs in a 30 gallon tank or do I have to use a divider
  19. Hello name is Bob, Rew is a nickname I’ve had forever. I live in not so upstate New York. I’ve been in the hobby for years now wife calls it the obsession, I call a passion! Went from one 30 gallon to 37 tanks from 10g to 125g. I keep mostly goodied, some Angelfish, various Barb’s, Bettas as well as Kribensis. Just in the past month finished the fish shed for most of the tanks and pond with a greenhouse. Nothing but projects here.
  20. Hello all, I have a 30 gallon planted tank that has been up and running with live bearers for 2 and a half years. Lately I have noticed my Java fern turning black with a light layer of black algae and then the leaves fall off. There isn't much new growth and the plants have been dwindling away. I dose easy green once a week. I have also had issues with my jungle val. It had a growth spurt and git long then it all died off at the center of the leaves and broke off at the top. I had new growth after a few weeks and it happened again. Any tips are are much appreciated.
  21. Hello . I have been keeping fish for longer than I care to say . Now I have a 30 gal long and a 75 gal acrylic tanks . They are community tanks with Platys , Angels , Cory cats , Tetras and Malaysian trumpet snails , oh and 1 Assasin snail . I could use some more Assassins , but they are hard to find except for mail order . I am a member of a few forums and hope this one will be as helpful as the others . Glad to be here .
  22. We have a 30 Gallon half moon I've setup with decor and substrate and even added the water bit have been hesitant about filtration. My wife is actually showing interest in this beautiful tank and shes wanting to keep Angel Fish in it. I was thinking about stocking it with 10 Baby Angel's fish until they grow out to adult hood than putting them in a 125 Gallon. Any ideas on filtration? We painted the back half black so I've been leaning towards 2 of the hygger double sponge filters just because they suction to the glass so installed on the back of the aquarium they will be almost invisible! The tank is relatively tall so I didn't wanna put Aquarium Co-ops sponges in since they rest at the bottom and if I'm not mistaken that will cause to much water flow for the Angel's. if I remember correctly they dont like alot of current? I've also already have a marineland magnum 220 canister I could use.
  23. I know everybody will have a different opinion... but what's the smallest you would go for a rainbow cichlid to happily live in? I have one that is getting bullied by the bigger boys [acaras and a blue eyed] in the 75g [he stays black all the time, they must ding him at night because he comes up missing scales a lot] and I know he would be happier somewhere else... thoughts? thanks guys! here's my little dude, he's probably about 2.5" 😊
  24. Hello Everyone, I am very new to the hobby and love it so far. I started with two Plattys and learning about balancing the aquarium and proper maintenance I am starting to get the hang on it. I now have three platty's, and 6 fry, 2 Amano Shrimp, 2 dwarf frogs, and three snails. I have a 30 gallon tank going through it cycle to get ready to move them all into the bigger tank. so far this site and forum has been open on my laptop and phone for two weeks, so much info and love how helpful everyone is.
  25. Hi! Relatively newbie fish nerd here. I've been following Aquarium Coop since maybe four to five months and that just opened a door to Fishtube for me. I use to have small 10 gal tanks as a kid and broke back into the hobby with a tiny betta tank. I had my female betta for 6 months to a year before she passed, long before I found the Coop. I didn't know what I do now and realize the tank was too small and that my tap water is very hard and has 1 ppm ammonia in it so I believe that was a likely cause for her death. I learned a ton from Aquarium Coop and others online and set up a 30 Gal Long guppy tank filled with live plants and now some new babies. It has cherry shrimp, mystery snails, bladder snails, guppies, and amano shrimp. Just gravel substrate, with root tabs, some dragon stone, and driftwood. It has a Fluval 3.0 plant light and just a sponge filter. I've got a 20 Long with a matten filter, lightly planted, and with some ramshorn snail hitchhikers. I plan to make it a shrimp tank when I can get a few more plants in there and some cash for the shrimp. It has a stingray light that works pretty well for such a shallow tank, eco-complete substrate, and gray elephant stone. I also have two twenty gal high dirted tanks that I'm experimenting with. I have soil capped with pool filter sand and some river rocks. Lighting is a cheap $24 shop light and no filter or air. I'm trying the Walstad method here so they are just now going through their long cycle period. I plan to put whiteclouds or maybe celestial pearl danios in these as the whiteclouds can handle lower temps. I'm currently planning a 10 gal betta tank that i'll heavily plant.
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