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About Me

  1. Hey there, New to the hobby. I've got a good friend who has way more experience helping me along the way. He suggested I post here about my shrimp problems. Apologies for the wall of text... A little under a month ago I bought 6 neocaridina shrimp which all died within a week. About one a day. Half of them appeared to be failed molts as they had the "white ring of death". I thought that maybe it had to do with how I acclimated them. I dripped acclimated them (after floating the bag for a bit) over the course of about 90 minutes. The bag was in a separate container during the drip process. After the deaths occurred I thought back on my process and considered that maybe the temp dropped too much during the drip acclimation (as the bag wasn't floating during the drip). This past weekend I purchased some Amano shrimp to try again. This time I drip acclimated for around 90 minutes with the bag floating in the water the whole time. The shrimp were added to the tank on Saturday and I started to notice problems yesterday (Wednesday). One shrimp was on his side/back twitching in a way that seemed like it was trying to molt. This morning it was dead, hard to tell but I think I saw a white band on it's back leading me to believe it was a failed molt. I found one other shrimp corpse in the tank under a leaf, snails had got to it though so it was hard to tell if it had a white ring. My GH seemed like it may be a bit low (as seen below) so early today I added some seachem equilibrium to raise that up a bit, I will test again once it's settled and ran through the filter. I expect it to have raised the readings by about 3 dgh. I realized that it may just be a result of my water not being hard enough, but would that cause the shrimp to die so quickly? Fully possible that I just didn't have a grasp on the chemistry behind GH/KH, and never had my levels high enough. But figured I would check here to see if anyone had further insight! One weird thing to note. When I was acclimating the first batch of shrimp I added an air stone to my tank as I didn't think I had enough surface agitation. That seemed to create an interesting effect on my water flow. Debris would be drawn towards the air stone and settle on the substrate in it's general area, this is also where I found the majority of the dying/dead shrimp. I have since swapped out air pumps for something quieter an that has a bit less flow (now using the USB air pump from Aquarium co-op with an adjustable flow valve on the tubing). Info on my tank: pH - 6.6 Nitrates - <20ppm (I use Easy Green, Nitrates were at 0 before I started using fertilizer) Hardness - 4 GH Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 3 KH Water Temperature - 77-78 (inconsistencies with thermometers) I will be testing for copper later today when I borrow a test kit from my buddy Weekly ~20-25% water changes, light gravel vacuuming as the plants and hardscape make it difficult to get to much of the substrate. I also condition my water and do my best to match water temps during changes. I typically use a small container when doing a change, I have a Python on the way. Planted community tank. 20 Gallon long. 10 Ember tetras, 5 otocinclus, 2 zebra nerite snails. Good amount of "pest" snails (ramshorn, bladder snails, MTS). I keep the light on the lower side and added catappa leaves to make for a darker environment to keep the embers happy. The leaves have been in the tank for close to a month and seemed to have no noticeable effect on water parameters.
  2. Hi all! I’m trying to identify this tiny baby snail that hitch hiked into my tank, I do have nerites laying eggs and have yet to see any hatch but I’m almost certain this isn’t a nerite based on the foot and it appeared just after adding salvinia minima. Anyways, since the photo is a little hard to make out, it’s mostly transparent with brown speckled from the tip of the spiral which does protrude out not in like a ramshorn.. I’m guessing and hoping it’s a mystery snail but also just have no idea. I want to properly care for it not eradicate it but if it’s a pesty type of snail I do have assassin snails too to keep a population under control. https://ibb.co/HrczqJD https://ibb.co/swsdpZg https://ibb.co/tzqYNvb https://ibb.co/0q6FJLp https://ibb.co/6v2L9GY thanks for any help!
  3. Hey guys, my apisto has this weird white mark near it's back fins. It's the only spot it has and doesn't look like ick to me. Do you think it might just be a wound? Really hoping he's not sick....
