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Found 3 results

  1. Lately I've been watching alot of ecosphere and jarrarium videos and decided to give this venture a go. Originally I wanted to use only native plants found here in my canadian river system but with minus weather already here most plants have disappeared. I put in some spike rush and common pond weed when I first set it up but they both melted away after a week or so..I wonder if it will come back in the spring? 🤔 In the meantime, I decided to replace with dwarf sag and salvinia auriculata as these are hardy low maintenance plants I think might do well. I guess only time will tell. I've added 1 root tab to this river pond muck like substrate, added a pinch of crushed eggshells spirilina powder and bakers yeast in the water column which has kinda cleared but other than that I dont plan on opening it again until spring when I will either actually scape and reseal it with common aquaria if it fails or hopefully only have to do a water change at most with more river water and maybe net some micro inverts. The jar and light are from the local dollar store at $4 each and the sag and salvinia came from tissue cultures I ordered online and arrived in rough shape. Overall I've invested roughly $50. Official seal date - nov 01/2021. I'm curious what if anything will hatch out in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed 🤞 I will update pics in 2 weeks
  2. I’m looking for a good budget light for a 40b I want a fluval aquasky but I wanted to see if I could get anything that’s the same for cheaper (the aquasky is $110) if not not really a problem
  3. While reloading Loppy the goldfish's veggie clip feeder, it got me thinking about what tips people have for fishkeeping on a budget. When listening to Cory's livestreams, I hear folks talk about having a tight budget for their fish, so I just wanted to share my one tip and maybe encourage other people to share more. I remember what it was like being in college and not having a whole lot to spend on my Figure 8 Puffer tank. The veggie clip that I use for the tank is just a plain toothbrush holder I got for super cheap (3 for 1000KRW, roughly 1USD). The ones I just searched for online are way more than that. PLUS, the toothbrush holder is all plastic, with a rubber suction cup. There's no metal. There are no rough edges. The happy face on it doesn't exactly match a "natural" theme though if that is what you're going for. What budgeting tips do you have?
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