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Found 8 results

  1. So I found these really weird things in my hornwort I don’t know what they are they look like eggs but white and big... Thanks
  2. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anybody has experimented with putting aquarium plants in cold >50f water. I imagining that some can handle it. Thanks
  3. Hello, About 6 months ago I removed all the hornwort from my one tank that housed it and thought i was left with one little half inch clipping of it thats ive been nursing back to health. Well to my surprise i looked in a bucket on my back balcony that has maybe 3 inches of water in it and found that some Java moss and Hornwort were left in the bucket and have thrived! Now when introducing the hornwort the the tank should i let it free float too acclimate back to warmer water? Or should i plant it in the substrate? I know hornwort is a column so it will draw from the water column for food but will it being close to the light cause it to grow faster?(weird because it seems to enjoy being in a dark bucket with little light. Also i run a sponge filter so i dont have to worry about a HOB sucking it in.
  4. Hello, I am wondering what I should plant in this future shrimp tank. It’s a five gallon tank. I want to use plants I have in other tanks, but I’m not sure what’s best. I really want to do some dwarf hair grass because the light is so strong. I have some in a 20 gallon but it is shaded under a ton of hornwort. The only reason it’s growing, I think, is because their is a window that gives the tank direct sunlight for a couple hours in the morning. Anyways, should a get a carpet going and add hornwort later? I also have Anubias and vallisnera availible.
  5. Hello everyone! Is there a way to prevent new hornwort from shedding its needles when put into a new aquarium?
  6. I currently run several planted tanks and constantly seem to have above the desired Nitrate. I run around 80-120 PPM. I can obviously water change it off and do but I feel I am kinda wasting my ferts by reducing the Nitrates only to redose. I am under the opinion that just because the nitrates is high the other building blocks the plants need can be low. What id love to do is get nitrates consumed so that when I go to add more I dont need to change out 40% of my tank to be able to put a squirt or 2 in. I run mostly Anachris, Swords,Frogbit and Crypts. Does anyone know of some nitrate hogs I could add in?
  7. @Cory how do you have an article about hornwort on the page but none to buy lol
  8. I recently bought my 4th tank. It's a 29 gallon that was set up 7/15 evening. The plan is a well planted tank with Guppies!! I've already put in my XL sponge filter from by 60 gallon to get things going. The 60 is an mbuna tank with 20 older juvies in it. It also has a Marineland 350. But I intentionally overfeed a bit to get these fish to grow. With everything running optimally, I can do a 50% weekly water change and keep the Nitrate to max 40 at water change time. But I'm worried that taking the sponge filter out will have a negative impact on this tank. I've already added 2 Amazon Sword from my LFS to the 29. But I also have hornwort in my 45 gallon. If I put the hornwort in the new tank, will that help get things going? I also added some cholla wood from an established tank. I ordered a Marineland 200 for this tank but I won't have that until 7/18. If I add the plants from an established tank and remove the sponge filter once I get the HOB, will that be enough to seed the tank?
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