  4. I've decided to try 2 different aquaponics approaches for my 2 different 29g aquariums. #1 requires very little in the way of supplies and tools. I just need to gather the right plants. Plants that can grow terrestrially with their roots always in water. I don't keep uncovered tanks, so a fully aquascaped tank with plants coming out of the water surface (as much as I like the look) isn't something I want to contend with. I live in Southern Arizona, where the air is very dry most of the year, and evaporation from an open tank can be outright ridiculous. LOL But, I decided there had to be a way I could get the benefits of the terrestrial plants (more nitrate usage) without an open tank. Was watching a YouTube video (fully open tank, of course), and suddenly inspiration struck. Not rocket science after all! Last night after I went to bed (yes, I SHOULD have been sleeping), I figured out how to pull it off effectively and safely (for the fish AND plants), and cheaply, too. In fact, I already have everything (except the plants) on hand to do it because I'll be using supplies out of my crafting stash. As soon as I start doing that, I'll be sure to post photos to this thread. #2 is a true aquaponics setup. Plumbing, equipment, planter box, and all. I had to do a boatload of research to understand the hows, whys, and whatfors of setting it up, which way I wanted to go about it, and what plants that means I can do. My final supplies for it arrived today. Unfortunately, I'm not feeling well, so I'm not up to doing anything with it. grumble, grumble, grumble Griping aside, I'll be sure to post photos to this thread as I go. Whether successful or not, it should be fun to do anyway. I've never done anything that needed plumbing before, though I've often studied things like sumps in the past (in case I ever do get that big oscar tank I want). I'd love to hear from anyone who has done aquaponics or is thinking about doing it, what kind you're considering, that sort of thing. 🙂
  5. No ammonia nor Nitrite nitrates less than 10 i noticed my Dwarf Gourami chasing around my neon tetras which it never does. Looking close at it there appears to be a small cut or bulge on its chin. No idea what happened or really what to do.
  6. Hi from BC, Canada...so glad I found this forum, I'm new to fish keeping & to forums 🙂 Anyway, this spot showed up three days ago on my Betta, Zora's dorsal fin, and it's creeping me out! So far it's not moving around on his fin. Not sure either, where it would have come from, except maybe the new floating plants I put in his ten gallon tank a week ago? Have since removed them to a 2nd 10 gallon tank I'm cycling. He hasn't had any other issues in the two years I've had him. Since I don't have a clue with what I'm dealing with, the pet store gave me Paraguard *their suggestion* to try. I gave him an hour bath yesterday, but I think he gets too stressed when I take him in & out of his tank because he got pale. So, can I just dose his tank w\one capful of Paraguard *he has no tank mates* but has a large sponge filter, so I won't be able to use carbon to take the med out afterwards. What about aquarium salt? 5 tbsp. for ten gallons? Or would this be too much to use all at once for him to handle? His parameters are: Ammonia - 0 or .25 ppm, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate 5.0, PH - 7.4-7.6, Hard water, don't have exact stats, Temp - 78 F, but does fluctuate in the green zone quite a bit. Sure hope someone has seen this on a fish before and can give me some direction to getting rid of it. Just so you know, since I live in Canada many meds are not available here. Hope to hear from someone soon & thank you for your time 🙂
  7. Not sure if anyone will know, but I have a Salt water tank that keeps collecting Salt deposits on the top of my lid towards the back where the opening is. Anyone know why?
  8. Hello, New forum user here, never done this kind of social media before so please forgive me if I screw it up. This is my 55 gallon tank, set up in May, 2020. I moved fish from some of my other tanks to stock it with corys, pencil fish, SAE's, one pearl gourami, flame tetras, emperor tetras, and bristlenose plecos. I also took all the plants and decor from tanks I've had for ages, so no new stuff other than substrate (eco complete) and mechanicals (heater, etc.). In June, a little baby fish showed up. He was obviously different because he has vertical stripes! I have no other fish that look like him in any of my tanks. He's been doing well, he's gone from hiding in plants when he was small to being out and about now that he's grown. He's currently about 3" long, and very fat! He's bigger than most of the fish in the tank now, except for the SAE's, pearl gourami, and papa pleco. I have no idea what kind of fish he is, or how big he'll get, or if he'll become aggressive with my other fish (so far he's been fine). So, any ideas where he came from or what he is? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone! We have had our Betta for almost 2 years! He has some type of fin rot or fungus that won’t get better. I’ve tried the combo of the 3 meds I bought from here (maracyn/ichX/paraclense) and am now dosing maracyn/ichX for 5 days. I’ve bought new tank/air stone/live plants/water test fine.. don’t know what else to do. Anyone know what this could be and how to treat? He eats fine and swims fine. Poor Carl. I wish there was a fish doctor I could take him to as he is getting progressively worse it seems.
