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Found 11 results

  1. Aquariums hold many more living things than fish. What is in your tank? I caught this grass shrimp last week in a ditch while collecting banana plants.
  2. I was scooping out duckweed from my greenwater/sparkling gourami aquarium this week and I noticed every scoop had multiple sparkling gourami fry in it. This one was hunting a cyclops.
  3. @Streetwise has suggested themed daily photo threads so I thought I would start it off with the top-view of the 1930s Historically Accurate Planted Aquarium. It is nearly ready to roll. As you can tell it gets a lot of direct sunlight.
  4. Do you ever say to yourself, gosh what's that I found (WTF) in my aquarium? Well this morning was a WTF Wednesday for me. I am feeding my young sparkling gouramis their morning ration of baby brine shrimp when an electric blue flash caught my eye. Baby neon's? A baby zebra danio? No, two baby zebra danios! My best guess is just before putting the baby gouramis in this 40 breeder I had used this aquarium for a group fish that included a few zebra danios. While I drained all the water out of the aquarium and set it aside, I didn't clean it before adding green water and baby sparkling gouramis. I never clean between setups because I want the beneficial bacteria to get a head start in the new tank. Apparently there were also some beneficial zebra danio eggs or fry included in the grunge. Welcome to WTF Wednesday.
  5. What did your aquarium look like at first and what does it look like now? Thanks to @tfwvusa for these photos!
  6. The purpose of this thread is to celebrate each Wednesday with pictures of the wood in our tanks. We could also include discussions of driftwoods, I guess, like what kinds we like best and best uses. I have one tank with two measly pieces of driftwood. The bigger piece was sold as spiderwood, the smaller didn't have any name attached to it, it was just a piece of wood screwed to a piece of slate that caught my eye at my lfs. I will admit, the nighttime lighting from my NICREW RGB Plus made for some neat creepy photos! I know y'all have better pictures than ME! Let's see 'em!!!
  7. 😆😆😆 We had a busy day with the tanks today. I trimmed a little hornwort, then Doug replanted that floating crinum. Then I worked on the java moss: Do y'all clean your java moss? Don't worry - I do swirl it a bit in the tank, so I don't lose allll the biofilm, but I have to check mine for BBA. I start with a bucket of conditioned water, put the moss in there, move it around a bit so the shrimp, fish and seed shrimp hop off, then I take out a little at a time and check it over. It goes pretty quickly. After that, I had to see exactly WHO had dropped off that java moss. Check this out!!! Isn't it amazing how tiiiiiiiny they are!!! Next Doug trimmed up the sword and I trimmed the pothos that we've got growing out of the top. And last...Doug ADDED the ALBINO CHERRY BARBS! 12 in all, along with the lone female Cherry Barb who survived the trip from Aqua Huna. They've been in quarantine for a good 3+ weeks, and seem to be doing really well. It was a good day! Many hands make light work! So glad we could tag-team and get the work done. 🙂 Alesha
  8. I just put in a 45 gallon tank. I was thinking of exchanging 1 gallon of aquarium water for 1 gallon of new safe water daily. Would this be a good idea?
  9. Has your aquarium settled down? Are the plants growing and the fish happy? Share photos of your seasoned tank.
  10. There are some threads we keep going back to here, like Enjoy Nature Daily. I thought it would be fun to have an ongoing photo theme thread for each day of the week, but I thought we should discuss ideas before starting anything. One example would be the Subaru subreddit, which has stuff like Front-End Friday. Alliteration, puns, and whimsey are often in the themes. Let's throw out some thread ideas before we create any. They need to be repeatable, so you don't run out of one-time content. Here are some we have come up with, edited as the thread evolves: Meme Day Everyday (Linked to the original Aquarium Memes thread) Shrimp and Snail Sunday Show Out Your Grow Outs Sunday Merch Monday Top-View Tuesday Wooded Wednesday WTF Wednesday Throwback Thursday Fry Day Friday Seasoned Tank Time Saturday
  11. As suggested by @Jessica. here is another Sunday theme photo opportunity. My baby sparkling gouramis have progressed a little bit from just being hatched To hunting rotifers and baby cyclops
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