  10. So i found theseeggs on my glass. Are they just snail eggs or something else?
  11. I have been noticing fish looking not well, and recently white spots that I cannot tell whether it is ich or fungus. I am treating my tank using aquarium co ops recommended trio of meds ich x, maracyn, and paracleanse. Today is day 6 of 7 and I have followed the steps exactly. Today I noticed an endler female with white spots... how is this possible on day 6 of 7 of my treatment if I followed the steps? And also if it were ich wouldn't all of my fish be infected by now? Why does it seem so inconsistent.... I haven't introduced new fish into this tank for several months and I only buy fish from aquarium co op... I'm worried and need help.. also not sure how to post pics or videos here
  12. Current (and only) option for shipping is on average weeks after initial delivery date. I order from other places online for other items and receive my mail within 3-4 days. When placing orders online most people arent interested in waiting weeks for their orders.......
  13. Hello all! So I've recently got some emerald dwarf rasboras and kuhli loaches who've finished their second week of QT. All looks good, but if I recall correctly, kuhli loaches are generally wild caught. They've had no medication, but would it be recommended to run a paracleanse cycle on them before I put them in their respective tanks? Only 1 loach is still a bit small/paler, but he readily eats. The rest are chonkers at this point. My hesitation is that the QT tank is uncycled, so I'm keeping the ammonia as low as possible with daily water changes. The paracleanse would get in the way of that. My second question is, I just recently lost a betta to a mystery disease, and now his tank is uninhabited other than snails. How long should the tank lie empty in your experience before it's safe to add fish again? Thanks!
  14. My brittle star is curling up and secreting a film..... do i need to pull him from the tank or is that what happens in a new tank its my first brittle star 😫
  15. I had 7 plecos about 2 inches long. 4 in one tank and 3 in an adjacent tank both with guppies. I have been feeding them algae wafers and cholla wood. This morning I went to feed and 6 of them were dead, floating on he surface with their stomachs looking like they were eaten away. Wha could have happened? The guppies are all fine and the remaining pleco appears fine! What do I do?
  16. These fry are much smaller than my normal guppy fry and they also are blue and seem to have allot of shimmer. I've only ever had guppies in my tank, it could've come in on a pregnant females but doesn't look like my other fry? Thoughts?
  17. Hey guys! Because you're all kind and helpful I'm posting yet again. Lol. I have, count 'em, two mystery snails. One is gold and one is blue. Gold one is super active, I find that little fellow all over the tank. The blue however I only see once in a while. First day it sort of burrowed itself in the substrate with the shell sticking out. Second day I saw it exploring the tank. Third day that sucker was GONE, I loved everywhere, even outside the tank, it was nowhere. Fourth day, hey there it is again! Fifth day it's gone again. So my question is, do mystery snails burrow in your experience? I've only had these guys a few days so I'm still getting use to them. Everywhere I see online some people say they don't, others say they have one that does. What are your thoughts and experiences?
  18. My fish started developing this strange pinkish bulge on it body and started acting strange today. Will swim to the top and then drop to the floor. Whats going on? Also seems to stop breating.
  19. My red shoulder severum seems he has a white stringy thing on top fin of his left side. Not sure if its some sort of parasite. I see other fish that have a tiny white spot near front of top fin, not stringy though. They are eating well, not thinning out, just something I've noticed.Wondering if I should treat with salt, if so , what dosage, or some general cure or erythromycin or a combo.
  20. I have a lot of tiny little fluffy things stuck on my aquarium glass. Any idea what it could be? They are stuck on the glass by one string, the fluffy part just kinda waves along in the current. it’s a Fluval flex 15, currently housing a dwarf mexicain crayfish and 2 nerite snails. A couple of pest snails have hitchhiked with my latest plants but I try to get rid of them on sight. I plan to add more fishes. Temp is 74 0/0/15 pH 7.6 gh 11, kh 4 Planted, heated, cycled **updates** no definite answer. Could you have a look please? @Cory
  21. I have three 10 gallon tanks I use for either hospital tanks or QT. I don't have anything in them, no plants, no fish, no substrate. Okay, there is a lava rock in one of them. I use a sponge filter in each. Can someone please tell me what that brown stuff is that collects at the bottom? I vac it out and fill with fresh water, but it comes back in about a day. What is it and is there a way to prevent it? Thanks, Jay
  22. All I have is this video. It's moving downward on my glass. I also saw a baby moving on the driftwood I have. So far I've only had two sightings. I think we can rule out planaria because it doesn't have the triangular head? I hope it's not something harmful to my tank. My tank parameters are normal. It's a 40 gallon community tank with guppies, neocaridina shrimps, corydoras, and ramshorn snails. I feed every other day and the food is never left over.
  23. When replying to a post, in the bottom left hand corner is a "Add Files" button. When I click it nothing happens. I use an android device, is anyone else having this issue? I see many photos being uploaded so I know its working for some... PS This button was working last week.
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